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Investors Bank is a full-service community bank that has been serving customers since 1926. With over 100 branches in NJ and NY, we offer quality services and products for consumers and businesses.
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Based on Texas Ratio: 7.46
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Investors Bank Location Map
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

refer13's Profile Image

Reviewed by refer13

Aug 16th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

The Best Bank I've Ever Had!

Love the clean pleasant look as you enter any Investors Bank here in N.Y., or N.J.. Investors Bank reminds me of past days, where they knew your first name as you entered the Bank. Always greeted with a smile, and the Employees go beyond the scope of there job to help you in anyway they can!

I Thank All of the Employees at Investors

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Joseph Y's Profile Image

Reviewed by Joseph Y

Feb 9th 2011

3 out of 5 marks


I posted my first interaction a week ago. After a lot of complaining, my loan officer cut me a personal check to compensate me for being overcharged. I'm torn on the rating, as the fact that it was a personal check is very impressive. I'm sticking with average because I ended up with the deal that we agreed to

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Pissedoff2015's Profile Image

Reviewed by Pissedoff2015

Jan 28th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Investors Bank Is Horrible!!

I've been a home owner for 15 years, had loans with multiple lenders, and have gone through refinance/home equity loan processes a few times. None of my past experiences can compare with the trouble i have now with investors bank. Not only are they stuck in the 80's with the lack of online bill pay, they continue to charge me a late fee and show my account as having a double payment due, every billing statement. I pay my mortgage, through bank of america's online bill payment system, two days before it is actually due.

Granted, it may not post by the actual due date, but there is a grace period, which after speaking to a rep, is 17 days, before they assess a late fee. At first, i was caught off guard by this, but accepted responsibility and drove to the local branch to pay the late fee the first time. I was told that this was an error and should not happen again. Well, low and behold, i open up my statement, and bam, another late fee and double payment required. I looked up my banking statement, and it shows the payment clearing on the 3rd, when it's due on the 1st.

Why the late fee? I checked my credit report after the first time and it appears as a late payment. The rep i originally spoke to informed me that it would be removed. Guess what, it's still there. I am currently researching fraudulent charges and practices with the federal reserve before i speak to my attorney. I may be wrong with this, but to me, something is not kosher. The plot thickens. Moral of the story, i would avoid investors bank at all costs!

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