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First National Bank Omaha is a subsidiary of First National of Nebraska, a multi-state holding company located in the heart of downtown Omaha, with a strong banking heritage that dates back over 150 years.
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Jon S's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jon S

Sep 3rd 2009

5 out of 5 marks

No frills bank that delivers

Its true that initial funding takes longer than I would expect (5 days) but overall I am pleased with the experience. You get a bunch of transfers per month and a debit card so this could be more like a checking account rather than a savings, that flexibility is a very good thing when other banks make you carry a minimum balance and jump through other hoops so that you don't have to pay a monthly fee. To top it all off the interest rates are always near the top of the heap, if not the top. I recommend this bank to friends and family.

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Margaret G's Profile Image

Reviewed by Margaret G

Mar 5th 2009

3 out of 5 marks

Not A Happy Camper!

I started out with the fnbo application- that went as stated. That was feb 27th- its now march 4, and i just today finally was able to access this account! Thats not the good news however- my money was taken from my checking account 3 days ago and there is no balance showing at fnbo? I had to contact fnbo at every step of the way- there was no way to logically complete the steps to their account set up. The last time i contacted customer service because i couldnt log in- the customer service representative was rude- very rude - when she told me that if i had read the fine print i would know that even after i created my name and password , i would not be able to access the account for a minimum of 24 hours. That was after they had taken my $7000- and my statement of if you wont let me see my account- you shouldnt have taken the money- got me well thats the way we do it. You will be e mailed when your access is ready. Guess what- no e mail- but i did get to log in. Only to find out that the account shows no balance whatsover even though my checking account clearly shows a direct transfer of money to fnbo of $7000 two days ago? I am now busy searching the fine print to find out how long i have to leave my money in this farce of a bank before i can withdraw it and deposit it elsewhere. My ing account was easy to set up, fast, the transfers were made and the account able to be accessed without a bit of trouble and nobody rude either. The interest rate may be higher but in this economic time- the comfort of at least being able to see your money in your account and access it is worth something. Never ever again

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Seniorcitizen's Profile Image

Reviewed by Seniorcitizen

Dec 4th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Catch 22 banking experience

This online bank hides your account number, supposedly for security reasons, but I suspect that they don't want you to be able to transfer money out. When you try to get help over the phone, you can't even talk to a person unless you enter your account number. You are stuck! I finally had to keep hitting O until I got someone to talk to me. To withdraw money from an ATM they charge $3, regardless of the amount. For a long time, the only way I knew my money was still there was to go to the ATM. They do pay marginally better rates than bricks and mortar banks, but is it worth it?

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