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FirstMerit Bank Latest Customer Reviews

Lisena's Profile Image

Reviewed by Lisena

Aug 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Most Stupid Bank If I Can Say So! Bad Bad Bad

I wouldn't even give it one star. Worst and most stupid bank ever, starting with online banking transaction history and ending with managers' awareness of how the computer system works. Simply stealing money from customers. A manager of the branch i bank with was trying to convince me it was my fault for getting overdraft fees while it was not because the check was put on hold and i was not given a notice of hold they usually give. And having that manager would not waive the fees. And then got $35 fee for a $4 overdraft... Don't they make enough money on their customers with the international wire transfer fee of $30? And a lady on the phone told me i had to put money same day... 10pm really? With no atm accepting money for deposit making it available right away? Definitely switching and never coming back. Just sooo disappointed and frustrated... And forgot to mention you'd never know from online what you were given an overdraft for and you'd know about the fee not the next day after you account was overdrawn but a day later - and it's their policy - the most stupid thing i've dealt with and it's an absolute mess!

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xrayspex's Profile Image

Reviewed by xrayspex

Aug 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


The bank does not transfer money from personal accounts to business accounts then charges poverdraft fee after overdraft fee.

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GKnight's Profile Image

Reviewed by GKnight

Aug 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Customers Beware!

When you close a joint checking account it's not really closed. It remains open 30 days plus! past closing date. You will be charged for any withdrawals made on your closed account. The bank employees tell us that even though our account is closed it still remains active. You can still be charged for any charges made against your account. So is the account ever really closed? We will never really know?

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RondaMR's Profile Image

Reviewed by RondaMR

Aug 12th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Beware Worst Bank Ever

We had both a business checking account and a joint checking account with citizens since 1998. Since first merit took over the service has been horrible. My husband and i have been talking about changing banks because how unhappy we have been with them. Yesterday i went to put a check in our joint account and they told me the account was closed, that they had closed it. I think it is wrong when they do something like this without letting people know this is happening. We put through over $150,000 in our business account a year. Yesterday was the final draw. They have now lost our business account and will never get a good review from us. I know a local store that would have money missing from their money drops when multiple people would count this money at the store together before doing the drop. Money was always turning up missing. This bank was very upset when the employees started coming in opening the drop, counting it out to them and making them count it back. No problems with money missing after this started. You go anywhere around town and you always here people who are unhappy with this back and are pulling their money out. I would laugh after using this bank for months now because they were always asking me to refer people to them. How is this referral do not use this bank ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They only have one star because i need to do this to get this review to go through.

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Unhappyconsumer81's Profile Image

Reviewed by Unhappyconsumer81

Aug 9th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Bank Is A Piece Of Crap!

As like the other reviews the customer service is horrible. This bank has the most ridiculous strict modification i have known! You can use the mobile app for anything but to check your balance. You can't make check deposits from your phone unless you are a customer for 30 days. You can't log onto the website and email your bank statement to yourself. You can only download and print. I ordered 3 debit cards. Never received either one! I needed to overdraft my acct by only 20$ i was told i can't because i have to be a customer for at least 90 days! Stupid bank! I hate it. Closed my account after 1 month with these jokers!

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eagleone777's Profile Image

Reviewed by eagleone777

Aug 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

BEWARE! Bank emptied out my account

Beware. I told First Merit I would begin a campaign of writing this review to warn the public of their unethical practice. I own a small business and do fairly well. During a three month period, I was taking care of my ill mother only to return to a statement showing First Merit had withdrawn what money I had in my account because it was dormant for 90 days. I could not believe it. They stole my money in the name of an 'inactive fee' and closed my account. I asked if this would have been my son or daughter who couldn't get to the bank and was leaving their money in the account, would it also happen to them? They said it is their policy. DO NOT USE THIS BANK. I was very disappointed and shocked that a bank could steal your money like this. They said it is in your contract. Unbelievable.

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trish444's Profile Image

Reviewed by trish444

Aug 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Beware !

