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Citibank Latest Customer Reviews

Spower's Profile Image

Reviewed by Spower

Jan 3rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible experience after the death of a spouse

Citibank was horribly rude and degrading to my mother after the death of my father. She did not realize that he had set it up in his name only and when she originally called in after his death was told there was no hurry. While she was visiting with us her first Christmas after my dad's death, she called in to check her account after shopping at Target and worried about her number being stolen. They cancelled her card on the spot, made her feel like she was a thief for using a card that was "not hers", and then sent her account to a collection agency. At a horrible time in her life, they made her feel more horrible and left her in tears. Shame on Citibank. We had her open up a credit card with another company, thank god they were sympathetic.

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sunny0's Profile Image

Reviewed by sunny0

Dec 29th 2013

1 out of 5 marks


there was a game for Citibank in one of the malls in Dubai, where you roll a ball and if it get in a circle, you would win from 100 dhs up to 500 dhs, everyone was gathering and wanted to get money, I won 200 dhs. Then they told me to write my name on a paper and the amount I won, I did that , then they said they will call me in 3 days (which was the national day of UAE). They did not. They I sent an e-mail and after a month a guy replied, " you would get the money if you open a bank account", this was not stated when I played the game and the rest of the people who were gathering did not know this.

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Garydavison's Profile Image

Reviewed by Garydavison

Dec 27th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

Excellent service on every visit

Have been with this branch about 3 months. Have visited about a half dozen times. When I set my account up the branch was slow so the branch manager helped me herself. She was courteous, extremely helpful and took the time to guide me and my wife through the process. On each of my subsequent visits I was greeted as I entered and assisted with a smile. After 40 years with Bank of America, I have found a home.

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ayanna's Profile Image

Reviewed by ayanna

Dec 13th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Worst bank ever

I deposited a 600 dollars check on Saturday and only 200 dollars was available to me. They said the rest would be available on Monday.I said OK, no problem. When Monday can my money was not available for me, I went into the branch and I call customer service and they said that the rest of money would be available to me a week after which is the next Saturday. I was high upset, and then I called again and they said its not going to be available until the next Monday which is a week and three days after. My thing is why the hell are you holding my money? Someone is sitting on their butts, not doing their jobs and making mad money off of my check just sitting in the bank. This back in the days, these are the days of technology. I would not be keeping CitiBank as my bank. I was a new customer. i know they don't care if they loose me, but they will loose more customers when i finish running them down.

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Lostacustomer's Profile Image

Reviewed by Lostacustomer

Nov 26th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

No customer care

I paid off my credit card balance. Rightfully didn't question not receiving a statement the following month; because the balance was paid in full. The next month, I get a past due statement for a balance of $2.17. Funny, the full-exact balance had been paid. Accrued finance charges, OK. (I can only imagine how many customers don't expect a $1 statement in the mail once the full balance was paid/or how many customers magically didn't receive the first ever missed statement of their account history). Also funny, this was the first time in nearly 10 years that I didn't receive a statement. I have perfect payment history and wanted the 1 payment past due cleared. An "Account Manager" refused, because there was no bank error. I certainly made no error. Citibank refused to let me talk to someone else, as he was the highest and they no longer allow calls to be escalated to anyone higher. Wow. No "big picture" for the business or your customers. No "care" at all. Amazing how you stay in business. Disgusting.

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