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Citibank Latest Customer Reviews

GeorgeTesterly's Profile Image

Reviewed by GeorgeTesterly

Feb 13th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

BAD Customer Service

I will only say there current slogan:


Should be changed to:


They have so bad customer service. I will not recommend them to anyone they will ruins your life.

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seekingjoy's Profile Image

Reviewed by seekingjoy

Feb 8th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Citi Refinance

I went for a refinance loan with CITI last September. I still have not closed.

CITI's employees are the worst. God forbid if they would ever inform you of anything. and they are always off work and not in the office.

This the best NON-customer support ever.

It sickens me to think that my hard earned house payment is going to these people to be employed when there are so many other human beings that would gladly treat another human being with respect.


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MelissaArtist1's Profile Image

Reviewed by MelissaArtist1

Feb 1st 2013

1 out of 5 marks

I Am Now an Irate Customer

I just had a huge problem with this bank. I had a Checking Plus account that I expected to pay off today. My mother was paying it off for my 50th Birthday. I went to the bank last week and asked what the total was. The banker we spoke to gave us a number and my mother sent me the check. Today when we went and they told us that it was $270 more than he told us and that he'd made a mistake. They were only able to reduce it by $100. Drop in the hat for them but for us it's at least 2 weeks of food. Let me explain that had investments and other money for a while, which is why I went with them in the first place. To have everything in one place was convenient. Even with this loan they used to be able to reduce it by several hundred dollars in the past when I told them my financial situation was difficult. They've changed. We took the banker to task for making this homogeneous mistake. The bank manager said she could only reduce late fees and gave us a sob story of her own as to why she understood. I bet she never had to go for public assistance. (To me going for public assistance was, at the time, a huge shame. Now I'm realizing it's a huge relief). We said to the banker that we felt that this should have come out of his pocket. He just sat there with a dumb look on his face and showed us his mistake. I will never, ever use Citibank again. I can tell you they've changed significantly and are only for the super rich. Even if I had the money I used to I'd switch. Messing up with money, even if it's 2 cents in my book, is no small thing. Just saying....

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YESIGAL's Profile Image

Reviewed by YESIGAL

Jan 31st 2013

5 out of 5 marks



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Kfm's Profile Image

Reviewed by Kfm

Jan 29th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Web Design Of Citibank Business Site

I have personal accounts with citibank. I like their website okay. Some features are helpful, like the expense categorizer tool. And i often use the e-bill payment option, which i assume is standard with all banks. I also like that i can nickname my accounts so i don't have to remember which account is which. Now, i just opened a citi business account and after going through all the extra security measures to sign on with a token at www. Citibusinessonline. Com, i was taken aback at how crappy the look and feel of the citi business user interface is. It looks like a grade school project.

There is hyperlinked text for everything, no graphical buttons. It takes about 4 clicks just to get to see your account's transactions. 4 clicks!! On the personal citibank site, you sign in and you get presented with an overview of all your accounts right from the get go. But the business online experience is a totally different animal. It looks like it was done in the 90s and then never updated again (it still uses frames, which are no longer supported in html5).

I called the citibank business department and very politely let them know that i feel i've been suckered into using citibank for my business needs because they sell you on the regular citibank website that has all the bells and whistles. I spoke to a supervisor and he spoke to a level 2 guy, but at the end it was just "thank you for letting us know. "

the sad part is that i get charged $20/m for the business account (my personal accounts are free). For what? For a lousy, half-assed online experience? Citibank pays its ceo millions of dollars but it can't even allocate the funds to get a web development/design team together that replicates or improves upon the personal citibank website? I am very disappointed in citibank. What we need is a company like google to start a brick-and-mortar bank and shake things up in the online bank user experience field.

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jmasko18's Profile Image

Reviewed by jmasko18

Jan 28th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Citi Bank Ruined My Life! Noone Should Ever Open A Credit Card With Citi!