We were citizens customers for over 30 years, and we were satisfied, website was easy, customer service was decent, no issues. When fm took over, online access was awful, and so was customer service, finally we decided to change banks, transferred direct deposit to a credit union. We pulled out $20 here and there from our fm account, our last time was april 7.. Then we decided to close it and take out the remaining $ ($23) and when we tried they took the money... And said it was due to inactivity?? Back in the day they would send that money to the state as unclaimed, and that was after a year........ But 90 days?? I just got off the phone, they said when they merged from citizens they sent out little "booklets" of there new rules, i said oh, the ones that take a day and a half to read that "nobody does"? And i also asked if this is a bank wide policy... She said she didn't know if any other banks are doing it. She said the fee was $25 for non activity 90 days.. We had $23 so i guess we got a $2 discount... (lol) the call ended with me telling her how convenient it is to make there own laws/rules and throw them in a little "booklet" that i can assume is 100 pages long with 1000 words per page that you can barely see. And she said they do not have to send out notices. Way to take advantage of your customers

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FormerCustomer_cou's Profile Image

Reviewed by FormerCustomer_cou

Jul 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Fees fees and more fees..

Worst bank EVER!! I've had my account there for four years now. I originally went with them because of their free checking. Let me tell you..NOT WORTH IT!! Charges after charges after charges. My insurance company took a double payment on both my car and home by accident. I deposited the money to cover their mistake on THE SAME DAY they did it. Got hit with two overdraft fees that they will not reverse! My insurance company has since corrected their mistake but First Merit will not take back their two fees! I have been dealing with similar situations and their crappy customer service and inane rules for too long. I've graduated college now. I have a better job and I'm taking my money somewhere else. I wish I had done more research when choosing a bank because now that I'm looking around it seems majority of their customers hate them. I would NEVER recommend First Merit to anyone!...EVER!!

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pnutscbrown's Profile Image

Reviewed by pnutscbrown

Jul 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank EVER!

This bank is just horrid!!! I loved citizens bank but now that it has become first merit I have been hit by fee after fee after fee. Its to the point of being ridiculous. Never ever ever get an account at this bank.

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NoFirstMerit's Profile Image

Reviewed by NoFirstMerit

Jul 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

They want your money through fees. Poor customer service.

Ever since I started my First merit accounts I have been hit with fees of all sorts. The latest incident just occurred today. I try to keep a meticulous checking account record because I live paycheck to paycheck and I usually come down to a few dollars between transactions approaching payday. This week I was a day off. Probably lost due to overtime work this holiday weekend. They state that at the end of the business day I was overdrawn 148.00 due to four transactions (One being for $8.00). At midnight I had nearly $2000.00 deposited from work. The next day they charged me $140.00 in fees after they processed a $2000.00 deposit. For their overdraft protections they require you to have a savings account or credit card with them. I moved my savings account to another bank because of poor, inconsiderate staff at my local branch, so I don't even qualify for their overdraft protection. There were several earlier instances of poor customer service leading me to leave with my savings. One was where I wanted to deposit my son's tax return check into our checking account after we gave him the cash because he was switching to an out of state bank. they would not accept the check unless he deposited into his own account. He didn't even have an account at First Merit. They said he needed to open one. It was a tax return check. Endorsed by my son and I and to top it all off my son was standing next to me to verify that it was stolen or such. The lady was rude and I immediately withdrew my savings and went down the street where we opened an account and had no problems with the deposit.

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beetles's Profile Image

Reviewed by beetles

May 9th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

FirstMerit Sucks

I never had a problem with online banking at Citizens. Now, I keep getting "locked out" because of their stupidity.

Yesterday I tried to transfer funds from one account to another. Their "transfer" button is gone. We had to drive to the branch to do it.

The local employees are great - all are holdovers from Citizens. If a mistake is made, it is always my fault -- never theirs.

Yeah, I got their "confidential" survey within a week, the whole town knew what I said.

