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Comerica Bank Customer Review

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woodlandswiz's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by woodlandswiz

Feb 21st 2013

Left Hand doesn't know what the Right Hand is Doing

I have checking, savings, and investments at Comerica Bank in the Houston area. The personal checking/savings people are incredibly good, friendly and professional. The Investment side seems to resent you for being a customer. They are officious, disorganized, and will even mess up your retirement money and taxes with mistakes. I complained (bitterly) to the local and regional managers about several errors on their part. I have now been told - in writing - to transfer my accounts to another bank. Now THAT is customer service better suited to Russia or a Third World Country. I, of course, will pull out completely rather than suffer the indignities of tolerating and then being insulted by a puffed up bank clerk with a title.

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OlgaSays's Profile Image

Reviewed by OlgaSays

Oct 1st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

My Debit Card closed for no reason

I have a US Direct Express Debit Card with the Coamerica Bank which is where my Social Security checks were direct-deposited. All of a sudden I found out that it was canceled, and done so without my knowledge or authorization. I was unable to use it while doing grocery shopping. I bet that everyone in line was thinking that I don't pay my bills when the cashier announced, "Denied". Very embarrassing. Now I am unable to buy groceries, medications, pay my rent or bills including one upcoming medical bill or make ATM withdrawals with this card. I am at a risk of being evicted for non-payment of rent, and my credit report will suffer. I have NOT requested or otherwise authorized the card cancellation.

Customer service at this bank is practically non-existent, as all they do is read a script at 40 mph without listening to the other side. No monthly statements are available. No questions answered. My card was NOT compromised and was in a good standing, still good until the next year.

All the complaints fall on deaf ears. Texas Department of Banking re-routed me back to Comerica Bank lol. BBB asked what resolution I want. I want the bank to be unable to close my card ever again, but alas, it's not happening. So I am back to square one. Comerica Bank is holding my funds hostage, as far as I am concerned.

To add insult to injury, Comerica Bank grants only one card replacement that is free. As of now, it appears that this one is being used up as I will hopefully receive a new card in some future. If the above scenario happens again, I will be charged for the card replacement. The $$ fee multiplied by a vast number of users = a nice boost to the bank's revenue. Done at the expense of the aging baby boomers now on Social Security.

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lsutton329's Profile Image

Reviewed by lsutton329

Sep 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Bad Customer Experience

Good Morning:

I have been banking with Comerica bank for approximately 5 years as well as my family has been for over 10 years. I have had numerous bad customer service experiences, but the one that I just had was by far the worst. I spoke with a female rep at the call center and another representative at the corporate office and they were both very rude. I received misinformation from a banker in the Houston office and when I attempted to rectify the situation or come to a common agreement with the representative I was told that there was nothing that they can do.

If you look back at my account I am not a customer that contacts the office for issues that I encounter with the bank. I have told myself at least 10 times that I am going to close my account, but today was the last straw. When I spoke with the representative and advised them that I was going to close my account they stated that there was nothing they could do to help me. I understand that there is not something that they “typically” could do in my situation, but as a Center Manager of an organization I have learned that there is an exception to every rule.

The representative that works for your corporate department was very rude. She made me feel as though I was a burden on her. I wrote this letter to make sure you are aware of who you have working for your organization. I do plan on closing my account this afternoon as well as advising all of my family and friends in the Michigan and Texas area as well as on social media of my experience with your bank throughout the years. I feel as though this situation could have been handled very differently, but unfortunately it was not. You lost a loyal customer because of the lack of customer service that your bank has.

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