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Kearny Federal Savings Bank Customer Review

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Jazzyt747's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Jazzyt747

Jan 20th 2013

Banking And Racial Profiling

Normally i do not write about my experiences with people, primarily because people are people. Today 1-18-2013 i had to make an exception. Blatant discrimination or racism is obvious and in todays society most are oblivious to the subtleness of it. At a kearny federal savings bank in woodridge , nj i experienced it. Since i do work all day, every day i arrived at this branch to do a withdrawal from a petty cash account that i keep with this branch. The lobby was closed at 3:00pm and so i had to do this transaction at the drive-up window. I asked the teller for a checking withdrawal slip, she asked "do you have a check?? " i said, "no, i have the number here" and gave her an old checking withdrawal slip. She took the slip and left the window, she returned with another woman, and then asked for an id. I said "sure" and gave her my drivers license.

She took the slip and license and left the window, the other woman stood there on the computer i have to assume that she was reviewing my account as if i was a thief attempting to defraud them of monies. She left briefly and she and the teller returned; the teller then sent out the slip and license in the drive-thru drawer and said "okay, now you have to drive around to the back of the line. " i asked, "why? "

she replied "you should have been ready, because corporate says we cannot have a line" i looked at her for a moment in amazement and then proceeded to fill out the slip. I wasn't doing that, besides if i was in the lobby filling out the same slip, would i have to go to the back of the line?? Once i completed the slip i sent it back in to the teller. The other woman then proceeded to repeat what the teller said, but also added that i should have come into the lobby, or go to my own branch in east rutherford. This now confirms that she was reviewing my account; for what?

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