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thecoachlady's Profile Image

Reviewed by thecoachlady

Apr 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Bank

I have a mortgage that started with Citizens snd now is held by First Merit. I love in Canada and make my monthly payment from my US dollar account drwn on a Canadian Bank, as I have done for the past 10 years. I am now being charged $5 each time I make my payment, without any notification that I would be charged this fee. Not only that, I have a very small checking account that the fees have been taken out of and the balance taken for and "inactivity fee"!

The name on the account has also changed to be only my ex-husband instead of for us jointly. The person at First Merit said it was because the loan is in his name. Not so! It is a joint loan, but I don't show up anywhere.

This bank has no interest in taking care of its customers. It is only about getting fees. Don't bank with them.

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oldwoodsman's Profile Image

Reviewed by oldwoodsman

Apr 7th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Fees Fees Fees. Talked down as talking to a child.

I moved to this bank due to the location from work and home. I did review fees and other important info. Going back over this past year, I have spent little over $550 in fees alone. This morning as I deposited some in checking I was advised of $10 for statement form, which I only do online statements and fees non-merit bank activity. Never had this before. So they charged me $35 addition because I was overdrawn. I talked to admin, but was talked to as a child. I have been given fees to go negative so I could be charged again for being overdrawn. I have never had so much trouble with a bank. It's all about the money, not the little guy.

I'm pulling my $50k and going back to my old bank.

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firstmerithorrible's Profile Image

Reviewed by firstmerithorrible

Apr 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I'm not going to waste a ton more time explaining the whole situation, but if you are considering banking with First Merit, don't. The branches are okay (depending on your branch of course) but they don't have any authority. All the authority goes through Ohio, and they could care less about their customers other than the dollar signs. This is the most paranoid bank I've ever run across, constantly calling to verify if you've actually made transactions. Constantly asking you how you are spending your money. Requiring incredibly tedious log in verification, etc.

It's too bad too because Citizens was a good bank before they bought them. The whole switchover from Citizens was a disaster too. Choose literally any other bank and you'll be happier.

It's such a pain to switch banks, but they've aggravated me to the point that I have to.

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CommonSenseGuy2's Profile Image

Reviewed by CommonSenseGuy2

Mar 24th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Do not get a mortgage through First Merit Bank!

We are not new to mortgages by any means. As we enjoy our local branch of First Merit Bank, we were curious to see about refinancing our mortgage.

Our mortgage contact in Bolingbrook, IL was the worst from the start. She would rarely return our calls, (but needed everything on her end "right away!") didn't show up for the closing. They didn't let us know that the title company wasn't coming either, so we showed up and waited for more than an hour for nothing. She even lied about our numbers to "get the load through". I wrote to the President and he actually sent me back an insulting, 3 page letter defending her! Yes, the President of the Mortgage Company!

Fine. She lied. The President doesn't care because he got our business. We got a ridiculously low rate and that's what we wanted. Lesson learned.

That was in the past (2013). Now for yet another bad surprise because our First Merit Mortgage person "fudged numbers" on our loan, we just got a letter (March 2014) stating our escrow account is about $2,000 short (about 6 months of taxes she left out of the original documents which was part of the lie I wrote the President about!) and that our payment just went up by $150 a month (about a 16.5% increase in our monthly payment!).

20 years of mortgages, including 3 refinanced, and we have never been more than about $100-$200 short on escrow. But we've never dealt with this corrupt group before, either.

While I'd recommend our local branch for everyday "personal banking" because of the people there, I'd suggest running from any mortgage pitch from First Merit Bank.

If the mortgage person can lie about the numbers and the President of the Mortgage Group defends her actions without even speaking to us, and then the customer gets screwed. Why on God's green earth would you want to go with such a shady mortgage department?

Yes, find another mortgage company. No matter who else you go with, you'll be glad you did.

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ddaczyk's Profile Image

Reviewed by ddaczyk

Mar 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

ddaczyk 3/19/14 poor online cust. serv.

The people in customer serv. ( mobile banking)seem to have the attitude that they are talking to someone that knows absolutely nothing. Their attitude seems to be that they are far more superior than the customer. It should have stayed Citizens First. The local bank people are very good with customer serv. The corporate customer serv. needs an attitude adjustment.