I had opened up 2 credit card accounts with citi. I made attempted to make payments on both cards online using the automatic payment system through their onlnie website. Big mistake!!! My one credit card payment had gone through successfully. Unfortunately, my other didn't! The bank tried taking my money out of my savings account on one credit card and the payment was returned because the funds were in my checknig account where the other credit card payment was taken out. Well, they tried taking out the payment multiple times charging me $30 fees everytime, without notifying me by phone or email.

Keep in mind i was trying to make a payment 2 weeks in advance!! Not 1 phone call or email that it didnt go through. So i found out my credit cards wernt worknig when i tried using them at a loca lwork cafeteria and they denied both. I called citi they closed both accounts permanently! On a bank error not a customer error. Now all 3 credit reports show these accounts clsoed. And i can't open any other credit cards because of the inquires! I have to wait another year or so!! I even had my bank fax a letter to citi telling citi is what the bank error, citi still wouldnt do anything for the customer!! I hate citi bank i have spent multiple hours with phone calls letters and research trying to resolve issue and still no resolution! All because the online payment system messed up.

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bennyw's Profile Image

Reviewed by bennyw

Jan 25th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

The Bank You Can Not Trust

I went to the bank to buy a cashier check for house down payment during lunch time. Because of the remaining balance will be insufficient to waive account fee so they suggested me to change account type to the most basic ones. It's considerate i thought. When i was signing documents, the guy said he will open a credit line for me so i will be protected from overdraft. I signed the form without thinking because i was in a hurry.

A big mistake. Before closing house purchasing, my lender asked me why citibank pulled my credit report. I replied i changed the account types with citi, maybe that's why. 2 weeks later i received welcome package congratulating me for opening personal loan of $14,000 credit with them. Wtf, this could caused my lender turned down my mortgage after the loan contingency was removed. I could have to pay penalty of not buying the house i committed to buy. Thank god my lender had no idea about this and the mortgage went through. Lesson learned, they have no concern about the interest of their customers. Citibank is not the bank you can trust.

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IslandDawg's Profile Image

Reviewed by IslandDawg

Jan 19th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

A Positive CitiMortgage Streamline Refi

After receiving a mortgage refi offer via UPS, I was ecstatic! I thought to myself -- finally, I can save some money on my mortgage. My original mortgage is with CitiBank.

After reading a lot of reviews from various blogs of customers going through the same mortgage refi process, I became disenchanted. I honestly began to think that it was a scam; that I would never get a lower rate, etc. In fact, I started to apply at Quciken Loans.

In a little over 60 days, a notary public came over to our home and I signed the closing papers yesterday. From 5% to 3.65% APR , $3785 to $3125 (with escrow) in monthly payments, $6K settlement costs (escrow), 30 yr., $591K refi, property appraisal $756K, 800 FICO Score...

People do receive excellent customer service from CitiBank. Thank you CitiBank!!!

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vann's Profile Image

Reviewed by vann

Jan 3rd 2013

1 out of 5 marks

One Of The Worst Banks There Is. Unreliable And False Information Should Be The Definition For Citi Bank

Citibank do not take responsibility for their action. Citi bank give false information to their costumers. Citi bank is unreliable. One of the worst banks there is. They are not willing to work with their customer even when the mistake was made on their end. I ll never open an account with your bank again and will not recommend citi bank to anyone.

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aaccbb's Profile Image

Reviewed by aaccbb

Jan 2nd 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Absolutely Horrible I Plan On Closing My Account As Soon As All This Mess Is Cleared Up! I Will Never Trust Citibank!

I had paid my car payment online and it didnt show up on my online summary so i called citibank to see if it didnt go through and they said it didnt and for me to submit it again and even if it came out twice they could fix it so i submitted it again because they told me to! And it sure did come out 2 times so i called them and they said there was nothing they could do! So this caused our account to over draw and also our mortgage check is going to bouce! So now we are with out any money what so ever and our mortgage is late! So i called them again and the manager said i could get a temporary credit if my car loan place agreed to give me a refund! So i called to get a refun and they said it would be around 25 days till i got it which is fine because im suppose to get that temporary credit.

