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JasperRingo's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by JasperRingo

Jan 17th 2013

Everything Was Fine. Until I Tried To Get My Money Out.

1) ties in poorly with the discover credit card online site. I guess there could be technical/legal reasons for this, but i sure would've appreciated a single name/password a single view into my holdings with the company. 2) when my cd matured i ran into issues. 2a) they claimed they'd send me a maturity notice 3 weeks in advance. I got no such notice. 2b) they have a 9 day "grace period" to change the maturity action before they roll it over for another year. 9 days is far too short a time, especially with no notice given. Thankfully i had it on my calendar to check. 2c) there is no way to set the maturity action online, you have to call, which is annoying in this day and age. 2d) finally, a $30 wire transfer fee for putting the funds back into a normal bank account is completely ridiculous (they sure didn't charge me to move the money in! ). I've wired money in and out of accounts all over the place and never heard of a charge before this. I won't be using them again.

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Johanna S's Profile Image

Reviewed by Johanna S

Jul 7th 2009

2 out of 5 marks

too complicated as an online bank

I have 2 adresses a summer and a different winter one and they only accept one at a time. Both adresses were in their system at one time.

My CD was maturing 6/3 and they only could send it to my winter address, it is now a month later and I still don't have it, they are looking for it, since it was sent on 6/8 and probably could not be forwarded.

There are not enough possibilities of changing things through the internet, too many calls to be made or having to write (fax)them.

I am letting my CD's run out and not renew them.

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endtheFED's Profile Image

Reviewed by endtheFED

Jan 8th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Avoid this Bank like the Plague! The Rep's LIE consistently.

One star is too generous. They have no customer service. The rep's lie consistently. I'm serious. Don't believe any 5 star rating, those are lying, too!

I was lured in by their interest rates and by having a Discover credit card for 25 yrs.

Firstly, they never paid the .10 debit card credits so, I just quit using the debit card. That's no where near as bad as the runaround I've gotten in the last 4 months. I inherited an IRA with them that was opened at the same time the checking and savings were opened. They have consistently lied, or just made things up, like you would expect children to do. Today, I was told 2 different stories by two different rep's. The first said they never received my signature card. The second said they had the sig. card but never received any of my other acct. forms. This isn't the first I heard this kind of nonsense. Not even the second. Those forms were actually faxed to Dis. Bank 3 days before Christmas. Before that, it took 3 months to get them to open the beneficiary IRA for me. This was because they never gave me the correct forms I needed. So, every time I faxed or mailed something, they never followed up. I would call and be told a different story every single time. I finally got an account opened in Dec. but have yet to get the funds transferred, one month later. The last rep. actually told me the same thing another told me 2 days ago, that it would take 2 business days for it to be processed. They are actually reading their lies off of a prepared form! I would not believe it if I hadn't lived. So, now I just want out. This is absolutely maddening. I can't believe how many times I've been lied to in the last 4 months regarding the transfer on one simple IRA. They just make it up as they go. Even their names are fake, for example, 20 yr old's named Suzie and Julie. I'm not sure whose idea that is. Apparently, it's a way to avoid responsibility for wrong info. LIES, LIES, LIES. AVOID DISCOVER BANK LIKE THE PLAGUE.

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