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First Midwest Bank Customer Review

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Jhoffmann31's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Jhoffmann31

Jan 16th 2013


First, I let my credit card expire because I never wanted to go back, but apparently they sent me a new credit card that I never got. Then I saw a bill for $82 because apparently they have some insurance on my credit card that kept it open. They are literally the worst bank out there and I am so glad that I canceled.

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ESS's Profile Image

Reviewed by ESS

Oct 31st 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Unprofessional, Unorganized, left hand does not know what right hand does

They failed to provide me with basic protection on their own debit card when I made a purchase which I later learned was based on misleading representations of the merchant. The bank refused to reverse the charge despite being provided with proof of my having returned the product via FedEx.

This bank is pathetic and run by a branch manager who reneged on her own representation that once provided with proof of return, I would be refunded my money. She is an amateur. Instead she was unduly concerned about merchant who I filed a complaint about with Better Business Bureau as the merchant, [Redacted] in Northbrook, Illinois has stubbornly refused to refund $64.40. I suspect she did this to cultivate them as a corporate client. As a result of this unprofessional experience, I closed all three of my accounts entirely with this bank. I expect my bank to work with me, not against me as this bank did.

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bwire123's Profile Image

Reviewed by bwire123

Jul 31st 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Alot of BS fees

I had a payment scheduled to be paid on a certain day and i deposited the money at the ATM, and the bank did not process the payment in time and i got charged an overdraft fee.

I had a payment scheduled to go out which i canceled and i got charged a stop payment fee and an overdraft fee larger then the payment itself.

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