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First Midwest Bank Customer Review

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Craftymom56's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Craftymom56

Dec 26th 2012


I needed a Money Order/Cashiers Check. I called the bank this morning to see if this location offered this service. I was asked if I was a customer and I said "No". The person told me that it was not a problem that I was not a customer, and that the fee would be $3.00.

At lunchtime today I walked to the bank. I told the lady at the window I needed a Cashiers check. She told me they only had money orders. I said that was fine and handed her $320 in United States CASH. She asked for my account number. I told her I did not have one, but I had called earlier and was told I could still purchase a cashiers check. She told me "NO -- we only provide services for people with accounts at the bank".

Although I was standing there with cash in hand she refused to sell me a money order or cashiers check, because I was not a customer. I was able to walk down the street to the currancy exchange and they were happy to take my money and sell me a money order for a total fee of $1.00 -- $2.00 less than First Midwest Bank told me they would do.

Guess I won't ever be able to get a money order or cashiers check at First Midwest Bank -- after the poor service I received I would never want to do business with them.

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JulieChan's Profile Image

Reviewed by JulieChan

Mar 28th 2015

4 out of 5 marks

Good location

Very good location, over 160 stores around! See the store directory on http://www.outletstoresmalls.com/outlet-malls/northpark-mall

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Alex S's Profile Image

Reviewed by Alex S

Dec 29th 2009

4 out of 5 marks

It happens!

In response to the previous individual's review: That is because First Midwest Bank has a cut-off time of 5 PM and has 'next day availability', which means any check deposited after 5pm will not be available until two days later because after 5 PM the computers are working a day ahead... For example: deposit a check monday before 5pm, check will be available tuesday morning...deposit a check on monday after 5 PM, the check will be available Wednesday morning. All this is on the accounts disclosure. There's that little pamphlet every customer gets when they open their account, but of course no one takes the time to read it. This results in so many idiots being completely lost and then have the nerve to blame the bank for something that they should have known to begin with if they had taken the time to read the disclosure pamphlet. Only about 4% of First Midwest Bank's customers have common sense. The remaining 96% are complete morons with no common sense and logic whatsoever. Oh and FYI those who tend to use the drive-thru lanes unprepared: Drive-thrus were created for a reason, fast efficient service. It kinda beats the purpose when hundreds of idiots come to the drive-thru unprepared... take your lazy a**es inside the lobby and fill out your paperwork in there.. there is no need to hold up the line in the drive-thru simply because you are to lazy or idiotic (lack of common sense) to come into the lobby to do such things!

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