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unhappywithFirstMe's Profile Image

Reviewed by unhappywithFirstMe

Feb 27th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

terrible customer service ever since they became First Merit. Thinking about switching

We have been extremely unhappy with First Merit ever since Citizens changed to First Merit. Additional procedures are inconvenient, online system is worse and not user-friendly, waiting times for deposits are worse. If it continues to go downhill, we will definitely be changing banks. It was funny when I pointed out the sign at the counter stating that you will notice no changes once we switch to First Merit and it will be seamless. They seem to care more about their procedures than their customers now. It didn't used to be that way with Citizens Bank.

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SamShananwi's Profile Image

Reviewed by SamShananwi

Feb 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst bank to deal with

Bad Mortgage practises I had 2 personal 30 year loans with First Merit Bank and I was paying on time and never late on any payments. I also had a line of credit on my business. My business was falling into some hard time do to the recession. The loan matured in July 2013 and I tried so hard to work with them to reschedule it but it fell onto deaf ears and finally they decided to mature all my loans and asked me to pay all the mortgages Plus a lot of late fees which added up to about $118000.00 which I did not have so I had to sell one of my properties for less than half of what I bought it for and borrow money from every mortgage company under the sun with really high interest rates and they where really mean and nasty to me and all they where interested in is to foreclose on my properties which I worked so hard to acquire. First Merit is the worst bank you can deal with and I would not recommend anybody to trust them with their financing. While the government was bailing all these banks out and giving them all kind of grants and free money which they kept for themselves and went after the little people like me to destroy there financing and repo everything they worked so hard for .

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TrishCollins's Profile Image

Reviewed by TrishCollins

Feb 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


My Mother just recently passed away and had her checking & savings accounts at First Merit. The checking account was in both of our names but the savings wasn't listed with my name. I'm sure it was an oversight that wasn't caught on her part, she was 80 yrs old. When I went to log onto her online banking to check the balance of her account and view transactions(I had to know what was paid and what wasn't to keep her accounts current till I knew what was going on)I got locked out. So I called the customer service line and was on hold forever till I finally got a rude woman who promptly told me that there was nothing I could do and basically good luck. Then she transferred me to another person (maybe a supervisor?) who also told me that since I was only on one account they couldn't give me any information. Ok, I understand that. However, I had a copy of the death certificate, the will, the obit as well as the power of attorney for her estate. It took me three different calls before I finally got someone on the phone that simply told me that I could create my own online profile to view the account I was on. Now why couldn't someone have told me that first off? I know it's simple but I was just dealing with the loss of my only family and was not thinking clearly.

So after gaining access to her checking account I noticed charges for .25$ each time she had used her debit card. After some research I found out that First Merit has FREE DEBIT transactions!! Why was she charged?? THEN, after speaking with my attorney I was informed that I could use her atm card to transfer the funds from her savings account to her checking and withdrawal those funds. Since I am the only heir and am the executor of her estate this shouldn't be an issue. Well this bank must have locked the account because I can't transfer or withdrawal funds. WHY? I can use the atm card to make purchases and withdrawal funds but canâ??t transfer between accounts? Useless bank that at the first chance I will NEVER do business with again!

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rblaw's Profile Image

Reviewed by rblaw

Feb 3rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I tried to make a deposit at a First Merit branch ATM using my Citizens bank card. I kept getting a message saying "Transaction Incomplete, would you like to make another." When I tried again, I got the same message. So I called First Merit and was placed on hold for half an hour. When I finally spoke to someone, she told me that all the Citizen Bank cards were cancelled at the time of the merger. That was last October, but I received no notice of the cancellation. I can get a new ATM card at any branch, but there will be a one dollar a month "maintenance fee." A fee for using a service that should save the bank time and money!! The only reason I will go to one of the branches will be to withdraw my funds so I can deposit them with another bank.

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neilgreen's Profile Image

Reviewed by neilgreen

Jan 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

An Absolute Embarrassment Of A Bank.

