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Chase Customer Review

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Ellis's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Ellis

Jun 20th 2012

The Worst Bank To Surface The Planet

I recently experienced identity theft and someone stole over $1400 from my account over the course of four months. The person withdrew both large and small amounts from non-chase atms. This was very strange considering that i never use non-chase machines. So i closed out my debit card and reported it to chase and the replaced my money. Exactly one week later someone stole $1100 of the $1400 that was stolen.

In addition, large amounts was stolen before my new card was activated. So once again i closed my card and reported the theft to chase. However, this time chase denied my claim and severed all ties with me. This sorry excuse for a bank never investigated the theft and allowed someone to continue stealing my money even after i closed my card for the second time. Because of their negligence i'm out of $1140. Needless to say i closed my account and will never recommend chase to anyone. People, if you want to protect your identity and money do not, i repeat do not use chase bank.!

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Other Chase Reviews

sarahfranke's Profile Image

Reviewed by sarahfranke

Apr 29th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Annoyed and going to cancel my account!

I went to use the dirve thru mac and it was being worked on. I went around to the teller to take money out. Short story= I put my license and mac card in the tube and sent it up. IT GOT STUCK IN THE TUBE!!! Annoyed, they had me sit there and wait. I was buzzing and buzzing with no one responding. I went inside with my 18 month old daughter. They gave me a hard time getting money out- asked me a bunch of questions, and further annoyed me. By the way, I am pregnant and wasted about 45 minutes on this beautiful day in the Chase Drive Thru and bank. I got my money- however I had to leave my mac card and license as it was still stuck in the tube. I felt that the workers were rude. YES I WAS SHORT WITH THEM AS I AM VERY HORMONAL. WHO KNOWS WHEN I WILL GET MY THINGS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEFT THE STORE ANNOYED! NO ONE SEEMED TO CARE OR WANT TO HELP!!!!!

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Amy0105's Profile Image

Reviewed by Amy0105

May 2nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great branch!

Love this branch. Staff is friendly and willing to help, especially the manager Nader. They always go above and beyond to answer any of my questions!

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