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Reviewed By Devin S. Sep 27, 2015


Awesome Bank!!! I have both their checking account and their student IT card.. Apply today using my referral link and earn a $50 bonus (Apply Here) http://bit.ly/1jnTf9f

The discover it card offers excellent cash back options in categories that people really use.. This makes it very easy to always max out your cash back if you actually use your card.. Last year I earned several hundred in cash back!! Paying the card off monthly means that was FREE MONEY!!

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By 1234kmc Apr 9, 2015

IRA CD account

They are gouging consumers.
I have an IRA account, matures on 3/30/2015, contact them 3/20/2015 concerning closing the CD at mature day, they inform me to me in a distribution form by 4/8/2015.
Send in form on 4/1/2015. message them on 4/7/2015 to make sure everything is set - no reply. 4/9/2015 they renew my CD, call them, they said form is not complete because I did not fill in the amount. I told them I did not know the actual amount because of interest paid. Do you think the bank will contact you about it.
Now in order to close the account, they will charge me over $180.00 fees and early withdrawal. I said that is more than you guys paid me interest last year.
That is highway robbery by delaying couple days here and there, so you pass the grace period.

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Latest Discover Bank Reviews

  • D
    Reviewed By Deepa Apr 25, 2016

    Pathetic customer service

    I applied for checking account on 4/10 and uploaded the documents those were needed for them. I called customer service 3-4 times and always got answer that service specialist will call you within 2-3 days. Never got call from them till today.
    Wish to give negative ratings to customer service.

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  • H
    Reviewed By Henleydean Apr 22, 2016

    To much trouble

    Been with discover for 5 months. I've called dozens of times over the time with them. Usually they have the same resolve, delete the app, reinstall, or they are unaware of any issues, or the system is being upgraded, or serviced, or maintenance is being performed. More excuses then a child gives over chores. Best you try it for yourself, then you can more than likely fill out a review in a few months and let others see what is going on with the banking side of discover and maybe once people wait a few months rather than 5 stars after 1 or 2 months discover will clean the garbage up.

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  • S
    Reviewed By stopthebleeding Apr 16, 2016

    incredible incompetence

    I asked Discover Bank to send an electronic transfer to my bank as usual. It turns out they could not send it for 3-5 business days. I called back 10 minutes later to cancel the transfer. I needed the money to pay the IRS two days hence.
    I received an encounter number for the call for the cancellation. The teller at the other end would not send an email as proof of confirmation. But she said the cancellation was done.
    My accountant then put in a request to the IRS to transfer funds directly from my discover account to them.
    It turned out my request to stop the transfer could not be stopped. No one at discover bank ever bothered to call me about the situation.
    I receive an email this morning that the transfer was initiated. It was never cancelled. I called discoverbank immediately to ask what was going on. That is when they told me they could not stop it.
    This means the IRS will find my account at discoverbank inadequate to cover my taxes and I will receive huge tax penalties.
    Stay away from this institution. It is the worst of the worst.

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  • M
    Reviewed By mftinvermont Apr 9, 2016

    Slow antiquated system of AVAILABLE and CURRENT Balance

    Discover Bank has a LOT of work to do if it wants compete with the likes of Bank of America, which I feel has the BEST checking/savings account system on the planet. BOA is fast, accurate to the penny and I never needed a check register because transactions....bill pay and debit/credit transactions come off immediately, unlike DISCOVER BANK which does not! This system is old "local banks" type of system.

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  • S
    Reviewed By suei Apr 5, 2016

    Terrible way to treat a customer.

    I purchased a 5-year CD through Discover. Three years into it, they forwarded it to the state as unclaimed property. Told me it was because I hadn't logged into my account to check on it. I receive quarterly statements and it's a CD - what's to check?!
    Here's the kicker: Instead of sending me a letter advising me of their intent and giving me the opportunity to contact them, they sent a letter informing me that the account had been closed two weeks previous. And, they kept three months of interest.
    Never again.

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  • I
    Reviewed By Iris_L Apr 1, 2016

    Really Slow Processing

    Direct deposit, money transfer in, and other transactions were processed in a slow manner. You have to wait the money available for several BUSINESS DAYS.