So i call citi bank and now they say they cant give me a credit! And they are sorry for my inconvenience! So my husband and i are left with absolutely nothing! Because of citi bank and they have made absolutley no attempt to help us in any way i have asked for the credit and i have asked for a credit card and they cant do anything! I will never trust what citi bank tells me to do again! I cannot believe how insensitive they have been through out this whole experience which is their fault! Ive been getting the run around! I have never been so disapointed in a company and have never been lied to in such a manner i cannot wait to get away from all of this and go to a real bank that actually cares for their customers!

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wackalectic's Profile Image

Reviewed by wackalectic

Dec 7th 2012

1 out of 5 marks

Criminal Theives

Citi card small print allow you to go over your credit limit and then they will demand full payment of that amount over in the next billing cycle. They spin it as a customer services. My ass. It's a scam to get more cash int heir greedy hands instantly. And they will then suddenly be unable to increase your credit limit as a way to remedy the situation (even though that is never an issue with any of my accounts). Horrible customer service. These people are criminals.

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Fudukhich's Profile Image

Reviewed by Fudukhich

Oct 26th 2012

1 out of 5 marks


I opened the citigold checking with 40000 thankyou points promotion. It has been more than 8 months & I haven't my points even after satisfying all requirement.

Calling customer services always tell to wait for next statement. As per advertisement, the points should be added within 90 days after meeting their requirements for 2 billing cycles.

This bank sucks! Beware of their banking scams. Most of the time after 10PM, the website is down for 4-6 hours.

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Hostin's Profile Image

Reviewed by Hostin

Oct 9th 2012

1 out of 5 marks


Tried to refinance the loan which they are currently holding on my home- as per the lower rates currently in DFW metroplex TX. They gave me the runaround. Asking for same paperwork several times. Tax returns. Personal documents. I mean I don't think an IRS audit is this tough. Finally I got fed up- and canned them. Seems to think they are the only place to refinance a loan. They lost a good customer- whos never been late on a payment.

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redfish234's Profile Image

Reviewed by redfish234

Sep 25th 2012

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Isn't Even Close

There is at this point nothing at all nice i can say about this bank. There were a few people on the social media team who got the blunt of this experience unfortunately. Otherwise i can't think of a worse customer service experience than i've had in years. Rude, incompetent about accounts, plays games instead of getting their jobs done. Do not under any do any circumstances business with these people. Pick a smaller bank that didn't ask for a bailout. There is a reason for that. They were the smart ones. Not these guys.

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delavega's Profile Image

Reviewed by delavega

Sep 17th 2012

5 out of 5 marks

Very Good Service

Everytime i went to the bank, the attention was correct and i did not spend more than 10 minutes. The attention by telephone and email is very good too.

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Pa1adin's Profile Image

Reviewed by Pa1adin

Aug 30th 2012

1 out of 5 marks

Online Experience And Customer Contact Service Caused Me To Accrue Late Fees On Student Loans

I graduated last year and reached the end of my grace period recently. I have been getting spam mail from citibank from the beginning with my first loan from them. When i started to get email about my student loan payments; they were so vague i thought it was more spam. Nothing in the message subject line alerted me to the fact that i had a payment approaching past due. The whole experience was made even more frustrating by the efforts i made a month before the end of my grace period to set up an automatic repayment plan. I am still trying to navigate their poorly designed website to start this basic service. Their site is very unfriendly to users; it's very convoluted. If at all avoidable, don't take out your student loans with citibank.

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hochster's Profile Image

Reviewed by hochster

Aug 15th 2012

1 out of 5 marks

The Most Poorly Trained Loan Specialists I Have Ever Dealt With.

We applied for a refinance of a current citimortgage loan in december, 2011. We have excellent credit and, other than the mortgage, no debt. The reason we chose them was they offered a $500 credit against the origination fee. What they didn't say is, what that fee would be. We understood it to be. 5% of the loan.