I don't even know where to begin. Let's start with for the longest time i could not check my balance on my iphone between midnight and 3am. After, almost a year it was fixed. It was a huge annoyance. If i'm out at a bar I was not able to check my balance at all. A vital necessity for any college student. Now the deposit check section of the app does not work. Customer service and the bank are no help at all in explaining why it doesn't work. I'll reach the part where you take a picture of the back of the check and it just crashes. I went to the ATM today in the morning and the atm was out of service. Came back after work at 6pm and it was still broken. It's such a joke, it's the only atm on the tallmadge circle. It should of immediately been fixed. Everytime i go to the bank, i am never greeted or thanked. Last time i was there i was in line and a customer and a teller started arguing, it was so embarrassing. They were arguing about the stupidest thing to.. Apparently the customer joined the business line but there was only one teller so he was expected to join the main bank line. I remember it was around 1pm.. Should a bank be run with one teller at this time? I'm currently looking for another bank to take my money. I've banked with many banks.. including banks in the caribbean. This is the worst bank that i have ever been a part of. I took the time to write this review just for the sole reason that i am tired of them pissing me off.

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sk0129's Profile Image

Reviewed by sk0129

Jan 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

the worst bank you can imagine

The bank's employees are brain dead.. seriously. They are lazy and uneducated.

Think twice before you open an account there. You cannot close it for 120 days because they have a penalty in there policy. Watch for hidden fees.!

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DoneWithFM's Profile Image

Reviewed by DoneWithFM

Jan 20th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

WORST BANK IN THE USA! If you're thinking of joining, run the other way FAST

Fees are exhorbant, convenience is non-existent, tellers are slow and often rude. It took more than 43 minutes to get a cashiers check one day, and there're wasn't another customer in the bank! in addition, I asked a teller for a balance after making a deposit last week, the woman looked at me and said in a short tone, "well we don't normally do that but I will today". Holy cow...I asked the woman for my balance after making a deposit, i didn't ask her to try and split atoms in a laboratory!

Whatever group of Citizens Bank executives who approved or inked the sale to First Merit should be shot! A bank this size should have better service and not seem like a generic institution as it does to most people I've talked to. Try and find a good review for First Merit somewhere, a positive review from a non-employee!

I am moving my business and personal accounts and so is my son. We gave them a few months to get their act together after Citizens sold to First Merit, it hasn't happened and I don't it will.

So long Citizens Bank, you will be missed. Good ridens First Merit....terrible all the way around!

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Nc813's Profile Image

Reviewed by Nc813

Jan 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Frustrating and just plain sad...

I have been working on getting a renovation loan for nearly five months. I have had THREE different loan officers assigned to me within that time (the first one who told us we were almost done with the process quit, the next one was put on "special assignment" (which is code for he needs more training before we have to fire him), and this last one has the personality and customer service equivalent to a piece of wood and is completely disorganized. I have NEVER had a more frustrating experience with a business in my life. Instead of telling us what they needed up front, we had to do everything piece meal and finally this last guy told us that we probably wouldn't get the loan AFTER spending a huge amount of time and money getting quotes and paying for estimates. He had most of this information to apparently come to this conclusion nearly two months ago. Unbelievable. We will most likely lose the house now. Calling headquarters on Tuesday and moving my accounts elsewhere. Ask questions, demand a checklist up front detailing what they need so they are not wasting your time. Or better yet, go elsewhere...

And, we had a situation this summer with a credit card not getting to us before we had to leave the country for a few weeks. We had applied nearly a month in advance and still didn't have it when we left. Received some cavalier response from the bank manager with no apology ("oh well"). This is after she promised it would be to us well in time and I had followed up multiple times. I would have gone elsewhere had I known there would be such a huge delay.

In addition, their online banking is a pain. Just a strange set up with login's. Moving on after banking with them for over 10 years. Sad.

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Punch's Profile Image

Reviewed by Punch

Jan 17th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Worst experience I have ever had with any bank in my life!

In July 2012, after my divorce, my mail was supposed to be forwarded to my new address, In error, the post office failed to forward some mail and my ex-husband got his hands on a check for over $2000.00 that belonged to me. He forged my name and cashed it at 1st Merit. As soon as I discovered this, I got a copy of the check, filed a police report and reported the fraud to the bank. They did all the paperwork, had me sign the documents and forwarded them to Fraud division of 1st Merit.

