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Discover Bank Customer Review

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JasperRingo's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by JasperRingo

Jan 17th 2013

Everything Was Fine. Until I Tried To Get My Money Out.

1) ties in poorly with the discover credit card online site. I guess there could be technical/legal reasons for this, but i sure would've appreciated a single name/password a single view into my holdings with the company. 2) when my cd matured i ran into issues. 2a) they claimed they'd send me a maturity notice 3 weeks in advance. I got no such notice. 2b) they have a 9 day "grace period" to change the maturity action before they roll it over for another year. 9 days is far too short a time, especially with no notice given. Thankfully i had it on my calendar to check. 2c) there is no way to set the maturity action online, you have to call, which is annoying in this day and age. 2d) finally, a $30 wire transfer fee for putting the funds back into a normal bank account is completely ridiculous (they sure didn't charge me to move the money in! ). I've wired money in and out of accounts all over the place and never heard of a charge before this. I won't be using them again.

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Other Discover Bank Reviews

gzilla's Profile Image

Reviewed by gzilla

Mar 30th 2015

2 out of 5 marks

Much to like, but online banking services often unavailable

I've been a Discover CC customer for over 20 years and a Discover Bank customer for several years now and opened a new checking account w/ them as soon as I could. Their savings account interest rate is very competitive, and their new checking account features are fantastic. I'm also generally pleased with their customer service: they are always available, answer fairly quickly, and handle most of my requests satisfactorily.

HOWEVER, I have grown so frustrated with banking with Discover Bank. Why? The main purpose and advantage of online banks over traditional brick-n-mortar banks is that they are supposed to be available 24x7, more or less, allowing people the convenience of banking at their convenience. Unfortunately, I have found that Discover Bank is unavailable (due to outages and maintenance windows) more times than not when I want to do my banking (which is usually on Sunday nights). What's worse, I often don't discover that their services are down until I go through the complete effort of the desired transaction (such as submitting all information & pictures of a check deposit, for example). Only after all that do I encounter a message that their service is down.

Very disappointing.

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Effie53's Profile Image

Reviewed by Effie53

Mar 7th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

There isn't anything good to say about Discover Bank

Getting my accounts funded took well over two weeks by ACH, disgusting.

Had my retirement check setup for automatic deposit they posted it twice I reported it like a responsible person should, big mistake, they then removed the second posting making the account balance correct, but the next day they removed the other posting so no retirement check now. Called the so called bank professional, actually just a call center dummy, said that the one correction was done by the treasury dept. that issues my check, I immediately asked for a supervisor because this was not a possibility. The so called supervisor couldn't help me said it would take several days of consulting with his colleagues to get the account corrected. Now I have no retirement funds available, good thing I have enough money to carry me over!!!!

They are a 24/7 online bank why do they need so called working days to correct a problem they created. It should be a few key strokes on his computer and problem corrected. I am so sorry that I made the mistake of opening several accounts, checking, savings, IRA. I am just sick to my stomach now what do I do?

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