That was the amount on the loan application and also on the loan commitment/approval letter. Here is what they do. Without revealing the origination fee verbally or in writing they automatically apply the $500 credit and when you receive a gfe a new amount appears. We constantly asked where the $500 was and were told that it would be reflected in the final closing documents. Of course it wasn't and when we were out of the country and had to close by power of attorney...

Well tough luck. Now when asked to show us a document with the origination fee and the deducted credit we were told no such document exists. It just happens automatically when the application is created. Talk about your smoke and mirrors. If you google "citibank bad mortgages" you will that they paid a fine of $158 million for passing lousy mortgages on the government. It took 90 days to close this simple refi and it was like pulling teeth to get it done. You can guess what the response was when i asked for the $500 which i felt they owed... Not going to happen. New a mortgage go somewhere, anywhere else.

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Alicia_Pack_Thomps's Profile Image

Reviewed by Alicia_Pack_Thomps

Aug 8th 2012

1 out of 5 marks

Citi Will Stick You With All The Fees They Can, Even When You Pay Your Bills On Time All The Time.

This review is regarding citibank online, not a local branch. I had to choose a branch to continue with the review. I really can't say anything good about citibank. They will lure you in and try to keep you indebted to them by charging a fee for anything. A few years ago, i was contacted by citibank to apply for a mortgage relief program. I had never been late to pay my mortgage. The person i spoke with told me that it looked like i would qualify to have my payment reduced, and told me to begin paying the new payment.

Little did i know that that was just a scheme from citi to charge me astronomical late fees and ding my credit for a missed payment. It was crazy! Plus, when one payment arrived just one day prior to the end of the month, it was credited as an extra payment on that month instead of as the next month's payment. My due date was the first of the month; that payment arrived on the 30th, and it was credited as the previous month's extra principal payment rather than the month for which it was intended. Again, fees upon fees ensued and it took almost a year to recover. Who has an extra mortgage payment lying around?

I just refinanced to get a better rate and change mortgage companies. Again, the fees that citibank charged were crazy. They're keeping at least $100 of my escrow account to cover said fees. Recently, i went online, after the date of the new statement, to pay off my citi credit card. I paid the total shown, and today logged in just to make sure all was well. Of course, they added on another month's finance charges. Lovely. I hate citibank. Hate is a strong word, but i seriously hate citibank. They only have dollar signs in their eyes, and will screw anyone to get more money. Avoid them at all cost!

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IW22's Profile Image

Reviewed by IW22

Aug 4th 2012

2 out of 5 marks

Careless Client Service Here

This citibank branch in santa barbara has problems. Low staff morale, high turnover, and a couldn't-care-less attitude with regard to their mistakes. Even managers here don't know how to use their systems and don't care to learn. They know how to sell, and that seems to turn them on, but they can't follow through with quality client care. If i were citibank national, i'd shut this branch down and start all over in 93105.

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mattebe's Profile Image

Reviewed by mattebe

Jul 26th 2012

1 out of 5 marks

They Suck!

I've had 2 different store credit cards from this bank, radioshack and zales. I worked at radioshack was the only reason i signed up and would occassionally charge something to it and pay it off right away. The last time i charged, they charged me an extra $1 and some change on my statement after i paid it in full. They never e-mailed me or mailed me a letter stating that i owed the balance until they slammed me with enough late fees on the balance. I now have negative history on my previously spotless credit report because of this bank's unjust tactics in making a quick buck.

I have now closed that account out but still owe on my zales account from my wedding rings. I set up automatic payments through customer service and suddenly this month they didn't take the payment out and charged me a late fee they're saying they can't remove due to a past due status even after i made a payment of $450 this morning because i'm going to pay it off this month and close the account because i am done with citibank forever!! Thought maybe the radioshack card was just a fluke but now they're doing it on this account.

Btw, i even explained that i worked at radioshack when the account was "past due" and asked why i wouldn't have paid the $1 and some change while i was on my shift. Homeless people can make a couple bucks in a day, why couldn't i? Really? This bank is filled with idiots who have no idea what customer service is or how to properly run a business.

