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Ellis's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Ellis

Jun 20th 2012

The Worst Bank To Surface The Planet

I recently experienced identity theft and someone stole over $1400 from my account over the course of four months. The person withdrew both large and small amounts from non-chase atms. This was very strange considering that i never use non-chase machines. So i closed out my debit card and reported it to chase and the replaced my money. Exactly one week later someone stole $1100 of the $1400 that was stolen.

In addition, large amounts was stolen before my new card was activated. So once again i closed my card and reported the theft to chase. However, this time chase denied my claim and severed all ties with me. This sorry excuse for a bank never investigated the theft and allowed someone to continue stealing my money even after i closed my card for the second time. Because of their negligence i'm out of $1140. Needless to say i closed my account and will never recommend chase to anyone. People, if you want to protect your identity and money do not, i repeat do not use chase bank.!

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Other Chase Reviews

CASHPOLICY's Profile Image

Reviewed by CASHPOLICY

Feb 17th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Will Not Take Cash For A Deposit!

My father is in the hospital and i went to his bank to make a small cash deposit ($400) into his account, and was told that since i was not on the account they would not allow me to make a deposit of cash. Never heard of a bank refusing cash. They said he had to be with me in the car or they could not take my cash. I spoke to the manager and she confirmed that chase's policy is not to take cash from a non account holder. Crazy business.

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Investorgone's Profile Image

Reviewed by Investorgone

Feb 17th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Chase Stratagy Of Automation In Bank Lobby. S.W. Tucson Az.

Today i was surprised to find my local bank lobby teller windows boarded up like a bus station. They have closed 4 of 6 teller windows, and omitted drive through teller availability all together. My goal was to pay three credit card statements using one check and get balance information on two of my checking accounts. When the bank mgr. , poised to introduce me to their new system, greeted me and tried to direct me to there new lobby computer, i informed him of my requirements.

My first introduction was to be directed back to the understaffed teller line, as the system could not accomplish such a request. Goodbye chase, what are they thinking the benefits of disassociating themselves from personal interaction with people and their hard earned money? Now they have a 4000 sq. Ft. Bank lobby, not to mention drive through office, unusable, a eye sore, and a waste of parking lot as far as i'm concerned.

A black eye for a once respected facility, and more of a detriment to the caliber of businesses in my area. They ought to just pack up the brick and mortar and leave the space for a respectable establishment. Mike d. , tucson az.

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