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Huntington Bancshares Incorporated is regional bank holding company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Through its affiliated companies, Huntington has been providing a full range of financial services for 144 years. Huntington offers checking, loans, savings, insurance and investment services. It has more than 600 branches and also offers retail and commercial financial services online.
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Based on Texas Ratio: 7.39
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Huntington Location Map
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Alliebutz's Profile Image

Reviewed by Alliebutz

Mar 28th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

My banking experience has been fabulous.

My debit card was stolen during a night out with friends. Upon noticing my card was missing from my purse, I immediately checked my online banking. Seeing an unfamiliar charge, I called huntington to cancel card. The representative I spoke to was friendly and helpful. I was happy to hear my options and ecstatic to learn I would be credited the amount spent. Furthermore, as soon as I checked my bank statement, I had already been credited.

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DojunimChurch's Profile Image

Reviewed by DojunimChurch

Aug 18th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Superior Bank!

I have been a business man for 44 years and have never been treated with the respect and honesty that is afforded to me by this bank. My branch is the Meijer on 28th st and Kalamazoo in Grand Rapids. Tellers are friendly and accurate. The manager Dan is the best I have encountered. They have helped me out on many occasions where other banks would have ignored the situation.

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VinceBobbe's Profile Image

Reviewed by VinceBobbe

Feb 6th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Warm, welcoming and friendly

My wife has been making payment on our car at this branch since October of 2014. Despite her infrequent visits she is always recognized and greeted by the staff. In particular, Ashleigh Gutiérrez, who has taken care of her most often, greeted both of us when we entered the branch. We had just been handed the "last straw" in terms of poor service by our (now former) bank manager at 5/3. This is not meant co cast aspersions on "poor service" in general, which in and of itself would be three notches above the abysmal treatment and inflexibility of this competitor. No, actually, placing 5/3 in the same category as Huntington is tantamount to comparing a beat-up Volkswagen Clown Car with the Rolls Royce quality demonstrated by your staff.

Having grown increasingly frustrated with 5/3, we came to Huntington to explore your services and programs. Ashleigh's helpfulness, precision and attention to detail, her knowledge of your services and her explanation of our various options made the choice to switch all of our banking to Huntington. Home run! Slam dunk! Touchdown and the entire litany of sports metaphors hardly do justice to our high quality customer service experience.

Having grown accustomed to arguing with 5/3 and being treated like we were interrupting their staff's Candy Crush marathon, it was indeed most pleasant to work with someone who was concerned about OUR needs rather than making a sales quota or overselling us.

SERVICE is hard to come by in today's market place, but when you experience it, as we did with Ashleigh, it made it easy to transfer our checking, savings, credit card, mortgage, secured line and all of our auto deposits to you.

It's a pleasant change not to have to "deal with" our banker. We have a friend at Huntington, who we are convinced is there to help us manage our banking and other financial needs.

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after 6 months w/ below $1,000 balance.


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