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First National Bank of Omaha Customer Review

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VirginiaS's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by VirginiaS

Aug 17th 2012

Horrible. It Is The Worst Bank Ever. They Have The Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Seen.

First national bank of omaha is the worst bank ever. They have absolutely horrible customer service. We have been customers for over 5 years, then one day for no apparent reason they cut the credit limit on our credit cards down to the current balance, raise the interest rates and raise the minimum payment. When we tried to talk to them about it, it was impossible to get our questions answered. We have a great credit score (just over 800) and can't understand why this happened.

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Other First National Bank of Omaha Reviews

pitsy's Profile Image

Reviewed by pitsy

Apr 16th 2015

3 out of 5 marks

secured visa

Not sure if you a review on their secured card. I have had no problems with them they are slow, requesting a cl increase took weeks and a hard pull I pay it off every month, they send me little notes of how good i'm doing for keeping a no balance. Have contacted CS twice. The first time she was rude could of gave a crap. The second time they were nice considerate. I see them offering the Amex card won't be here long. Just wondering the score they are looking for. I carry the Amex Platinum

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TEXASDAVID's Profile Image

Reviewed by TEXASDAVID

Mar 26th 2015

1 out of 5 marks


Be very careful when dealing with this company....you might get caught off-guard and in a real bind! When I opened a credit card account with this company, I was given a VERY generous credit limit of $2,650. I NEVER paid late and even ALWAYS paid early...most of the time with more than the minimum due! With no notice at all (and they have ALL my contact information) my credit limit was lowered to $1,700. I had even just made a huge payment on the card of $1,000. So, what I had been out of the country and had planned to use this card to purchase my tickets to fly home? What if I had just gone to make a major purchase and the purchase was denied. Wow....NO NOTICE at all. I just happened to check the account to verify that the $1,000 payment had been made and noticed the lowered credit limit. I called and received the run around and general BS. I will be paying off the remaining balance on this card soon and will I cancel it....NO....will I use it again so they can make money off of me....ABSOLUTELY NOT!

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