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First Citizens Bank Customer Review

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ahnortcaro's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by ahnortcaro

Jun 24th 2011

They are the worst bank I've ever had any experience with.

Completely inexperienced tellers gossiping about your personal life and checking your bank account just to nose into your life!!! And this bank has insufficient funds so any transfer in your bank may actually cause their confusion because they are using your money for whatever risky investment they have and this bank was robbed before (feel free to Google it). You just don't feel you have any safety with them. You don't know if this bank is going through financial difficulties or will be bankrupt overnight, but they are just not the one you know that will stand there after a storm.

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Other First Citizens Bank Reviews

wabPDX54's Profile Image

Reviewed by wabPDX54

Aug 26th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Best Relationship I've Ever Had with a Bank!

I started banking with First Citizens about 4 years ago, as they offered free checking accounts to employees of my previous job. From the moment I opened my account at their Lake Oswego branch, I have had the best customer service I could ever ask for. They go above and beyond to make sure that you and your money is taken care of. Each employee who has helped me has listened and gone out of their way to ensure the correct solutions are found and implemented. It's funny to say, but this bank is like a family to me. I know that my money and accounts will be taken care of with every bit of decency and care that is possible.

The Lake Oswego branch is fantastic, and the downtown Portland one is great too. And I would like to mention Glenda Magistrale, who works tirelessly to make sure that my accounts are taken care of and that I receive the best service possible.

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winton123's Profile Image

Reviewed by winton123

Aug 12th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Stay away. This bank is a bunch of crooks

Horrible customer service. Took 4 hours to close out IRA which should take at most 20mins. Was lied to and also harrassed for closing an IRA. Do not use this bank the branch manager has no customer service skills nor does the Senior VP. The senior VP also stalks his pray at that alpharetta branch. Neither of them care about you or your money

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