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Citibank Customer Review

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Karen F's Profile Image

4 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Karen F

Aug 25th 2008

Everything counts!

I signed up for the Citibank Everything Counts account while I was a student. It was a great plan! Gave me free checks at no cost to me and I can still order free checks, even post-graduation. ATMs are worldwide; I was able to access my account in China. Money transfers are easy, online and at the ATM. Highly recommended service.

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Other Citibank Reviews

Fall2014's Profile Image

Reviewed by Fall2014

Sep 6th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Client Service

The manger Jeff at this location forced me to close my account that I only had for 3 days due to me changing my address online and receiving a wire transfer. (Citi bank does not value new clientele.) Jeff tried to deny me access to my funds and gave me a really hard time and produced no reason as to why he was closing the account but that it was at his discretion. The whole situation was just awful he insulted my intelligence by telling me the funds were not available the wire had to clear ,yet the funds showed in the available account balance. I had to go back in forth with him to get him to release my money. Then had the audacity to ask me why it was so important that I received the funds that day. This is the worst experience I ever had with any business. The only other time I wrote a review is when an associate at another establishment went above and beyond to help me. This is my 2nd review I've written to just tell people to choose another bank if you can.

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JeanPierreD's Profile Image

Reviewed by JeanPierreD

Aug 27th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Inter-Acting With International Customers

My first contact with Citibank at Spectrum Center was a pleasant experience. Living in West Africa, I have often inter-acted with the bank on the phone, and found the staff to be courteous and helpful.

However, calling the bank from abroad and sorting out problems can be quite a nerve-racking experiment: You are put on hold for very long time, and shifted from one official to another. This can prove frustrating, especially considering that from West Africa, for instance, there is no using free call numbers.

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