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Citibank Customer Review

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Kfm's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Kfm

Jan 29th 2013

Horrible web design of Citibank Business site

I have personal accounts with Citibank. I like their website okay. Some features are helpful, like the expense categorizer tool. And I often use the e-bill payment option, which I assume is standard with all banks. I also like that I can nickname my accounts so I don't have to remember which account is which.

Now, I just opened a Citi business account and after going through all the extra security measures to sign on with a token at www.citibusinessonline.com, I was taken aback at how crappy the look and feel of the Citi business user interface is. It looks like a grade school project. There is hyperlinked text for everything, no graphical buttons. It takes about 4 clicks just to get to see your account's transactions. 4 clicks!! On the personal Citibank site, you sign in and you get presented with an overview of all your accounts right from the get go. But the business online experience is a totally different animal. It looks like it was done in the 90s and then never updated again (It still uses frames, which are no longer supported in HTML5).

I called the Citibank Business department and very politely let them know that I feel I've been suckered into using Citibank for my business needs because they sell you on the regular Citibank website that has all the bells and whistles. I spoke to a supervisor and he spoke to a level 2 guy, but at the end it was just "thank you for letting us know."

The sad part is that I get charged $20/m for the business account (my personal accounts are free). For what? For a lousy, half-assed online experience? Citibank pays its CEO millions of dollars but it can't even allocate the funds to get a web development/design team together that replicates or improves upon the personal Citibank website? I am very disappointed in Citibank. What we need is a company like Google to start a brick-and-mortar bank and shake things up in the online bank user experience field.

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janadurham's Profile Image

Reviewed by janadurham

Aug 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Incredible telephone banking hell

I have an account (premier) with citibank in Budapest, Hungary. I went travelling in the countryside by car, and received a text message informing me that my debit/mastercard had been blocked. So, I call and I am told that my card has been found in another part of the country. No, It is impossible because it is in my hand.

No it is not, I am told.

Naturally, I request that they ask me further security questions, including my passport number, but they refuse?

This continued for 3 days and I had to spend 2 nights sleeping in my car with little food and water. I hadn't enough petrol to get to a town where there was a branch and no more telephone credit????

Fortunately, a friend called me and put credit on my phone. 3 insane calls later someone, somehow decided to reactivate my card.

After returning to Budapest, I have made an official complaint and received a reply apologising, and stating that it was due to human error.


"If you have any documentation in connection with claim for damages please send that to" bla bla bla.......

Of course I incurred no costs, I was denied access to my money!

But I did have an extremely traumatic experience being homeless and impoverished which they are "sorry" for.

Is this not illegal?????? If I refused to give you money which you could prove belonged to you, isn't that a temporary theft?

I have an audio copy of all telephone conversations from them.

Any legal advice would be much appreciated.

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biberian's Profile Image

Reviewed by biberian

Sep 25th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible! Worst Bank To Bank With!!!!

This is by far the worst bank ever. On september 09th 2013 i found out by myself that there was fraud occurring my account. I contacted citibank and they told me i needed to go into a location to discuss this problem and they would not be able to help me over the phone. I went into a location where they stated to me that the account was closed but in fact they actually put a block on my account. And told me that someone deposited a fake check in my account. I had not seen my debit card in a few days and in fact lost my id holder that had my work pass words with are 2 letters and 4 numbers which the numbers correspond with my pink number. I contacted my work to stop direct deposit but it was to late. I went into the niles location in illinois were the branch manager merimel who was absolutely no help, she was rude and acted as if i was inconveniencing her by asking her to assist me in solving this issue. She told me that my check from work was floating and she was going to direct it into the new account that was opened for me and i would be able to access my money the next day. Sure enough the next day i check my account and i was left with only a third of my check about $830 was taking out of my account along with the $330 that was taken from me when the fraud was occurring. So now citi bank has taken $1160 from me and i am a single mom living pay check to pay check trying to take care of my 9month old daughter. I contacted citibank early last week and they told me the case has been closed and i was denied due to me using the citi bank location that the fraud was occurring. Citi bank did not even contact me to tell me that the case was closed i had to continue to call them everyday. This is ridiculous becuase its not like citi bank is like chase on every conner. So i absolutely use to use that citi bank because at the time i lived closed to it but since then i have moved it has been almost a year since going to the branch! Citi bank does not care or want to help the average members they keep telling me it takes

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