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Comerica Bank Customer Review

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woodlandswiz's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by woodlandswiz

Feb 21st 2013

Left Hand Doesn't Know What The Right Hand Is Doing

I have checking, savings, and investments at comerica bank in the houston area. The personal checking/savings people are incredibly good, friendly and professional. The investment side seems to resent you for being a customer. They are officious, disorganized, and will even mess up your retirement money and taxes with mistakes. I complained (bitterly) to the local and regional managers about several errors on their part.

I have now been told - in writing - to transfer my accounts to another bank. Now that is customer service better suited to russia or a third world country. I, of course, will pull out completely rather than suffer the indignities of tolerating and then being insulted by a puffed up bank clerk with a title.

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BankTrak222's Profile Image

Reviewed by BankTrak222

Dec 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Customer Service

We had a two business accounts with this branch. The branch manager was very disrespectful, and could not answer business account questions. He wold not give a straight answer, and would change his answer back/forth within the same conversation. I do not know if he is just unknowledgeable and untrained, or just rude. But we will never bank with Comerica again. Once, after asking if we could please have the contact information for the regional branch, since we could not get a straight answer, he made a decision that he would just "freeze" our accounts, and then insisted that a company officer fly in from New York to un-freeze our accounts. He refused to give us any regional branch contact information, and insisted that only he could "help" us with our business accounts. When I called the customer service number, they put me on hold, and they dialed the branch manager, who was sitting right across from us, then customer service "accidently" disconnected my call, and when I returned the call, they also refused to provide any contact phone numbers, saying we are only allowed to speak to our bank branch manager, no customer is allowed to speak to anyone higher up in the organization. Turned out to be a lousy bank in regards to treatment of customers. You would think they would value large business accounts, but they do not.

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John E's Profile Image

Reviewed by John E

Mar 19th 2009

1 out of 5 marks

Nightmare On Main Street

I took a buyout from one of the big three auto companies. When I received

my buyout check I opened up a checking and savings account. I also bought two

six month CD's.

This bank and the auto company I worked for mishandled the whole buyout process

so bad, I thought I was dealing with the three stooges. I pulled most of my money

out as soon as I could and stuck it in my mattress. In the six months that I had an account with this bank, I experienced 10 years of stress.

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