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Fifth Third Bank Customer Review

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beki_7's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by beki_7

Feb 9th 2013

Not A Customer Friendly Bank!

I have been banking with 5/3rd for over 10 years. I have become progressively disenchanted with their customer service (or lack thereof) for some time, but stayed with them out of convenience. With their recent move to an annual fee based checking system (with the balance i keep per month, i have to pay at least $12 each month to be able to still write checks on my account), they officially lost my patronage. My account will be closed monday morning. Already set up a checking account elsewhere, just have to stop by and make it official. This company has nickel and dimed me for the last time.

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Other Fifth Third Bank Reviews

randygyrl's Profile Image

Reviewed by randygyrl

Jan 15th 2015

1 out of 5 marks


Last year, my husband and I decided to take out a mortgage loan with 5/3 even though we could have paid cash. We wanted to establish more credit. We told the finance officer she had between 2-3 months before our closing date. One week before that date, we were told we had to pay off three other smaller loans, close my medical line of credit and get a verification. Unbelievable! Needless to say, we did NOT close on the given date even though they had ample time and we later found out that the officer in charge of our loan had another issue/grievance with the precious owner of the home we were trying to buy. What a perfect saboteur for the reigning bank of hell! FYI: I didnot want to give any stars but I was unable to post my comment without doing so. They are NO stars!

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tiptonam's Profile Image

Reviewed by tiptonam

Jan 13th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Liars, Liars, Liars 5th 3rd In Marion, NC

I am so disappointed in my local branch. I should have seen the writing on the wall when i discovered the bank had lied the first day. Of course, when they were caught, they apologized acting oblivious to the fact that they had not told me the process after signing up for an account. Several months later a company that i do business with tried to withdraw money from my account when there was not enough money in it. When i spoke with someone at the bank (the bank manager) he told me the only thing i could do was pay the bank to stop them from trying to withdraw from my account.

After this the bank allowed them to try and deduct the money from my account two more times. So if anyone is counting, that is a total of 37 x 3 plus the $10. I was expecting a big direct deposit into my account on a tuesday and on the thursday before they closed my account. No phone call, no letter in the mail, no anything. When i called the bank yesterday to ask about the closure, the person who opened my account played the "i do not know what is going on" card (which this bank is famous for, at least in my eyes) and had to call me back. When he called me back, he told me it was allied finance who closed my account and i needed to call them and call him back.

Guess what? To my surprise it was the business who collects the overdraft fees for the bank. You are telling me that the banker i spoke with did not know this at the time he told me the number. If he did not know, why is he working there, and more factual i think, is that he did and he just wanted to give me the run around like he is good at. I called him back and had to leave a message and guess what, he never called me back. Imagine that.

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