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  • Y
    Reviewed By yunx0011 Mar 31, 2016


    Processing of deposits and payments are slowest in the industry. Their customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with. Their communication is also terrible. I DO NOT recommend! Stay away....use a credit union instead...Their debit or credit card is only accepted by select merchants, which makes it pretty useless. They don't accept deposits through ATMs, and physical locations for banking in non-existent.

    Extremely dissatisfied with their service. Processing of payments, fund transfers, etc... is so slow, it's nearly impossible to manage day to day cash flows...which results in excess overdraft fees. If due to their banking error, youexperience overdraft and returned fees, they will do nothing for you.

    Bank with Discover at your own risk! They should be sued!!! Class action!!!

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  • C
    Reviewed By CreatureOfHabit Mar 31, 2016

    Service has gone downhill

    We've been Discover Card holders for a couple decades. A few years ago, we decided to try online banking. We chose two online banks - Discover Bank and Barclays. Discover offers IRA accounts, Barclays does not but it offers a slightly higher interest rate. It takes longer to get accounts open at Discover and there seem to be more errors with Discover, in part because their forms can be confusing. Part of that can be attributed to the requirements for IRA accounts - there is definitely more paperwork in opening an IRA account vs. a regular bank account. However, I have noticed in the few years we've had the Discover Bank account that their customer service has gone downhill. Unlike a few years ago, they don't send out packets (as promised) when you open a new IRA CD online, even when we call to remind them. It is possible to get their forms online and print them out and this seems to be the best option.
    I wonder if Discover Bank has grown too fast and not been able to keep up with the work? The most concerning thing occurred yesterday - after a third call to Discover and a month after our first request, we received the forms needed to open a new IRA CD. Inside the packet we received was personal information of three other customers. These were IRA contribution forms that had been faxed to Discover and two included full SSNs!
    My advice is that if you use Discover Bank, as we will continue to do, that you should print forms from their web site and when completed, upload them using their secure document upload feature. Only this way can transactions be handled in a timely, and I hope more secure, manner. And now I have to call Discover to tell them about receiving this information about other customers.

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  • D
    Reviewed By dakota_zander Mar 22, 2016

    Been horrible lately

    I've lost my card a few times before and it takes 10 days to get a new one; they claim free expedite but they've never done that for me. Fighting fraudulent charges is not an easy process: several steps, unnecessary forms and fighting the charge, and sometimes still isn't removed without additional "proof" that the charge is fraudulent. Seriously, how do PROVE a negative? Lately their mobile check deposit has been a joke! For no reasons whatsoever, they've denied depositing my checks. I can't deposit them anywhere else because they have "Discover Bank Deposit Only" endorsed on them. So I'm stuck arguing with customer service and still can't get the check deposited unless I physically mail it in and then it takes them an entire week to process. Other times the mobile check deposit functionality doesn't work at all - just errors out or won't "read" any of the pictures no matter how many times I attempt it. Another issue I've run into several times is the "free" ATM's always charge me several dollars which I have to dispute; sometimes I get a refund but not always - usually they just get deleted from their list of free ATMS.

    seriously considering closing my account and going with CapitalOne-360: better customer service, fraud protection, mobile check deposit, and enhanced savings features.

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  • M
    Reviewed By mrarja Mar 11, 2016

    IRA C/D nightmare

    After being a satisfied Discover Bank customer for years, we decided to transfer money to an IRA C/D for 5 years. The whole process has been an nightmare. Our money was received on 2-22-16 We never received the signature card packet. I called them on the 29th letting them know this. They then sent paperwork by fed ex. We faxed it to them on the same day. When our account was finally funded on March 7th, we saw online on our account balance, that the interest rate was 2.18 (which we had expected). When we checked the account on the 8th, the rate was now 1.98. It was supposed to be a 5 year fixed c/d. When I spoke with supervisors, they told us that the rates had changed on March 1st and they made no apologies for holding up the process in any way, or the misleading information on our account balance.The supervisor also told us that we were not alone and many people did not get their packets in a timely manner. I expressed that we wanted to close this account. They said it was our right to do so. Upon calling to transfer the funds, 2 days after the account was funded at the lower interest rate, I was informed that we would be charged a penalty of 18 months of interest!!! Which amounted to almost $4,000. I guess they are now holding our money hostage for the next 5 years. All the customer service agents were very polite, but Discover Bank has a lot of room for improvement. Will never use them again for any reason. Check the interest rates on the website every day or you could be screwed like we were.

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