Month after month passed, I called over and over to the 1st bank rep that took the original complaint, and all I got was, "We'll contact Fraud and have them call you." Then a new person became the contact, but I only got the same thing.

So I did some research and found out the name and phone # of the person in Fraud assigned to the case. By now appx. 5 months have passed and I find she has never even investigated the case nor has anyone contacted me one time from there. She did not want to admit it but she doesn't even know where the file information is. She finally asked me to send her another copy of the forged check, I did. But after 5 months, if this is not resolved very soon, I will be initiating an investigation into the bank's practices. They forget somebody regulates them, too! I want him jailed and my money back.

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Rmhavema's Profile Image

Reviewed by Rmhavema

Jan 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Miss citizens bank

Horrible online banking experience. They do not have a running balance so it is hard to balance checkbook. I had a loan through citizens that was transferred. First merit took it upon themselves to stop my monthly loan payments so that they could accrue more interest. I had to override their payment system and setup my own monthly payments. Now, the online statement only shows current balance and does not have any detail about my monthly history. I have also used their web app for depositing checks with my i-phone. It charges me $0.50 per check. Citizens never charged for this. I am switching to another bank. Too bad citizens is gone.

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absolo's Profile Image

Reviewed by absolo

Jan 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I wish you were allowed to give a rank of zero. One seems way too generous. I always had great service at Citizens Bank and had several accounts there. Three months of statements for my business account has vanished and every time I call customer disservice I'm on hold for 20-33 minutes. Horrible bank!

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LotusPrins's Profile Image

Reviewed by LotusPrins

Dec 23rd 2013

5 out of 5 marks

Excellent Bank but cashiers need more training.

I have been with this Bank for almost 4 years now. The customer service with the reps is outstanding, they are so caring and listen to you and try to help you in every way possible. They are a cut above the rest when it comes to the numerous banks I have been to around the country. The counter service personnel really are mostly unfriendly a crew, some of them do not seem to speak English, but even if you don't you can still gracefully smile, because that job is customer service. However, there are gems in this group, some of them are friendly and smile. There are also those who don't realize that their job is customer service, they need to socialize without repercussions. Hopefully in 2014 they would all be retrained on how to smile and be helpful and speak English as well.

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TiredMom's Profile Image

Reviewed by TiredMom

Dec 7th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Really bad online banking system

Since First Merit took over our branch from Citizens Bank, it's been one problem after another, but the worst by far is their online banking system. There is no running balance so you can see a problem if they say there is one, debits appear then disappear. It takes them a very long time to deduct online bills paid through their system. If you over draft and something seems off, there's really no way to see if that's so, since many transactions are not visible. It's an absolute mess compared to Citizens very transparent and up to date system. We're out of this bank as soon as we can be. I feel like this set up is designed to keep the customers confused and that makes it very easy to make costly mistakes to the benefit of the bank. I miss Citizens.

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cplummer41's Profile Image

Reviewed by cplummer41

Dec 5th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Overdraft Fees

I was a Citizens Bank customer for 8 years. When they were bought out by First Merit, they no longer would allow one line of credit to cover both checking accounts. The whole reason I got the LOC was to prevent overdraft fees. Of course I got busy at work, wife went Christmas shopping and we overdrafted. They charged us 10 overdraft fees of $35 per overdraft transaction on a single day. Some of these transactions were only like a dollar, but ended up costing me $36. In all, about $300 ended up costing me $750.

I had plenty of money in my other checking account, in savings and on the LOC. Didn't matter. I called to ask my branch manager to see if there was anything she could do about reducing them, and wouldn't budge a bit. Didn't care, didn't want to understand, wasn't concerned about how upset I was. Proceeded to lecture me on keeping a register, balancing my checkbook, there was nothing she could do. I already knew I screwed up, but I was wanting a little forgiveness and understanding for a long time customer.

I am done with this bank.

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