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Citizens Bank Customer Review

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beantown's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by beantown

Aug 19th 2011

They steal money

I read some of the reviews on this bank, And they are correct!! THIS IS THE WORST BANK EVER!!!!! Their fee's are soooooo crazy!! I told them that they STEAL money from people. $37.00 for a enotice?? $10.00 for EVERY transaction for overdraft. This and that. It never stops!!!! I am closing my account with this bank. They do not listen very well or try to help out with accounts. I guess that what we see online - they see something different. There are bank out there that do not charge such outraious fee's. I hope that alot of people start to close their accounts and then maybe Citizens will realize they are 'THE WORST BANK EVER"


GOOD BYE CITIZENS!!! GO SUX A *$&*(@*&$*(#

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Other Citizens Bank Reviews

deltrain's Profile Image

Reviewed by deltrain

Aug 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Cancelled Account

I have had a business account with Citizens for more than five years. Today, I received an envelope with a return address from PW2480 in Pittsburgh PA. Inside was a letter from Citizens telling me that my account was being cancelled on September 3 and suggested I immediately stop using the account as Citizens might cancelled it sooner. I called Citizens customer service and was told there is no information on my account indicating closure and to call my branch office. I called the branch office, spoke with Mike, who spoke with Katie (business banking rep) about the issue. Katie called someone in the organization but was unable to determine why my account was being cancelled. I was directed to call the Priority Response Department in Providence RI. I spoke with Michelle who said the account was being cancelled due to a missing "doing business as" document. I asked why I was not notified earlier, whereupon Michelle said 3 letters were sent, but could not tell me when. I asked who PW 2480 was. Michelle said it was an outside contractor. After some confrontational discussion where I told Michelle that Katie said the information about the account was purged, a 3-way call to the branch was made. Michelle told Katie where to find the info. Katie said the information about why the account was being cancelled was not on an internal banking report, and Michelle said the account was being cancelled anyway and could not be saved. My only option was to open a new account after providing Citizens with a DBA document. I went to the branch office, spoke to Mike and withdrew all funds and requested the account be closed.

It was purely by happenstance that I opened the envelope from PW 2480, which frankly looked like junk mail. Had I not done that, the account would close, issued checks would not be honored, thus creating an unfavorable impression of my business, which could have led to lost business. Bottom line: Citizens lost a customer!

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MichelBoston's Profile Image

Reviewed by MichelBoston

Aug 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Bogus fees

My wife and I have been Citizens Bank clients for 19 years. This week, returning from a week vacation, I got a mail telling me that my Checking account was in the red and that I had $ 218.00 in fees because of that. When we opened the account we set it up with overdraft protection. We are signed up for online banking and never got a notice that the account was in the red; we would have solved this problem in 30 seconds with our computer, considering we have money in our CD and our Savings account. This is just insane. I have talked to the branch manager and 3 people from customer service, but nobody listens. can somebody at Citizens tell me who I should contact to solve this issue?

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