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HSBC Bank USA Customer Review

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Johnathan's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Johnathan

May 3rd 2012

It Is Not A Reliable Bank Bad Experience.

They just closed my checking account without notice.... The smart supper visor stated they reserve the right to close the account anytime they like without any notice... So watch out guys. They will close your account just for no reason... The customer service is only 1800 number they transfer you to india or other country with all my respect to all nationalities. I will be closing all my accounts with hsbc after 10 years of banking with them as recently they becoming ridiculous. I've a free checking account and one day someone " the wizard of oz" decide to make my account premier without my consent...!!!!??. Recently tried to buy airline ticket online and informed them ahead of time with the exact value... The payment didn't go through after recalling them three times the price of the airline ticket went 200$ because of that. I was on vacation in miami and tired to buy something from walgreen's after waiting 30 minute in line at walgreen the payment didn't go through. I can't count how many problems i've with them recently. They officially closed the branch where i opened my account in brooklyn 86th st. And in woodbridge, nj. I think they are going down soon so watch out guys.. It is not a reliable bank

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jprusakova's Profile Image

Reviewed by jprusakova

Apr 7th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

terrible service

Long phone wait, incompetent lying customer service rep. First they cancel my ATM card, then declare account 'dormant' (whatever that means) and cut off my online access. I called twice, spent an hour each going through the menus and dictating spellings to customer service reps.

They do not keep track of customer calls.

They lie about services. First they said I can fill out "dormancy" form via email, and they'll send it by email. Nothing showed up.

Then they said it'll take 24 to 48 hrs, because HSBC uses some back-office (rear end?) version of email.

Then it turned out they send a paper form and that takes 10 business days.

Then I was told to talk to internet department to restore access to the account online. And, viola!, after spending another half hour of my life talking to more incompetent liars, I was told that I first need to wait for the dormancy form. Which at this rate is likely to arrive about never.

I had some money left over in my checking account, and it's proving very difficult to retrieve them from these thieves.

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Priscilla's Profile Image

Reviewed by Priscilla

Apr 3rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Bank

I'm a bookkeeper for a company that has 21 retail locations. In total we have 25 businesses that have accounts with HSBC and each business has about 3 checking accounts. We're not a small business and the service we get from HSBC is beyond terrible. The relationship manager, Victoria Karamanci totally ignores my calls and e-mails now. They switched from their faulty HSBC Business Banking website to the HSBCNet.com site, which is not user friendly at all and when you call customer service they don't know what they are doing, they give you wrong info and it's a total disaster! Can't wait to switch banks, which will happen soon! We've had it.

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