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mrsambee0321's Profile Image

Reviewed by mrsambee0321

Jul 23rd 2012

3 out of 5 marks

Loved My Account And Features... Beware Of The Csr's You Speak With Via Telephone!!! Never Again!!!

My bank accounts were closed due to a report in chexsystems. Not a problem, i have a letter from the bank which says the debt was paid in full... Before i could get the chance to bring the letter in, i received my statement which showed that there was a balance. Wait? When you close an account, don't you normally send a check? I called the 800 number and spoke with esvin, who told me that there was no money in my account. Well, that's fine; i have a statement saying otherwise. He proceeded to argue with me and tell me that the account was closed on the 10th. Wrong. I withdrew money on the 11th, so how did you close it on that day? Better question... Do you always allow access to "closed" accounts with funds still available? After letting him tell me what his screen says, i asked for a supervisor. After a 10 minute wait he gets back on the line and tells me what he discussed with his supervisor... I don't care, i want to speak with the supervisor, i'm done talking to you. The supervisor, delores, gets on the line and immediately tells me that account that esvin was referring to was the checking. Well that's funny, that's not the account i asked him about. She was just as nasty and told me that the account was closed today and a check would be mailed out. Wait... You restricted my access on the 11th, after i withdrew money. Now she goes on to overtalk me and tell me that the account was never closed and that's not what she said (are you serious? ). After this, i'm done talking. I ask for her name and the idiot i spoke with before her and i hang up the phone. This really was a blessing in disguise.

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shelllie87's Profile Image

Reviewed by shelllie87

Jun 12th 2012

2 out of 5 marks

So Frustrating The Online System Is Awful!

Frustrating the online experience!

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Paul C's Profile Image

Reviewed by Paul C

Jun 3rd 2012

1 out of 5 marks

Ripoff fees for international check

I deposited a $1000 check drawn from a foreign bank. Citibank only deposited $845 to my account. They charged me $155 to deposit a check into my account.

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vcmorr's Profile Image

Reviewed by vcmorr

Jun 1st 2012

2 out of 5 marks


This bank is out for the money, nothing else matters to them, 3 months of faxes, and doing research, to get my loan payments lowered, they put me thru the ringer, and after all was said and done it was a simple no, they do not care about me just my money, and all the income they are making on my late fees, i hate this bank, their very un considerate , of people, other than them selves, wish i never heard of this bank, any one looking to do business with this bank needs their heads examined , if you are looking for a mortgage , buyer beware this bank is as bad as they come ,do your research and check out the 5,200 bad reviews,,

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Singh's Profile Image

Reviewed by Singh

May 7th 2012

1 out of 5 marks

It Use To Be Better But Now I Hate It. I Hate Citibank. Will Be Close My Accounts.

They created some stupid questions and when i answered them they told me i failed cuz questions were not right. Like seriously? I even told them my ssn. I will never open or recommend citi bank to anyone. Go to wells fargo. Or b. O. A

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Tiffany S's Profile Image

Reviewed by Tiffany S

May 1st 2012

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Customer Service And Automated E-Mails!

So, i applied for a student checking account. I immediately got an email asking for verification, which was no problem at all. I gladly sent over my recent tuition statement and proof of address. After a few days of hearing nothing, i decided to give them a call. I was told that i was denied an account but they didn't have a reason as to why i was denied, just that i was. I asked about why they sent me an email asking for more information and was told it was an automated email that all applicants got when applying for a checking account. To me, that makes no sense at all. Why ask for more information if you already denied my account? This is really irritating and the customer service agent acted as if it was no big deal at all. Truly disappointing!

