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Chase Customer Review

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Erniepen's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Erniepen

Apr 19th 2012

Horrible Customer Service

Rented space to builder he got credit card using my address. Chase supplied my personal information. I'm elderly blind and disabled surviving on little social security. Company rep tracey dowels says i'm responsible

regardless what nj supierior court says as contractor confessed he had help from chase to falsy obtain credit using other identity. Contractor always paid but now chase will refuse payment as usual to get revenge for filing case against them in two year ibalway paid on time

they closed two accounts and reduce 25 k credit to 8000 balance i had on personal account why the court seen this as fraud it is clear chase is a dishonest company with no regard to laws or courts or customers filed complaint also with attorney general office for interstate matters if you have problem with chase please file complaint with attorney genera office to put a end to chase abuse

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Other Chase Reviews

wlkrlind's Profile Image

Reviewed by wlkrlind

Mar 28th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

It is a crime the way they do business!

I was out of town for a funeral and needed a cash advance to handle details at funeral. I went to another bank -- (Chase not available in this small town), I had to pay $105.00 on a $2100.00 cash advance. As soon as my bill came in I paid the amount in full. I just checked my Chase account and found they have also charged $31.54 for interest. I just received my new bill and they are still charging $19.06 for interest on money I paid back last month. This is such a crock so what ever you do never get a cash advance from them (even in emergency situations), and if you do -- as soon as you get home go to your account and pay immediately or else like me you will be paying interest for several months to come! Be careful!

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therealmvp5's Profile Image

Reviewed by therealmvp5

Dec 17th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

if this is all you can get..

Last option in terms of banks. So many options with online banks that it is pointless to use a big bank unless you need a teller.

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