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Investors Bank Latest Customer Reviews

refer13's Profile Image

Reviewed by refer13

Aug 16th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

The Best Bank I've Ever Had!

Love the clean pleasant look as you enter any Investors Bank here in N.Y., or N.J.. Investors Bank reminds me of past days, where they knew your first name as you entered the Bank. Always greeted with a smile, and the Employees go beyond the scope of there job to help you in anyway they can!

I Thank All of the Employees at Investors

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Lisa's Profile Image

Reviewed by Lisa

Sep 14th 2010

5 out of 5 marks

Excellent Customer Service

Rates are competitive. Customer Service Reps are always friendly & professional. Problems are few & far between but are resolved quickly & correctly when they do occur. Have found this bank to actually make banking a pleasant experience.

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Selva's Profile Image

Reviewed by Selva

Aug 13th 2013

4 out of 5 marks

Excellent Service

After facing 3 frustrating months trying to close a mortgage with HSBC, I approached Investors Bank. Good communications from the start. There was no repetitive questioning. They took just over 3 weeks from start to closing. No stupid pre-conditions or conditions. I was impressed with their professionalism and competence.

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MGrinbaum's Profile Image

Reviewed by MGrinbaum

Jun 5th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Self not customer centered bank

Contrarily to their advertising, I have found bank not to be customer oriented and competitive in this regard:

â?¢ Few ATMs, even some branches donâ??t have one.

â?¢ Outdated ATMs interface and features vice, e.g. no envelope free deposit, standard now for most banks today.

â?¢ Dysfunctional, although polite, customer service, lacking training to know what they can actually do or access and tools to resolve even simplest issues over the phone, requiring visit to a branch office with no regards to customer age or impairments, e.g. my 91 year old mother had to make to the branch office despite hours of her and mine conversations, begging and escalations with the customer service.

â?¢ Bankâ??s convenience considerations supersede by far customerâ??s ones, e.g. upon acquisition of Roma bank their ATM cards had to be replaced (very unusual in the industry, since not much effort required). Furthermore, Investorâ??s bank couldnâ??t keep pins in spite written promise to the contrary and no additional communication stating that pin must be changed (actually reentered). This is absolutely unheard in the industry; the standard is that pin attached to (travel with) accounts, not a card.

Would never use the bank myself or recommend to anyone.

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Clementine07's Profile Image

Reviewed by Clementine07

Mar 5th 2012

3 out of 5 marks

Behind The Times

The customer service is great, they cannot do enough for you. However, online banking takes 6+ days for a payment to clear. Atm still needs a deposit slip and envelope while other banks no longer need the extra paper. Even though i've only been with them for approximately one month, i'm beginning to feel like i signed up with the "buggy whip" bank. The online banking is reminiscent of the internet in the 1990's.

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bvp64's Profile Image

Reviewed by bvp64

Aug 14th 2013

3 out of 5 marks

1 star

I am definitely closing my account here after 12 years.

1. Every time I travel abroad, I call all my credit cards and banks to let them know where I will be going and the dates I will be away. No problem with any of the cards, except of course Investors Bank. In 3 different instances I called them before going away and 3 times they cancelled my card for " fraudulent activity" while I was away. Besides the embarrassment of having your card declined (while having funds available) at the point of sale, I had to waste my time trying to resolve their mistake.

2. Bank made a mistake and charged me a fee. Spoke to a rep on the phone - with a patronizing attitude he treated me like a 3 year-old. Tried a branch - got a dumbfounded stare from a rep. Finally spoke to a manager of a different branch - he was able to see a mistake in a second after looking at a statement. 3 hours wasted.

3. Getting annoying pop-up on their site telling me to join Trusteer Rapport (some monitoring service). Not interested. Like all annoying pop-ups, there's no "not interested" option. Received a reply from the bank: "Thank you for your email inquiry. I apologize for the inconvenience this is causing you. Unfortunately the only option you have is to â??remind me laterâ?? or to install the Trusteer Rapport."

4. Less significant annoyances:

a)their requirement to change online passwords every 3 (or 6, not sure) months.

b) walk into a branch (not all of them) and you get a barrage of "good mornings" from every employee the second you open the door. If "being friendly" is what they are after, it is not. This has "corporate memo" written all over it.

