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Chase Customer Review

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Alexa4's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Alexa4

Aug 7th 2012

Very hasty service resulting in the mishandling of your money, easily make mistakes

I deposited $54.00 CASH at 3:30 pm on Friday to cover an ACH on our internet bill. When I noticed over the weekend the deposit was not pending, I became concerned. Spoke to asst mgr Monday at the branch where I was informed my money was deposited in someone else's account because I put a norizontal mark across my 7's to prevent them from being mistaken as 1's (and I have been doing this since I opened this account over 8 months ago)

The teller mistook them for 9's & deposited my $54.00 cash into a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT account. Walked in there on Monday and the assistant manager did not feel he had to even apologize for this "error" instead showing me the copy of the deposit slip, berating me, saying "those look like 9's." WTF? No one I know on this planet makes their 9's look like tha!!

It looks like they "guessed at the account number," hastily connecting the horizontal slash across the middle of the 7's to make a 9. If they had only taken 1 second to look at THE NAME ON THE ACCOUNT this would not have happened. It doesn't do any good to swipe your debit card, either, because they don't bother with that, only look at the numbers on the deposit slip, and not even your name.

Now my account is in the negative due to this massive error.

Instead of crediting me IMMEDIATELY for the $54.00 (you'd think they could do that, but NO, they informed me they have to pull it out of the account they wrongly credited with it, then put it in my account. Oh, and by the way, THIS WILL TAKE UP TO 5 DAYS. Meantime, my account is still negative. When I expressed my concern, a representative of the bank said that any overdrafts would be reversed and "I only would have had 9.00 in the account after that anyway."

Can't wait til it does happen so I can close my account here, charging me $12 a month for their crappy customer service I discovered I can get totally free checking, all without having to have direct deposit, at the bank right next door to them.

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Other Chase Reviews

KFamily's Profile Image

Reviewed by KFamily

Jun 30th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Buyers And Sellers Beware!

Do not use chase! If you are a buyer and want to buy your dream home do not use chase because you will lose the home! Chase takes at least 85 days to close a loan but they will tell you 45 with a smile on their face! Ridiculous! They should not be in business. Their underwriting is "behind schedule" and you will not get a response from management, processing or underwriting, they do not care about your time frame only what works for them! I've bought and sold real estate for the last 14 years and have never gone over 35 days. Chase has cost me so much money but they do not care!

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jupiter's Profile Image

Reviewed by jupiter

Jun 24th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

very poor personnel

own gI went to to this bank and spoke to a female asst mgr who was extremely insulting calling me a thick headed Italian, I made a complaint to the CEO of chase execute office and spoke to a female execute asst. to the CEO, she put me in touch with the district mgr of that area, she said they would take action against this person but could not tell what it would be or the possibilities, I informed her as long as this woman is there I will not bank with chase and withdrawn my accts. which are substantial, she instead advised me to use the Ralph ave branch, I told her I would not be inconvenience for her mistake. I then got a call from the CEO exec asst. who's only concern was me not closing my acct.all in all the original question that I had was not answered by anyone of these people, so they danced around it, shame on you CEO Jamie Dimon, for employing should idiots, save yourself the aggravation and go to TD bank or any other then chase they are too big for thereood

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