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Great Western Bank Customer Review

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jamesuhrich's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by jamesuhrich

Feb 12th 2013

Credit card customer service is the worst I've ever experienced.

I recently opened a checking account with Great Western and was happy with the friendly staff at the local branch. At the time, I also accepted their offer to open a visa card account. 0% for 6 months. Great.

Bad move. Their payment structure is managed by at least two other mystery entities, of which dealing with is horrible. I tried to post my first payment to the card last month through one (I say one, because it turns out there are more than one site to pay at, but they are all antiquated and hard to navigate) of their payment sites, www.ezcardinfo.com

Turns out, the payment didn't process, even though the site said it was ACCEPTED. Instead of calling or emailing me as it happened to inform me of THEIR ERROR, the account sat for three weeks in an outstanding, unpaid status. I'm happy and ignorant all the while.

By week four, I started getting mystery calls from an 866 number every morning at 8:15. When I answer, there is no reply, it just hangs up. When I don't answer and it goes to voicemail, the same thing happens. One morning, I decided to call back the number to see who has been such a nuisance. It's some "courtesy" division or company or agency saying my account is outstanding. The extremely rude and UNcourteous associate who answered wouldn't even tell me the reason for the call until I gave him all kinds of confidential information. Remember, I had no idea who this company is!

After 2 hours of precious work time, multiple phone calls to multiple divisions, agencies and who knows what, plus fretting over my credit taking a hit because of their cludgy system. I still had no answer why the payment didn't post. I also couldn't pay them at that time over the phone without being charged a $10 "convenience" fee.

I gave in and just mailed them the stinking payment. That was one week ago. I'm still getting the calls. I called the 866 number back today to speak with a manager, who, as it turns out, was not there.

First-rate BS.

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Pam9630's Profile Image

Reviewed by Pam9630

Jul 16th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Double Charges for Checks

This is the third time I have called about being charged twice for checks. Also the checks did not come with the changes that I ordered. I was on hold for 15 minutes and told that customer service could not help m and I needed to talk to my personal banker. I left a message and no call back. I then called again and I was told my personal banker has been up for another job and this might be the problem. I then called again and was left hanging for another 15 minutes. With no resolution, as far as I'm concerned this is a grave misuse of my funds. What ever happened to customer service?

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nebcitygirl's Profile Image

Reviewed by nebcitygirl

Jun 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Banking Experience

I opened a checking account in Nov. 13', and since that time I have had several garnishments hit my account. Which was fine until I found out that the majority of these 'garnishments' were actually legal fees form my bank. That all that money I had been paying out was actually going to the bank and a very tiny portion was actually paying my garnishments. Then they processed a garnishment with no funds in my account and charged me $79 with overdraft fees for over a week.

They will not redo this and they claimed they had permission from the court system. So I contacted them and they told me they did not say that they could remove funds that were not there. Getting an answer was like pulling teeth. They straight up lied to me about verifying paper work, and when I asked to see the paper work they claimed they verified they could not produce it. Very horrible bank. Wouldn't recommend anyone to use it.

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