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Reviewed By Devin S. Sep 27, 2015


Awesome Bank!!! I have both their checking account and their student IT card.. Apply today using my referral link and earn a $50 bonus (Apply Here) http://bit.ly/1jnTf9f

The discover it card offers excellent cash back options in categories that people really use.. This makes it very easy to always max out your cash back if you actually use your card.. Last year I earned several hundred in cash back!! Paying the card off monthly means that was FREE MONEY!!

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By 1234kmc Apr 9, 2015

IRA CD account

They are gouging consumers.
I have an IRA account, matures on 3/30/2015, contact them 3/20/2015 concerning closing the CD at mature day, they inform me to me in a distribution form by 4/8/2015.
Send in form on 4/1/2015. message them on 4/7/2015 to make sure everything is set - no reply. 4/9/2015 they renew my CD, call them, they said form is not complete because I did not fill in the amount. I told them I did not know the actual amount because of interest paid. Do you think the bank will contact you about it.
Now in order to close the account, they will charge me over $180.00 fees and early withdrawal. I said that is more than you guys paid me interest last year.
That is highway robbery by delaying couple days here and there, so you pass the grace period.

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Latest Discover Bank Reviews

  • R
    Reviewed By Rnr Aug 24, 2016

    Absurd new logon

    For over a month now when you logon you are forced to obtain a "temporary identification code" by phone or email. Then you type this into your logon screen. BUT if you aren't fast enough you get "code has expired, try again". It may work, it may not.
    Customer service pretends it has never heard of this problem before. If you persist, they tell you it's a problem that they're working on and will fix soon.
    It is my opinion that they may have been hacked and are desperately trying to deal with the situation.

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  • B
    Reviewed By Benji95133 Aug 8, 2016

    Bad customer service and questionable practices

    1. Customer service rep. provided wrong information
    2. They don't contact you as they promised and they evade your questions.
    3. They held my check for more than two weeks pending a security check. That's more than two weeks worth of interest my money could have earned in a CD.

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  • M
    Reviewed By mimo Jul 7, 2016

    Don't ever open a Discover Bank Checking Account!

    My first complaint is that they are very slow in deposits...using your money for almost a week before you have access to it. Secondly, on line bill paying is not simple and easy. Third, we have had a lot of fraud on our account and they will not do anything for 10 days (its been almost 2 weeks in our case) We had over $1500 taken from our account. I am getting out and just hope I finally get my money back. Never again...free checks are not worth this hassle!

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  • M
    Reviewed By mmmemb Jun 29, 2016


    Be carefull before deposit money in this bank, if you needs to withdrew money it will take 7 days
    even its wire

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  • A
    Reviewed By Aonmaui Jun 22, 2016

    Good LUCK getting your funds OUT!

    BEWARE if you need your money! I have banked here for over 9 years. I was in escrow buying a house, put in my wire request the day before I needed the wire, and next day - no wire! I called the bank a total of 8 times over 3 days! Excuse after excuse after excuse. This went on and on and like I said, I made 8 phone calls! They held up my escrow and I closed late. This bank never called me even ONCE - I had to call them! I had to tell them I would hold them responsible for triple damages plus attorney's fees if I lost the house or my deposit due to the wire not going out. They have NO RIGHT not to wire when a customer requests it. I even called the very 1st day after uploading the request to verify that it was all correct, everything the bank needed was in order, and they said all good, it will go right out. 3 days later, it finally went out - after I made 7 additional phone calls. At one point they wired, then reversed it! I could have transferred the funds to another bank in 3 days, or even written escrow a check if I had known the bank is incapable of wiring. If you are in escrow or need to wire for any other reason, DO NOT keep your money in this bank. It will be like pulling teeth to get it out! I am closing my account today. If you don't plan on using your money, you should be fine with this bank, but if you ever NEED IT, good luck getting it out!

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  • T
    Reviewed By thestallion54 Jun 18, 2016

    Easy and efficient

    I've never had an online account before so this was going to be my first go at it. I had always had a chase savings and checking, but i decided to give discover bank a chance. I've been with them for 4 months and its been great. The debit card and checks came within a week, direct deposit is always on time and the savings account has a great apy. Transfers to other banks and from will take a couple bd's but honestly thats the policy at most banks and for those that do offer faster transfers, have fun paying their monthly maintenance fees. Overall I am a happy customer and have only had to call once and that was for general questions. The only thing I would like to see is the ability to make cash deposits at the atms. But since I have chase as well its not a problem for me. Great Bank.

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  • B
    Reviewed By Blankmisfit May 10, 2016

    Takes too long to do everything, then charge you for it

    I tried to transfer funds from my checking to my discover credit card. They held my money for two weeks because it was a large sum. It was $200. I called on a Saturday and had to wait until Monday when that particular department was open to have them call the checking department to verify my information to release the money. When I make deposits or transferred to outside accounts. The money post to accounts but discover takes weeks to post it has been transferred. It takes so long I forgot and they charged me $60 total because of this. I should have just stuck with my Capitalone. After this direct deposits I am switching back and closing the credit card. No thank you discover I will not pay for your snail processes.

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  • C
    Reviewed By cczzy01 May 10, 2016

    I lost $50 in my bill pay in Feb, 2016 no credit back so far.

    This is my real experience about lost $50 in bill pay of my discover checking account in Feb. 14, 2016. BOA credit card didn't received it. We made three parties phone call twice. They said to wait 3-5 days but failed. Since then, I call many times to work with their supervisors. They never give you their whole name, only first name. I called near 20 times never talked to the same supervisor even I know their first name. they usually don't let the Super talk to you twice. Their duty service will let you repeat the story again on every call-in. Then takes you a long time on the phone line, at the end always said you just wait for 3-5 days and no result at all. I have been tricked more than ten times. Anyone can help me to get $50 credit back?
    I certainly give discover bank a negative rate.

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  • R
    Reviewed By rodrigov955 Apr 29, 2016

    discover bank's "withdrawl" policy

    I opened a discover saving account because of their competitive rate and I made several deposits into my account. Things are ok until when I need to WITHDRAW some of the fund to my US checking account. Not only discover bank interupted the transfer of 1700$. they procceed to freeze my account. I have provided personal identification to validate the transaction but their decision was to close the account due to "fraud". Ironically the one comitting fraud here is discover. Fine, I can take my business somewhere else. I then waited a whole month for my closing balance return to me and after several phone calls they claim they are working on it. The sad part is discover doesn't have a physical branch where you can walk in and force them to return the money. I hope I can get my money back in a small claim court case in saltlake city. at least they will have to appear in court.

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  • D
    Reviewed By Deepa Apr 25, 2016

    Pathetic customer service

    I applied for checking account on 4/10 and uploaded the documents those were needed for them. I called customer service 3-4 times and always got answer that service specialist will call you within 2-3 days. Never got call from them till today.
    Wish to give negative ratings to customer service.

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