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Huntington Customer Review

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barb's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by barb

Jun 9th 2012


My husband and i opened a checking/savings account at huntington. What a mistake that was. My husband got his debit card 3 days after opening. After a week and not getting my debit card, i called. They had cancelled the request, stating rather rudely that they couldnt verify my address. Called the bank, supposedly got it all worked out. Another week passes, no debit card. Called, got the same stupid excuse. Went in with several pieces of mail, including a 'welcome to huntington' letter from them!

All in all, it took 3 weeks to get a stupid debit card. I had no access to my money during this time, either, as they hadnt even bothered to give me a couple starter checks. I was assured id get a card in the mail within 2 days. Well, that part worked. Too bad the card did not. I knew as soon as i opened the envelope it was a bust, as there was no sticker on the card, no activation number, and it said it was a replacement card. So, went to the bank, and was assured it would work. After going to 2 different stores, it did not work, at all.

So... Off to the bank. Stood at the teller window for over an hour while the very nice girl tried to get this worked out. Well, they finally got the problems ironed out and the card works. Today, i get 2 separate letters from them stating that they have no signature cards on file for our checking or savings account. We signed signature cards the day we opened the account. Suffice it to say im more than disgusted with this bank and will be closing our account and going elsewhere. I have never had these problems opening an account... Ever. Do not open any kind of account at Huntington!

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Other Huntington Reviews

dcohee1's Profile Image

Reviewed by dcohee1

May 30th 2015

1 out of 5 marks


Ok... so they say there are no hidden fees, what they don't tell you is that if you use a non huntington atm, they will wait until the end of the cycle to charge you two dollars for every non huntington atm. So, if you pay all your bills, if you used a non huntington atm let's say for a freaking Pepsi, then the last bill you paid will be two dollars short. Then you get hit with late fees from this bill. Absolutely the worst bank ever!! Every other bank charges user fees at the time if transaction... not Huntington. They hit you at the end when you think you have two dollars for a freaking Pepsi!

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rubyh's Profile Image

Reviewed by rubyh

May 27th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Very bad customer svs and nothing gets done: STAY AWAY!!!!

I received a promotional card to open a checking account so I TRIED to open one. From the online, to walk in person to a bank, then call in to the customer service twice... So far, nothing happened. I was told from the first "I don't know about this issue, so you need to figure it out"... REALLY? I am simply trying to open an account with a promotional card I received from the BANK ITSELF.... If their customer service is this BAD from the starter, I can't imagine how BAD it will be if there is any bigger problem with my $$ in the future...

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