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FlagStar Bank Customer Review

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neko7685's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by neko7685

Feb 8th 2013

Horrible! Do not get a mortgage through them!!

What a horrible experience it has been to buy my first house thank you Flag Star for that. They will do anything to benefit themselves and make your life miserable. So many things that I find hard to believe are even legal. It was an FHA loan so we did a few repairs sent them proof, they had "their inspector" come out and look at it all seemed well. Until it was time to give us our repair escrow money back (which by the way the whole process took forever so I hope they enjoyed getting all the interest from OUR repair escrow) We are only getting half our money back and the other half is going into "principle" When I bought the house I had to add another $2000 of my own money into the cost for the repair escrow..we did the god damn repairs and because we spent less than $2000 on repairs we don't get it all back?!?! SCAM ARTISTS!! Basically I'm losing $1000 cash which I need to do the work I WANT on the house. I don't want the money in "principle" I need it back!! They are rude on the phone and play shady games..both during and after the house purchasing process. Most banks suck in general but Flag Star is the worst to go through for anything!! Watch your backs..read the fine print, they will do ANYTHING to make money and make you lose money. It's almost like one big game to them and they don't play fair. Just don't do anything with Flag Star they need to be shut down. They don't need more customers. They need to not exist. Really wish I would have gone with another bank. Greedy, selfish, money hungry people. I literally HATE Flag Star. I hope karma bites them in the butt one day.

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ladylori's Profile Image

Reviewed by ladylori

Apr 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

This is a bad bank. Stay away!

Unfortunately, I have a mortgage with Flagstar and I recently filed an insurance claim due to storm damage. Flagstar has a process that is so convoluted that I had to record the automated instructions that are given on the phone. You cannot get a real person from the claims dept. on the phone. You can request a callback but the recording says it will be up to 72 hours before they call you back. Then, when they call back, if you are not able to answer, you have to go through the process all over again. They required a notarized affadavit, the check from the insurance company that they are supposed to co-endorse, the contractor's license and insurance certificate, a copy of the contract with the contractor, a check for $33.50 for an inspection. All that, and more, and the claim was under $10,000! When I finally got someone on the phone--I had to get a person in another dept. to contact the claims dept and I refused to get off the line until a live person from the claims dept. came on the phone. She said if the claim had been over $10,000, Flagstar would only send 1/2 until proof of the work was established. My insurance agent--and this is a well-known naitonal company--had never heard of the affadavit. I had to obtain that from Flagstar, sign and notarize it, scan it and e-mail it back. I asked the Flagstar claims specialist to email me back when she received the document. I have yet to hear from her.

This process isn't over, but clearly Flagstar is not interested in customer service. If my post stops one person from doing business with Flagstar, it will be worth the time it took for me to write this.

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acopia's Profile Image

Reviewed by acopia

Mar 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


Computer keeps calling my home telling me to call about a outstanding loan.I finally get a human when I call back , I inform them I do not have a loan with them and please stop calling me,they say they can only pull my account up by my account #. I do not have an account # so they can not stop the computer from calling my house.I finally get someone to transfer me to someone else who hangs up on me because I will not give them my account #. I callback again and have a some one who says they are a supervisor and they are sorry and will take care of it. I still get phone calls, I see no other action but to contact an attorney,I wonder how far he will get without an account # unbelievable.

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