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FirstMerit Bank Customer Review

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Rlf05's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Rlf05

Jan 29th 2013

A Bunch Of Thieves

My car loan was only 22 days past due and they sent two thugs to repo my car. Their repo thugs jumped into my car terrifying my children who were in the car at the time. I called first merit and they were rude and treated me like dirt. The kicker is have been a customer for 4 years never missing a payment. I only have 12 payments left on my loan and they chose to repo my car. The only way i could get the car back was to pay it off. I will never do business with first merit again. This is how they treat good paying customers.

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Other FirstMerit Bank Reviews

MKPhillips's Profile Image

Reviewed by MKPhillips

Jan 25th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Bank

My husband has had an account with this bank since before it was First Merit. I believe, since his early 20's, and he's now 42. That's some long term patronage. Previously, he got rid of his ATM card with this bank due to a fraudulent $5 charge by the Obama Campaign. It happened through the ATM card number so he was nervous to even get a new card due to that being his primary account for direct deposits from work. He didn't like the vulnerability of all his funds potentially being hit and the time it takes to resolve the issue could cause all sorts of other problems. For this reason he sometimes needs me to cash a check for him at his bank when his work schedule won't allow him to get there himself. The Algonquin branch always waived the $10 fee for cashing the check because I'm his spouse. They were wonderful and kind at that branch. But at the Gurnee Branch, I was warned about the possibility of paying the $10 fee in future. The clerk was also very intrusive into why I wouldn't be jointly on his account. The manager herself had them waive the fee in the past at this branch. However, due to the warning, I've really avoided going there and instead drop the check in my TCF account then take out what I can from the ATM. This weekend he left a check for $75.00 that he needed and I went in to cash it for him on Saturday. The clerk told me I would be charged $10. I simply took my check back and told her I'll take it to my own bank instead. On the way out, I told her, he's not going to be happy about this and he will likely leave this bank. Upon seeing all the negative reviews here, I can say I am not at all surprised. He also recently had all his scheduled online bill payments just disappear as if he never set them up. Thank GOD he sets them up well in advance and was able to go to each site and make his payments. Only one ended up late. But no thanks to the bank. And that's all I have to say about that. Thank you all for your reviews...knowledge is power!

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mindslag's Profile Image

Reviewed by mindslag

Oct 31st 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Wow. Can't wait to leave the First Merit Family!

Been with Citizens for 10 years. Great bank, great service, never once had a problem. First Merit took over a month ago. What a nightmare. They place double holds on some of my transactions, but claim its not them. I have used the same vendors with other cards and have never had a problem. They just deny deny deny. can't wait to close my account with them. Unfortunately I have to wait for these phantom holds to come off my account so I can have withdraw my money and close it. Oh yea, I was already planning on closing my account with them because they took away all of my perks I had with Citizens, namely free atm use anywhere. I would avoid First Merit like the plague.

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