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FirstMerit Bank Customer Review

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NewCastlePa's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by NewCastlePa

Jan 3rd 2013

First Merit is nothing better than thieves!

My bad experience with this bank started with an overdraft on two uses with my debit card on the same day. By the end of that day my account was still in the positive. The next day I again used my debit card and made a withdraw. I was sure funds were deposited the night before. Later that morning I discovered the error and understand I owe the bank the amount I had withdrawn and a $35.00 overdraft fee. It wasnt til a few days later they told me I was also charged $70.00 for the two uses on my debit card the day before.

All of this caused a snowball effect considering I had used my debit card three of more times believing I had that $70.00 in my account.

My mother has an account in the same bank. My name is on her account for emergency use only. Today she went to take care of some transactions with her account and the bank refused to let her have any of her money until she paid a $1.78 to my account. She would not agree to it until she found out she could not have her money or do any transactions with her account. She finally agreed to pay the $1.78. The bank teller told my mother she would be right back. After a couple of minutes the woman returned saying my mother would have to put over $100.00 in to my account. Considering my mother has automatic bill payments expected to go through soon she agreed to pay the amount over $100.00.

They not only stole money out of my account, they then held my mothers account hostage. My mother and I are both done with this bank. It is sad considering I have been with this bank for about 8 years and my mother has been with them for about 5 years.

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Other FirstMerit Bank Reviews

xrayspex's Profile Image

Reviewed by xrayspex

Aug 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


The bank does not transfer money from personal accounts to business accounts then charges poverdraft fee after overdraft fee.

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GKnight's Profile Image

Reviewed by GKnight

Aug 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Customers Beware!!!1

When you close a joint checking account it's not really closed. It remains open 30 days plus! past closing date. You will be charged for any withdrawals made on your closed account. The bank employees tell us that even though our account is closed it still remains active. You can still be charged for any charges made against your account. So is the account ever really closed???? We will never really know????

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