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Comerica Bank Customer Review

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kevinwhite's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by kevinwhite

Jul 1st 2012

"Not Bad" to "Intolerable" over 6 yrs.

Comerica, in short, has more hidden fees and shady policies coupled with grossly outdated measures toward customer service and online technology than any bank I've worked with. A failure to remain competitive, relevant, or remotely interested in assisting customers beyond the minimal places even the average Ebay seller above them in terms of e-commerce experience.

Limited banking hours/locations, dated ATM's with unintelligible UI's, unreliable and limited feature via their site, plus poor synchronization with credit card info -thus causing online business transactions to fail or delay, and arduous steps and/or limited training amongst staff to assist in resolving the most basic issues has forced me to move my accounts. Business and personal. At this point I feel I could select another bank at random to move my money to and land a better relationship.

While I fully intend to research I can say without a doubt that Comerica's business model will never evolve to become noticeable or reliable in the today’s market. With that, stay clear and educate anyone you meet that’s a customer of Comerica on the benefits of banking elsewhere.

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OlgaSays's Profile Image

Reviewed by OlgaSays

Oct 1st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

My Debit Card Closed For No Reason

I have a us direct express debit card with the coamerica bank which is where my social security checks were direct-deposited. All of a sudden i found out that it was canceled, and done so without my knowledge or authorization. I was unable to use it while doing grocery shopping. I bet that everyone in line was thinking that i don't pay my bills when the cashier announced, "denied". Very embarrassing. Now i am unable to buy groceries, medications, pay my rent or bills including one upcoming medical bill or make atm withdrawals with this card. I am at a risk of being evicted for non-payment of rent, and my credit report will suffer. I have not requested or otherwise authorized the card cancellation. Customer service at this bank is practically non-existent, as all they do is read a script at 40 mph without listening to the other side. No monthly statements are available. No questions answered. My card was not compromised and was in a good standing, still good until the next year. All the complaints fall on deaf ears. Texas department of banking re-routed me back to comerica bank lol. Bbb asked what resolution i want. I want the bank to be unable to close my card ever again, but alas, it's not happening. So i am back to square one. Comerica bank is holding my funds hostage, as far as i am concerned. To add insult to injury, comerica bank grants only one card replacement that is free. As of now, it appears that this one is being used up as i will hopefully receive a new card in some future. If the above scenario happens again, i will be charged for the card replacement. The $$ fee multiplied by a vast number of users = a nice boost to the bank's revenue. Done at the expense of the aging baby boomers now on social security.

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icutravel2's Profile Image

Reviewed by icutravel2

Oct 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

The Worst of the Worst

As a retired real estate agent of 35+ years, both domestic and international, I have dealt with many dozens of banks . This is the most insolent, most rude group I have ever dealt with.

As a retiree, entitled to a disability benefit through S/S I made a change from TN. to Fl. I received a debit card from Comerica for S/S deposit shortly thereafter. Got an apartment, paid deposits etc. was assured funds would be released Oct. 3 from S/S. They were. Verified the fund s were released on the 3rd.

Then Comerica comes in. No funds. Listened to a 3rd party call from S/S to Comerica, extraordinarily rude to S/S. WHAT?

So I recommend what I will be doing, Call the State of Texas consumer hotline through the State attorney. Call the Texas banking commission. Also , call every consumer reporter in Dallas , T.V. and newspaper , as they have a huge list of complaints for their way of dealing with customers. Do not put up with this!.

Curtina [Redacted].

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