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Joseph Y's Profile Image

Reviewed by Joseph Y

Feb 9th 2011

3 out of 5 marks


I posted my first interaction a week ago. After a lot of complaining, my loan officer cut me a personal check to compensate me for being overcharged. I'm torn on the rating, as the fact that it was a personal check is very impressive. I'm sticking with average because I ended up with the deal that we agreed to

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Whitestone's Profile Image

Reviewed by Whitestone

Mar 25th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Rude cashiers. Never greet you or thank you or even look at you.

Rude cashiers. They never say greet the customer that walks in. I have never heard them say "hello", "welcome", "thank you" or "goodbye" even if the customer does. They don't even look at you. They just take the money and deposit, do whatever they do and give it to you without even looking at you or saying anything. It's like they're doing you a favor for doing business with you. Mrs.Roula however (she's a blonde lady sitting in one of the cubicles, probably manager) is very kind and friendly. I have been in this branch about 5 times and if I could help it, I wouldn't go back.

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jmcdonald's Profile Image

Reviewed by jmcdonald

Apr 17th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Never ever do a mortgage with this company.

I have to say this was the worst company for doing a mortgage through. They are sloppy, disorganized and the process has taken forever. It took months to notify us of any changes and despite submitting your paperwork in a timely manner they do not respond unless you ask for a status update. When they do they are constantly asking for additional information that they should have asked for in the beginning and after submitting multiple other documents. I will never recommend this company after my experience there.

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xelorwatch's Profile Image

Reviewed by xelorwatch

Feb 7th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

After 10 Years This Bank Is The Most Troublesome

I'd like to offer to some suggestions: 1) please respond, as in the past, i've never got a reply. 2) smartphone using android browser get error msg. #1516 when i attempt to log in. 3) i created qr scan, which works with chase and even white castle but not with investors bank. 4) i've done online banking for over 12 years - this bank is the only one that is troublesome. (ps) i also have public access setting, and i'm still not able to use my smartphone to gain access after secret question. It just remains in constant idle mode or i get error msg. #1516

after 10 years of this aggravation, i've recently opened another checking account in another bank, which is problem free. Also, no other online bank, in over 12 years has annoyed me with a three month password change. I no longer recommend your bank to friends and family. Your bank needs a complete overhaul to compete with other efficient institutions. No reply necessary, as i never get one anyway.

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GUSE's Profile Image

Reviewed by GUSE

Nov 14th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Very unprofessional, unreasonable latent fees, closed my deposit accounts with very respectable balances

They hit my deposit account with some new service fees and after I asked them to reverse them they refused, and that despite my argument that I had no knowledge of the fees and going forward I would not like to have this sweep service anyway, because it was useless to me. Finally, they reversed it after complaining to bank's President. & CEO, who by they way never replied the justification of charging these fees on my accounts considering respectable deposit balance I maintained with them

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BigManOnTheHill's Profile Image

Reviewed by BigManOnTheHill

May 27th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Will NOT Cash Their Own Official Checks !!

Investors Bank Policies need review, they refused to cash their own "Bank Check" Official Check because I did not have an account. A bank issued check is a cash negotiable instrument and according to UCC rules, the obligated (issuing) bank must pay to the bearer on demand. Investors Bank refused to cash their own issued Official Check - this defiant bank is not a place for any business in Real estate or Investment were payable amounts must be available to the bearer for quick turn over. My first dealings with Investors Bank were very lacking and their policies are contrary to accepted banking rules and regulations. Also trying to call this bank is a nightmare, talking with someone who can actually assist you is nonexistent.

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antoinettenj's Profile Image

Reviewed by antoinettenj

Apr 25th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Archaic bank practices

I tried to establish bill paying online. IT TAKES 3 business days for this bank to do that. 3 days? Are you serious? That is very poor customer service.

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Domelogic's Profile Image

Reviewed by Domelogic

Mar 28th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Mortgage Refinance

The rates are very good but the help is horrible. They take a while to get back to you and if you need help with something do not bet you will get it. I needed to appeal my appraisal and only they can do that. This company flat out would not appeal it for me. I asked no less than a dozen times even going so far as to calling the company who did the appraisal to ask them. It is a simple request and one that is done quite often. Their response was they needed me to get MLS comps but that is not what I was appealing. Trying to get them to listen has been impossible. The last email was we can not do anything for you. With this kind of service I would never recommend this company to anyone.

