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Chase Customer Review

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val7113's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by val7113

Dec 27th 2012

The Reason Why You Should Not Bank With Chase.

I haven't had the worst customer service experience in a long time. Chase bank provided me with the worst customer service over. I had been closing my account and i wanted to go christmas shopping. Thought i lost my wallet. So i froze my account. Then my account was restricted so i made a withdrawel. They weren't suppose to hand me over that withdrawel to begin with which caused my account to be negative. They never informed me about this. I also have been trying to pick up my funds to close the account since friday. They told me to pick it up wednesday. I came to pick it up and they tell me that a check is going to be sent home within the next business days. This is nothing near how much i have talked over the phone with them getting no information and all false information. Thank you chase for causing hectic to my life but i am so free without you guys. Good luck!

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Other Chase Reviews

Jennb21's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jennb21

May 21st 2015

1 out of 5 marks


Tried to use my card today to buy rabbit food (like $10) and was told the card was invalid. So I called Chase thinking now what and was transferred to three different people and put on hold for 40minutes before they could figure out the problem. I was told word for word that Chase has made a decision that they no longer want to bank with me and my account is terminated. I was not given a reason even though I kept asking why, all they said was they could not disclose that information to me. I said what happens to my money, they said I will receive a check for the money in my account, in TEN DAYS!! My money and account is frozen for almost two weeks!!!! I have no access to my money that may I add is mine and I earned! I told them I don't carry enough cash on me to get me through 2 weeks and they said sorry you will receive the check in 10 days. I have not been delinquent with my Chase accounts; no bounced checks, I pay my bills before the due date of each month and have a good amount of money in both my checking and saving accounts and a very good credit score! I have never been so disrespected,astonished, and disgusted in my life! My family and I have banked with Chase for years!! What company wants to let go customers??? I encourage everyone to get out of Chase while you still can! I have been told this happens frequently and you are pretty much just screwed for something that is not your fault! Needless to say my family and I will be terminating our business with Chase and contacting the better business bureau and reporting this horrible horrible company!

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Jonathan M's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jonathan M

Mar 21st 2011

3 out of 5 marks


After reading other reviews about Chase I was somewhat surprised. My experience so far has been positive but my needs basic. We do not have a mortgage with the bank only savings, checking and credit cards.

Customer service at the bank is good, over the phone it's been helpful on 2 occasions with questions related to my chase freedom plus.

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