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Citibank Customer Review

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Kfm's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Kfm

Jan 29th 2013

Horrible web design of Citibank Business site

I have personal accounts with Citibank. I like their website okay. Some features are helpful, like the expense categorizer tool. And I often use the e-bill payment option, which I assume is standard with all banks. I also like that I can nickname my accounts so I don't have to remember which account is which.

Now, I just opened a Citi business account and after going through all the extra security measures to sign on with a token at www.citibusinessonline.com, I was taken aback at how crappy the look and feel of the Citi business user interface is. It looks like a grade school project. There is hyperlinked text for everything, no graphical buttons. It takes about 4 clicks just to get to see your account's transactions. 4 clicks!! On the personal Citibank site, you sign in and you get presented with an overview of all your accounts right from the get go. But the business online experience is a totally different animal. It looks like it was done in the 90s and then never updated again (It still uses frames, which are no longer supported in HTML5).

I called the Citibank Business department and very politely let them know that I feel I've been suckered into using Citibank for my business needs because they sell you on the regular Citibank website that has all the bells and whistles. I spoke to a supervisor and he spoke to a level 2 guy, but at the end it was just "thank you for letting us know."

The sad part is that I get charged $20/m for the business account (my personal accounts are free). For what? For a lousy, half-assed online experience? Citibank pays its CEO millions of dollars but it can't even allocate the funds to get a web development/design team together that replicates or improves upon the personal Citibank website? I am very disappointed in Citibank. What we need is a company like Google to start a brick-and-mortar bank and shake things up in the online bank user experience field.

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heggy1's Profile Image

Reviewed by heggy1

Sep 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

citi bank is horrible closing branches in texas

.I have been a member with Citi Bank for over 20 years and have never had a complaint. But now yes I do because of the closings of so many branches in Texas. It seem that the banks that have stayed open all in cities with populations greater that 200,000. I had a branch were i live pop. 100,000 plus , closed. another 95 miles away pop 150,000 and 4 branches closed. They moved my account 125 miles away and all the smaller town branches closed, who is going to serve them. all is ok but when I have a check more than $1,000 I cant deposit online

unless I go to the bank 125 miles away. they say you can deposit in atm no atms around that accept deposits or you can mail the deposit in, what if I need the money (three days by US Mail) then the hold another three day for the checks to clear. boy is the service, who need a bank like this. I am hearing all citi banks are to be closing in

texas. I guess they don't want texas money

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Fall2014's Profile Image

Reviewed by Fall2014

Sep 6th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Client Service

The manger Jeff at this location forced me to close my account that I only had for 3 days due to me changing my address online and receiving a wire transfer. (Citi bank does not value new clientele.) Jeff tried to deny me access to my funds and gave me a really hard time and produced no reason as to why he was closing the account but that it was at his discretion. The whole situation was just awful he insulted my intelligence by telling me the funds were not available the wire had to clear ,yet the funds showed in the available account balance. I had to go back in forth with him to get him to release my money. Then had the audacity to ask me why it was so important that I received the funds that day. This is the worst experience I ever had with any business. The only other time I wrote a review is when an associate at another establishment went above and beyond to help me. This is my 2nd review I've written to just tell people to choose another bank if you can.

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