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Huntington Customer Review

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qballtch's Profile Image

0 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by qballtch

Dec 5th 2012

24 Hour Grace isn't as Gracious as you may think

When i have done business with previous banks, they would not charge overdraft fees until that transaction posted and any pending transactions wouldn't be taken into consideration until they did post. Well, Huntington thinks that they can charge overdraft fees regardless if the transactions are listed as pending or not with the 24 Hour Grace. I didn't think that a bank could charge overdraft fees onto pending transactions until i went to Huntington. If you live pay check to paycheck, this isn't the bank for you, unless you know you can have a balance well enough to cover the transactions. It especially stinks if you use a service or such that has to put a hold for a dollar amount on the debit card. Such as renting a cat.

In addition, their fees are redicously high and if you want actual checks, you have to pay for those or get counter checks, which very few places will accept anymore.

The customer service there is good and never really have an issue getting a hold of someone on the phone. Though, i think they need to explain 24 Hour Grace a lot better when you start an account with them. I kind of felt hurried up and rushed when opening up the account.

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mike12y23k's Profile Image

Reviewed by mike12y23k

Apr 6th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Car Loan-terrible experience

Paid off my car loan and its 3 weeks no title received.Everytime I call they ask me to wait for 5 days. Please advise what should i do next. I want to sell car ASAP

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Alliebutz's Profile Image

Reviewed by Alliebutz

Mar 28th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

My banking experience has been fabulous.

My debit card was stolen during a night out with friends. Upon noticing my card was missing from my purse, I immediately checked my online banking. Seeing an unfamiliar charge, I called huntington to cancel card. The representative I spoke to was friendly and helpful. I was happy to hear my options and ecstatic to learn I would be credited the amount spent. Furthermore, as soon as I checked my bank statement, I had already been credited.

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