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FlagStar Bank Customer Review

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neko7685's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by neko7685

Feb 8th 2013

Horrible! Do Not Get A Mortgage Through Them!

What a horrible experience it has been to buy my first house thank you flag star for that. They will do anything to benefit themselves and make your life miserable. So many things that i find hard to believe are even legal. It was an fha loan so we did a few repairs sent them proof, they had "their inspector" come out and look at it all seemed well. Until it was time to give us our repair escrow money back (which by the way the whole process took forever so i hope they enjoyed getting all the interest from our repair escrow) we are only getting half our money back and the other half is going into "principle" when i bought the house i had to add another $2000 of my own money into the cost for the repair escrow.

We did the god damn repairs and because we spent less than $2000 on repairs we don't get it all back?!?! Scam artists! Basically i'm losing $1000 cash which i need to do the work i want on the house. I don't want the money in "principle" i need it back!! They are rude on the phone and play shady games.. Both during and after the house purchasing process. Most banks suck in general but flag star is the worst to go through for anything!! Watch your backs.. Read the fine print, they will do anything to make money and make you lose money. It's almost like one big game to them and they don't play fair. Just don't do anything with flag star they need to be shut down. They don't need more customers. They need to not exist. Really wish i would have gone with another bank. Greedy, selfish, money hungry people. I literally hate flag star. I hope karma bites them in the butt one day.

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Other FlagStar Bank Reviews

Williams's Profile Image

Reviewed by Williams

Dec 10th 2012

1 out of 5 marks

Incompetent Worthless Moronic Idiots

This bank is the worst in all my 50 years of dealing with not only banks but any business. Please do yourself a favor and stay far away from these idiots. I do not see how something run this poorly and incompetent can still be in business. I wish they would hurry up and go bankrupt.

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ewaldschmidt's Profile Image

Reviewed by ewaldschmidt

Jul 2nd 2013

1 out of 5 marks


We have been trying to get a modification since October of last year. We finally got into the trial period and were told to make 3 months of payments by certified check which we did. We were then told to keep making the payments of the agreed upon amount and we would hear from Flagstar. The word we got were harassing letters telling us we were behind in our payments. When we go to their system and look, all of our agreed upon payments were made on time before the due date. If we had it to do over again, we would never do business with Flagstar. This week we just received another threatening letter.

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