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asteria's Profile Image

Reviewed by asteria

Apr 26th 2012

1 out of 5 marks

Bad, Bad, Bad It Is Only About How Do I Charge Extra Fees And Squize Out A Few Dimes

I had an account with you and it was closed because of over draft of account regardless all of the efforts i showed. I stopped using my card at the end of last year because i was going to close my account due to short of curtesy and service the branch was showing. Due to my direct deposit i had to wait until end of the february. Meantime i recived mail saying that there was a $ 30. 01 charge on my account and it was overdrated $ 27. Xx called 800 number they said file a froud investigation. I went to bank and told them that this is what i got and i dont use this card. I will pay the amount and close the account so i will not be charged for monthly fee after the direct deposit going away.

They said dont pay and keep the accoont open. Called 800 and explained they connected me a supervisor she got my number and all the information to open a froud investigation while she is doing we got disconnected. She did not call me back. I didn't know her name to call back so i thought she got it all and will do it. No news for weeks. Actually i got a call for a survey for the exact phone call i told the guy that we were disconnected and she did nto call me back so i dont know what do say he hang up. Sometime later i called back to see what is going on another supervisor came to the phone told me that there is nothing being done so he will start it he is supposed to email me the papers to sign.

Great i am waiting again nothing and i forgot about it. Here is the extremly funny thing after all those i learned that citibank closed my account for overdarft account and reported me. Tell me how should i screem now. Why i did all the right things and got wrong result and your brand supervisor did not have the curtesy to say one cheap ""sorry for all this trouble"". By the way if anyone is wondering i paid the stupid thing so i dont ahve to deal with this people.

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Cunningjen's Profile Image

Reviewed by Cunningjen

Apr 19th 2012

1 out of 5 marks

Citibank: Crapibank, Don't Waste Your Time

2 months ago i submitted all the relevant paperwork to apply for a credit card. I received approval via email within 2 days and waited 2 weeks for further contact. Nothing. So i called and 6 weeks further down the track and 8 phone calls, speaking to 25 different people from just as many nationalities, every call goes from "customer service" to "verifications dept" and each department cannot advise why a apl form? (whatever that is) can/cannot be sent to a postal box. This is the most frustrating experience i have ever had to deal with. Sorry crapibank you have lost my service and i have lost my patience

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Edward's Profile Image

Reviewed by Edward

Apr 17th 2012

1 out of 5 marks

Total Headache

We just received our monthly mortgage statement and on it was a $9.00 fee. I sent an email to them and I got a response " A delinquency fee $9.00 was assessed on 11/22/07 as your mortgage payment was more than 30 days past due. The

delinquency expenses can occur at any time after the account is past due."

This is what I got for a response on 4/17/2012 I was late in 2007 because of my account being stolen and cleaned out and I was working with my bank to get it back I notified CMI and paid the late charge the mortgage payment went out electronically on the 31st day with the next months along with the $24.00 late charge. so it appears Citybank can access a charge on an account when ever they like with no documentation to back it up. If you stick with these people a moment longer then necessary your nuts and you deserve to be feed to death. Me called a mortgage broker today started the process to pull out of Citibank the broker said no problem I owe less the 25% of value.

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BW567's Profile Image

Reviewed by BW567

Apr 16th 2012

1 out of 5 marks

I Have No Idea How This Company Is Still In Business, It Was Utter Chaos.

Citibank provided me with one of the most unprofessional & unhelpful banking experiences of my life. My husband & i were trying to attain a home loan, but trying to do anything with this company is nearly impossible & unbelievably frustrating. Every single time my husband or i would call, we would receive voicemail. The original agent that we were working with legitimately disappeared & nobody had any idea what to do with us or any of our concerns.

When we would get a call back 2 days later, it was nothing but the usual run-around. After 3 months of working with these people, we were finally closing in 4 short days & they inform us that there's a problem with the loan & we won't be closing. This problem should have been addressed the very first day we talked to them, but we dealt with so many different people, nobody looked over any of the details until it was too late.

Needless to say, after this incident we moved to a different mortgage company & will never deal with citi for any sort of business again. They are such a large corporation that they truly just don't care about you or your situation. Please save yourself the trouble & avoid this bank to begin with.

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