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Huntington Customer Review

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pujiin01's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by pujiin01

Jan 10th 2013

overdraft fees

I had 2 transactions that came into my checking acct. on the same day (9.92 and 38.49). Apparently I only had about 16.00 dollars in my acct. There was enough to cover the $9.92 but not the $38.49. Instead of taking the lower amt. out first, so there wouldn"t be a $37.50 charge , the bank took out the higher amt. so then neither one would be covered and they charged an overdraft fee of $75.00! That's some good customer service. Instead of helping the customer in this poor economy, they screw them!

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Other Huntington Reviews

thegler's Profile Image

Reviewed by thegler

Dec 29th 2012

2 out of 5 marks

Hunting Bank kept loan application fee w/out incurring expenses

Applied for a mortgage loan. Loan originator was not responsive to questions and did not provide any help with the purchase transaction. It came to the point my realtor even commented that this LO was not getting it. Seeing that this was heading towards disaster I cancelled the loan prior to any other expense other than the credit report. No appraisal was ordered. The application fee was $500. Huntington kept the funds and did not refund anything and won't. After asking them why they feel they should keep money they did not earn or provide services for, the reply was useless.

I am in the industry myself and know they never cancelled my loan like I requested since they have never sent HMDA papers which would be required since I had all of the elements of an application including a purchase contract and property address.

This is an excellent example of how Banks continue to rob, steal and not follow the regulations in place. Since they are so big they think that they are beyond any affects of audits since its a numbers game. They violate lending laws and their is no civil recourse for consumers. Fines and pointed fingers do not scare financial institutions because the have coffers full of money taken from others they did not earn to pay the fines and to hire attorneys.

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EAJ's Profile Image

Reviewed by EAJ

Apr 26th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible, collection harrassment after deed-in-lieu

Facing unemployment, a job was suddenly offered out of state. We called Huntington to explain the situation and try to work with them on our mortgage. We were told they couldn't work with us until we missed a couple payments. They denied the two short sale offers we received. Homesavers, the department in Huntington that deals with foreclosures, typically took 2-4 weeks to return phone calls or emails. When the house went into foreclosure, we had to contact their lawyers to get any response. And then after our deed-in-lieu was recorded, of which we received notification, we still received collection calls on our mortgage. Collection agents were always rude and never seemed to know that we were working with Homesavers, often asking questions that we had answered every other time we spoke to them. According to the legal documents we signed and had notarized, regarding the deed-in-lieu, Huntington cannot continue to pursue us for the value of the mortgage. So, they also seem to be breaking the law. Never bank with them and certainly never get a mortgage through them.

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