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Pissedoff2015's Profile Image

Reviewed by Pissedoff2015

Jan 28th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Investors Bank Is Horrible!!

I've been a home owner for 15 years, had loans with multiple lenders, and have gone through refinance/home equity loan processes a few times. None of my past experiences can compare with the trouble i have now with investors bank. Not only are they stuck in the 80's with the lack of online bill pay, they continue to charge me a late fee and show my account as having a double payment due, every billing statement. I pay my mortgage, through bank of america's online bill payment system, two days before it is actually due.

Granted, it may not post by the actual due date, but there is a grace period, which after speaking to a rep, is 17 days, before they assess a late fee. At first, i was caught off guard by this, but accepted responsibility and drove to the local branch to pay the late fee the first time. I was told that this was an error and should not happen again. Well, low and behold, i open up my statement, and bam, another late fee and double payment required. I looked up my banking statement, and it shows the payment clearing on the 3rd, when it's due on the 1st.

Why the late fee? I checked my credit report after the first time and it appears as a late payment. The rep i originally spoke to informed me that it would be removed. Guess what, it's still there. I am currently researching fraudulent charges and practices with the federal reserve before i speak to my attorney. I may be wrong with this, but to me, something is not kosher. The plot thickens. Moral of the story, i would avoid investors bank at all costs!

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JoeyD's Profile Image

Reviewed by JoeyD

Nov 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Policies

I am not a customer of Investors Bank, nor will I ever be after my first and only experience with them. I received a refund check from my oral surgeon's office and when I walked into the branch to cash the check (written on Investors Bank check) they would not cash the check if it was not a payroll check or if I did not have an account with them. As I typically use my own bank for financial transactions, I'm not aware if this is an industry standard or some garbage policy made up by Investors Bank.

What good is paying someone by check if the bank it is drawn on will not honor it? Absolutely stupid. The tellers at the bank on Route 38 in Mt. Laurel NJ were of ZERO help and extremely condescending. After refusing to honor THEIR check, I left the branch and noticed that TD Bank (my bank) across the street. Kind of crazy that TD Bank had no problem in accepting the check drawn on Investors Bank. I will never accept another check drawn on Investors Bank and I will never do business with them. EVER. The worst customer service experience I've had in a long time and will not tolerate it.

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dabanse's Profile Image

Reviewed by dabanse

Aug 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Constant Mortgage posting Errors

I understand mistakes happen, but when a regular mortgage and line of credit are paid up extra and your payments are not posted, I lose patience. This is my 5th mortgage co and the worst. They need to hire people that are capable of handling accounting posts. They also need to include Homeowners insurance paid through mortgages instead of saving their own fees. Customer service is polite, but I personally do not appreciate the risk of my credit showing late payments or none at all due to an incompetency. Three strikes your out.

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plumj123's Profile Image

Reviewed by plumj123

Aug 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Do not get a mortgage with Investors Bank

Investors Bank notified me by paper mail (snail mail) of an upcoming change to my monthly payment amount. I am inundated with paper mail and I sometimes fall behind in reading it. It was also during the busy holiday period at the end of the year and I was working very long hours because I work for an investment bank. Because I missed reading the paper letter, I did not add on the additional $20 to my automatic monthly payment which is over $2000. Once I spotted the paper notice I sent them the additional $20 electronically from my bank account. It takes Investors Bank 2 days to process an electronic payment, so the $20 ended up posting 1 day late. Investors Bank did NOT try to call or email me to notify me that they were going to report the $20 shortfall that posted 1 day late as a MISSED PAYMENT to the credit bureaus. When I called Investors Bank and explained what they did to me, they told me to fax them a letter and that they would have the MISSED PAYMENT removed from my credit report. You can guess what happened next. I wrote the letter and faxed it to them and then they did nothing. Do yourself a favor and go to Quicken Loans. They will call you if they see anything unusual happening in your account or if you are even close to missing a payment.

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