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Citizens Bank Customer Review

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diamond7180's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by diamond7180

May 2nd 2012

Horrible Go Anywhere But Citizens Bank!

Citizens Bank has been the worst banking experience of my life! Frist of all i have never had a bank where i had to have so many debit cards in my life due to bank error and wait almost 2 weeks to get a new card. Constantly i had “debit card fraud” ok how is it that your customers information is constantly leaking out! So after a number of events the bank advised me to open a new account and i did. I opened the new account but, in the meantime fees accrued on the old fraudulent account and the bank said that they would only give me back half the fees and i was responsible for the rest.

Why? I had nothing to do with fraud on my account, and i had no idea that the customer service representative would not be placing a to be closed status on my account to stop all activity and fees. To be honest i think that all she was concerned about was opening a new account to make her quota, not at all being concerned about her customers wellbeing. So some weeks go pass, and i see that fees are being accrued on an account that i thought was inactive. I call the customer service number and i speak with a lady that says well we will give you some fees back but it was your responsibility to keep track of your account so we will not give them all back.

Ok when i went to the branch and spoke with the customer service representative i felt comfortable to assume that she would do her job and handle both accounts in a manner that would be the most beneficial to me. So the account was placed on a “credit only status” so that i could make periodic deposits to clear out the negative balance. In the mean time i kept receiving letters in the mail so i called and spoke to a lady in the recovery department we go back and forth on payment options and she explains that the account has been 43 day in the negative and at 60 it would be charged off.

tell her that i do not have the money right now and i did not know that i was on a 60 day timeline to pay off the account. She says “well pay what you can and

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Other Citizens Bank Reviews

Joeyyurcho's Profile Image

Reviewed by Joeyyurcho

May 16th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Citizens Debit cards are compromised too often

I had two debit cards compromised in a month. Although they say they refund transactions that are not authorized they fail to tell you in takes awhile to get your money. The very hard earned money you worked for and now have to go without. No compassion when talking with customer service. Just trained responses. I think it is time to go to PNC. I'm also considering letting Pittsburghs new station KDKA do a story on this. Maybe citizens will see a loss of profit on their end.

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GregE1958's Profile Image

Reviewed by GregE1958

May 5th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

this bank is down right thrives!!!


A friend of mine that I have been helping for years recently fell behind in her mortgage due to helping a daughter, and a newborn baby whose fiance got killed in a motorcycle accident. While trying everything to catch up to keep her family home out of foreclosure citezen bank has done nothing but lie!! and hit her with every fee you could imagine when she gets real close they hit her with appraisal fees not one but several, just handed them 3000.00 what do they do send a photographer out to take pictures another fee, tell her to do a loan modification, not sure if you realize what's involved but three times been denied, once reason being was she needed to live at the residence AMAZING she does, and has always! I completely understand its a business, but at what point is it that it becomes theft??? This woman is disabled with a heart condition and trying to make ends meet,does citizens bank give a shit? NO! I will do my best not to let them steal her home, and as soon as it can be figured out how to get her as far away from this non caring, completely thieving establishment. I hope karma comes around and knocks on their door someday, and see how they feel when no one calls them back,or not lend them any assistance! No one asked for charity, nor not pay a debt only assistance in helping an disabled person keep their home. Citizen Bank Ive read several of your reviews maybe you should! No one counts the once you write for yourself.

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