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First National Bank of Omaha Customer Review

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apeman's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by apeman

Jan 2nd 2013

This Bank Gives Loan Sharks a Bad Name!

Have been paying on balance transfer with lifetime rate of 1.99% for awhile. About a year ago a $1.75 minimum interest payment was substituted for my monthly interest charge, which should have been about $1.00 or so. When I finally got tired of this gouging I contacted the bank via letter and was given a canned spiel about the minimum fee being allowed under my amended agreement. When challenged about the lifetime interest rate being ignored they countered that it was because I had a revolving balance.

The only revolving balance on my account is an unknown charge for approximately ONE DOLLAR which has not been paid off even though I regularly pay 7.5 times the minimum payment ($75 on $10 minimum), which appears to be in violation of the CARD ACT requirements. When I reminded them of this they just sent me the same canned crap and claimed that they can apply the overpayment to any balances that they choose, which in this case means they will keep the ONE DOLLAR on the revolving account so that they can keep charging me at least twice the amount of interest that I actually owe them.

Run, don't walk, from these greedy bastards!

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reviewmybank's Profile Image

Reviewed by reviewmybank

Jan 24th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Deposit incorrect

My deposit at 90th and Fort branch on 01/24/2015 was incorrect. I noticed after 1PM. I called about the error, reached the rep. Kayla ext 1059973 at the call center . She was unconcerned about how this error and how it may effect me until it can be resolved. Since it is a Saturday apparently it could be as long as 01/27/2014 and that is because I caught it. Never once was a apology given. Error strike one ,terrible customer service strike two.

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m8941280's Profile Image

Reviewed by m8941280

Aug 10th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

My family has been banking with FNBO for over 100 years!!

My family has been banking with First National of Omaha for over a hundred years.

I've only had the best customer service - never an issue that could not be worked out quickly!!

Once one of their ATM broke during my transaction. Within a week I received a letter saying they where sorry and had a 5 dollar bill enclosed for any inconvenience the broken ATM may have caused me.

Another time, I had to close down a savings account with them and transfer the money to my checking account. The person made a mistake and closed my checking account down and transferred my money to savings account. I realized this mistake on a late Saturday afternoon. I called at 6pm on a Saturday and someone picked up and fixed the problem within the hour. My credit line connected to the checking account was reopened on that following Monday with a followup call from that department checking to see if everything was good.

I now live in Texas - but I can still bank with FNBO - they have branches in the north DFW area!!!

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