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First Citizens Bank Customer Review

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ahnortcaro's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by ahnortcaro

Jun 24th 2011

They are the worst bank I've ever had any experience with.

Completely inexperienced tellers gossiping about your personal life and checking your bank account just to nose into your life!!! And this bank has insufficient funds so any transfer in your bank may actually cause their confusion because they are using your money for whatever risky investment they have and this bank was robbed before (feel free to Google it). You just don't feel you have any safety with them. You don't know if this bank is going through financial difficulties or will be bankrupt overnight, but they are just not the one you know that will stand there after a storm.

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Other First Citizens Bank Reviews

johndoe2's Profile Image

Reviewed by johndoe2

Jun 11th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Keep Driving to Another Bank

Terrible customer service, terrible communication, they requested documents for a loan and after I gave them everything they requested I never heard back so I called then they requested more which I gave them then never called to fill me in on the status so I called, now they're requesting more. Worst loan experience I've ever encountered. Do yourself a favor a find a real bank.

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DeborahKnight's Profile Image

Reviewed by DeborahKnight

Apr 8th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Customer Service Lacking

Today was my first unpleasant experience with this bank which seems to have an employee who is rigid, inflexible, and lacking in customer service. I have been banking with First Citizens for more than 15 years. Transactions that I have accomplished with ease at this bank and other First Citizens branches in the past, now all the sudden is against the banks (or her) rules. It is sad that after all of this time, I now have to find a bank that values a long time customer - a bank that has professionalism and common sense judgement. Any recommendations of a bank that understands customer service in the Waynesville area would be greatly appreciated.

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