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EverBank Customer Review

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jdibella's Profile Image

5 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by jdibella

Jan 21st 2013

Everbank Is Nothing Short Of Spectacular.

In early 2012, i was informed by wells fargo of a new "fee" for some of their account holders. As a wells fargo account holder of over 20 years, i was not happy about this fee so i began the dreaded search of finding a new bank. I searched everywhere -- big banks, small banks, credit unions, online banks -- and finally came across everbank. I used their chat feature on their website and spoke with dennis.

Dennis was very helpful and friendly, explaining all the great features of everbank. The sign up process is a bit different than most banks, as i was required to mail the paperwork in along with a check. Dennis was kind enough to give me a prepaid label to overnight this with fedex. Approximately two days later, my accounts were open and i setup my online access. Since this moment, i have been very pleased with the service that i have received from everbank. Every phone call has ended in a resolution to a problem. The online banking layout and smartphone app gets the job done.

The only thing i would admit that i wasn't pleased with was the fee for online bill pay (unless you maintain a $5,000 daily balance). This is a minor problem, as i don't use online bill pay often. I am baffled by the other e-mails for everbank and the problems people have experienced. I have three accounts open with everbank and have no intention in looking for another bank for a very long time. If you are currently looking for a new bank, look no further than everbank. I am sure you will be pleased.

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Other EverBank Reviews

ktbxyz's Profile Image

Reviewed by ktbxyz

Dec 9th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank Ever; Avoid Everbank; They Lie And Steal

I rented a safety deposit box at Everbank's branch downtown naples, fl in my son's name with the power of attorney that he gave me. I was accessing the box as the only person ever since and each time signed a date- and time-stamped signature card for the box. After i was out of country for over 1/2 year, i have recently returned to everbank to take some documents from the safety deposit box and shockingly learned that the branch office was no longer there. Another bank occupied those premises.

Their associates told me that everbank liquidated its branch office - due to lack of clients/business, obviously - and that everbank drilled our safety deposit boxes, removed their contents and took our stuff to their headquarters, 6 miles out of naples. I was utterly shocked. Everbank never informed us, clients, about their intent or asked us to empty the boxes. Instead, they violated our safety deposit boxes and removed our stuff from them!! I had originals of life-important documents in the box and extremely valuable jewelry, worth over 1/2 million $.

Yet greater shock awaited me when i arrived to everbank headquarters: they denied my access to the stuff from the box and refused to give my property to me!! They said that they lost the poa that gave me the right to access the box - and that they also lost the date- and time-stamped card for the box with my signatures on it (thus proving that i had access to the box, that everbank was granting me that access for years, and that i was the only person who was accessing the box, on top of it) - and when i provided them with the poa, they said it was invalid (yet they were giving me access to the box with it for all those years - thus acknowledging its validity - but then they opened my box and suddenly they decided my poa was invalid, so they could keep my 1/2 million $ worth of jewelry). My belongings are still in everbank's possession. I retained an attorney to sue them and regain my property. Avoid everbank like plague!

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Scott's Profile Image

Reviewed by Scott

Aug 18th 2009

1 out of 5 marks

Everbank Is The Worst Ever! Run Screaming!

I have to say that everbank is the worst bank i have ever considered using. I deeply regret the choice to open an everbank account. The high interest rate was definitely the drawing point. But after filling out the application online, i had to print it and mail it in. That should have set off alarms for me. Unfortunately, it didn't. $8. 00 for a cashiers check for $25500 sent overnight at $19. 00. So far $27. 00. After a full week, i finally received notification that my account had been opened and that i would receive my account materials in about another week. Ok, now alarms were going off. I emailed everbank only to be told that i had to call to get my account number. Everbank "doesn't email account numbers because it's not secure. " so, i phoned per the instructions. The response i got was "everbank doesn't give the account numbers out over the phone but you can request an email with the account number. " i still had the email from the first rep, so i read it to the second. After being put on hold to get approval, i finally got my account number so that i could set up online access. I immediately logged in to set up online access, only to fine that all eft transfers would take a minimum of 4 business days!!!!! You request transfer, everbank takes the money out of your account and holds it for 2 business days so that you can't earn money but they have 2 days to keep using it. 3rd day they initiate transfer. 4th or 5th day you finally get your money. Absolutely unacceptable! Online bill pay is paper checks cut and sent. Not eft!!! My $25500 cashiers check was held for a total of 3 weeks! Cashiers checks are cash. I immediately removed my money as soon as the hold was finally released. I've only told you the major points and i strongly recommend that you avoid everbank like the plague. In the instant, electronic society that we live in, this antiquated bank needs to give it up and go out of business. Please help me spread the word and put them out of our misery.

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