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Citizens Bank Customer Review

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ASE's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by ASE

Jan 6th 2013

Horrible Deceitful Painful Insincery Oppresive

7 yrs ago citizens came looking for our business they provided us a 100k credit line and a 950k morg the economy has changed never being late on a payment one day without any notice the crd line was pulled it took 3 months to get an explanation as to why it was discontinued we got a 50k line with eastern bank and 100k line with 1st national bank of ipswich at the drop of a hat. After suffering an embezzelment of up to 1 million dollars by two trusted stockholders, and debt to service ratios not to the banks liking they want to raise our interst rate 3% and or forclose the morgage. Keep in mind we are current in our payments and late once in paying quaterly taxes but are up to date now business is very unpredictable but we work 24/7 to pay our bills and employ 25 people the bank is heartless before you think of doing business with this bank shoot yourself in both feet and have your head examined this organization is a ruthless privateering bank that instead of helping will pull the rug out from under without notice causing you excessive legal fees and pain and suffering that you have never ever felt before. They also cash checks that require dual endorsement without the daul endorsement and adopt a what ever attitude when questioned as to what they will do to make good on the funds they have cashed wrongfully find a local small bank and make your bones with them they approach banking in the manner that is both good and honest for both parties in times of difficulty run from this bank as if it were the plague

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Other Citizens Bank Reviews

KroetschA's Profile Image

Reviewed by KroetschA

Apr 21st 2015

1 out of 5 marks

What a slap in the face!

I went to Citizens Bank in the Buffalo, NY area after having a bad experience with a bank before. Right from the beginning something wasn't right. They promised a sign on bonus of $100 if you had direct deposit, which I did. I never got the money, so I called, and customer service said "you still have a few days, it'll go through, you'll be fine." Two weeks later I went to my branch; they told me I wasnt getting it because my direct deposit didn't go through (which it did 2 weeks after I opened it, like normal, so that was a lie). I got nowhere with that. They dropped my interest off my savings because I withdrew money to pay my tuition and books for nursing school 3 times. Then after a year, I repaid the dues to keep my overdraft protection ($35/yr), only a few months later for them to take it from me completely and run off with my $35. The last straw was the hidden fees that began to pop up after a year and a half- paying to get a statement bimonthly (I was told that was free and standard), paying a service charge to pay my bills online, paying for every little thing. The $2 service charge for paying my car payment pushed me in the red and I got slapped with another overdraft fee, which should've been covered to begin with! I do not recommend this bank whatsoever.

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audrey2290's Profile Image

Reviewed by audrey2290

Apr 9th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

worst bank

i put a check in that was a citizens bank check. i took out 400. the next day they told me my balance was 0. i had just opened my acct. i had $$$$9,000. they tried to STEAL my money. i had to bring my checks in and make a formal complaint to the manager to get them to pull everything up in the system. they claimed that they fixed it and then i took out 200, walked away. now i have received a letter in the mail saying i have 8,000 and i cant touch it for 3 weeks!!! THIS IS THE WORST BANK. THEY WILL ROB YOUR MONEY AND CALL YOU A LIAR. DON'T BANK HERE.

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