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First Citizens Bank Customer Review

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ahnortcaro's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by ahnortcaro

Jun 24th 2011

They are the worst bank I've ever had any experience with.

Completely inexperienced tellers gossiping about your personal life and checking your bank account just to nose into your life!!! And this bank has insufficient funds so any transfer in your bank may actually cause their confusion because they are using your money for whatever risky investment they have and this bank was robbed before (feel free to Google it). You just don't feel you have any safety with them. You don't know if this bank is going through financial difficulties or will be bankrupt overnight, but they are just not the one you know that will stand there after a storm.

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Other First Citizens Bank Reviews

cometomywindow123g's Profile Image

Reviewed by cometomywindow123g

Oct 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Staw Away!

This is the most worthless bank in the US. Customer service is so incompetent, from the local branch to corporate. Basic questions cannot be answered. You are run in circles from operators to senior managers for every question asked. Put your money elsewhere. These people are unethical and not trustworthy. They have no communication skills whatsoever. Gabe from the Dallas, TX branch is allegedly a supervisor. He is so rude he needs to be fired. How can corporate keep people like this employed/ Do they know how many millions they are losing in business?

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ADBOffice's Profile Image

Reviewed by ADBOffice

Sep 19th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Care Provided Like A Small Town Bank With Big Bank Benefits!

We interviewed multiple banks when deciding to move our business accounts from a big 'bail out' bank with so many service charges and unexpected fees. At the time, ironstone bank stood out from all the rest with the services provided and the business care exhibited at every turn! Having banked with greg schroeder and his team for over 7 years now, we are still grateful they have our business.

Transitioning to first citizens bank has not impacted the responsive attention afforded us. And the product offerings have made our life so much easier. Efficiencies like remote image deposits, master billing for company credit cards at amazing rates, even loan offers have reaffirmed we made the right choice to make our 'home bank' first citizens. Greg and his team continue to make every effort to care for our business needs and we are truly grateful. There is no other bank like our bank!

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