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First Niagara Bank Customer Review

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doelger's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by doelger

Dec 22nd 2012

HORRIBLE BANK! Poor service, fees

I was an HSBC customer that was transferred over to FNFG. To begin, it took 4 months to get a new debit card. They claimed they sent multiple cards, but I never received them. Every time I called to check on my card their records did not show I ever ordered one! Now they are hitting me with a 3 dollar maintenance fee for the e checking account after I spoke to the representative and made it very clear I wanted all account with NO FEES. I was assured over and over that all my accounts were free. That simply is not the case. This bank is horrible. DO NOT give them your business. I have cancelled all my accounts and taken my business elsewhere.

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anunhappycustomer's Profile Image

Reviewed by anunhappycustomer

Jul 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

A mediocre bank all around

I got signed up recently because of the $250 new account promotion, and the signup bonus was delivered as promised, and quickly. But that was about the only good experience with this bank. Outdated ATMs that don't put out receipts for deposits, deposits that are updated by the bank so as to hit you with as many late fees as possible (e.g., cash deposited at an ATM during the weekend wasn't reflected in balances until the next Monday or Tuesday, so that I was charge a hefty $37 insufficient funds fees). The computer systems in the branch and online are outdated as well, and they like to push physical paperwork around, at a slow pace. Avoid this bank at all costs, or, better yet, get your revenge by taking advantage of their next big promotion, and running away with your cash, because I guarantee you they will get you with the illogical and usurious fees.

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Disabled2014s's Profile Image

Reviewed by Disabled2014s

Jun 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Hateful Towards Disabled

I recently became disabled and while I am waiting for funds from retirement and SS disability, I did not have enough funds for a full credit card payment. I made a partial payment on 6/16/14. First Niagara called me just before I was going to call them. I wanted to discuss if I could have a temporary (12 Months) reduced payment plan so I could be current and pay less with a reduced rate until my funds come in. I was interrupted. He said, "so you have no income"! I tried to say that I would have some retirement beginning in July, but was cut off. He went to the "supervisor" came back and said, your account is now closed! (As if he just scored a touch down! I asked if I could have a temporary payment plan with a reduced rate so I could get caught up. He said no. PNC Bank gladly helped me with the same request.

If you want to keep customers your will learn to treat them with respect. Since 6/16/14 they have called multiple times to annoy me, and called with "no name" listed and say nothing several times a day. They are just hateful.

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