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KeyBank Latest Customer Reviews

MissGarcia's Profile Image

Reviewed by MissGarcia

Sep 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst bank i have ever had!

So sick and tired of Key Bank. I understand there are charges for certain things but when they don't explain that to you and you go through about 5 different accounts with one lie after another. Its so frustrating. Funny how they say $15 for every withdrawal and you look in the bank statement and its $30. Wow huge difference right? Not the only bad experience. I have had one other person warn me and I gave it a chance. Big mistake. I would avoid Key Bank unless you want to be charged for stupid charges and the employees there seem like they don't care and make excuses.

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JACKTATER1658's Profile Image

Reviewed by JACKTATER1658

Jul 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


Run away. Do not use key bank. They will steal from you using overdraft and other made up fees. They will lie to you and preform their jobs like they don't know it. The customer service people are rude, inconsiderate and will threaten you with legal action once they play all their cards. Please, take my advice and use another bank, any other bank.

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johnabianchi's Profile Image

Reviewed by johnabianchi

Jul 8th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

An Absolute Con of a Bank

I should have listened. Before my wife and I opened up a Home Equity Line (and corresponding Checking Account), my brother warned me that this bank was not to be trusted.

Odd Quirk Re: Balances

So, you know how, when you receive your statement from your bank, it lists the transaction amount, and your balance? KeyBank won't show you your balance alongside the transaction. This, in itself, is reason enough not to use this bank.

What happened to my brother:

He had closed an account with KeyBank. A few weeks later, an automated deposit had subsequently been sent to his - now closed - account. KeyBank reopened his account without notifying him, then started charging him monthly $10 account fees, until the small deposit was eaten through. Then they started charging him $10 plus overdraft fees. It wasn't until he received notice on the overdraft fees that he had any idea that he even had an open account with them.

What has happened to us:

In the past several months, KeyBank has done everything they can to extract overdraft fees from us, with no improper action on our part.

We have had a recurring deposit from another bank (BECU) into KeyBank to cover the payments to the HELOC. There has never been a problem with the BECU account transfers, and BECU is a highly respected credit union. Recently, they started "holding" our transfers to BECU. They had never done this before, and had no reason to suspect that there were any problems with the account, but in holding the balances, our loan payments overdrafted the checking accounts (two payments per month, two overdraft fees). We've since had all of the fees rescinded, but I'm sure they were hoping that we wouldn't notice, so they'd be able to get us for more fees.

I have absolutely no faith that this bank has my interests in mind, and if it didn't cost thousands of dollars to apply for a loan elsewhere, we would be out of there in an instant.

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sam4m14's Profile Image

Reviewed by sam4m14

Jul 3rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst bank ever after 14 years with them

This bank is a joke, The only reason I kept dealing with them because the person running the show in the branch is the assistance manager and his name Brian in Fishers IN. He is excellent.

If you are new customer do not choose them

who put the rules for this bank look like a gang member and the last thing they would care about is your money.

Several times I disputed charges on my debit card and they denied it and lost the money.

Some times I put money in the account and write some checks, then if it happen in the same day even if the deposit was first, they will charge $37 over draft fees for every transaction. They manipulate the transaction in a way to get the overdraft fees.

over the years I lost so much money because of them. I wish one day after I pay the equity loan I will be able to move to chase

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Martezluv's Profile Image

Reviewed by Martezluv

Jul 3rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

The keys means unlocking the door to Hell

When I opened the account I was promised $200.00. The branch manager told me I would see it applied to my account within 30 days. When I didn't see it 30 days later, I called the branch and had to speak with another manager who got rude because I was asking questions! (I should have closed the account at that moment because that was a sign that I was lied to so that the branch manager could make her money!).

I called the 800 number and the rep at the 800 number tells me I will have my $200.00 in 60days. After 60 days still nothing! I called the 800 number again and this time I was told 90days. A week before they was to give me the money Key Bank would do all kinds of crazy stuff to my account: I woke up one morning and they had transferred money from my checking to my savings then charged me $15.00 for transferring my money back. I call the 800 number to figure out what was going on and Key Bank charged me $1.50 for calling customer service.

Now after 5 months of having the account open and meeting all the requirements still there was no $200.00 given! The branch manager who was nice when I set up the account didn't care anymore because she had made her money so she begin to tell me the truth. Nothing was told to me about all the hidden charges so because of this they denied giving me the $200.00! If you want to be lied to and scammed this is the bank for you! The people who working for this company must be trained to lie, know that this company is only out to get rich off of you even if it means messing up your credit and putting you more in debt. (The key on the red background means: unlocking the door to hell!). I wouldn't recommend this back to my worst enemy!

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Ahfhmhf's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ahfhmhf

Jun 26th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst bank ever!

I asked them to close my account, in bowling green Ohio. They said it was closed, and sent me a check with the rest of my account. Then a year later I found out my account went over draft because of being a $0 balance. It went up to $300, I paid it and told them to make sure everything was closed this time. I just found out 4 years later that I was over due for $120 that they said was because my account wasn't closed again. They are the worst bank in the world, they can't even close an account. This time I said I wouldn't pay it, and now my credit has a hit on it.

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VaughnCHensley's Profile Image

Reviewed by VaughnCHensley

Jun 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

KeyBank Stinks!

The most rude employees I have ever had to deal with! It's been 16 days and waiting to get my money from a Key Investment. I would not recommend Key Bank to anyone for any reason ever.

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bjmsynapse's Profile Image

Reviewed by bjmsynapse

May 23rd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Brand Promise from Key Bank is a joke! - sr mngt -no comment

We have been customers at Key Bank for more than 25 years.

When we needed a line of credit we went to Key Bank because of their Brand Promise "A Response Within 48 Hours" .

This is a promise to either accept or reject an application for a line of credit with 48 hours.

It turns out they have no commitment to deliver on this at all !

Bryan Flaherty, AVP Key Bank says the Brand Promise is only to "let you know we are working on it" In other words a complete bastardization of the brand promise.

Bear in mind that we had ALL the required documents to them within 3 business hours of the application being filed and they said "yes we have everything we need"

When I asked to speak to someone above the branch level rep., I was give a non-functioning phone number.

When I called their 800# customer service they had no idea what a brand promise was. When I asked "Jay" for the contact info for the Market President in Maine he would have to get permission from his supervisor. When I asked to speak to the supervisor directly "jay" told that I could only do so if I promised not to record the conversation. At that point I gave up !

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EASPEN's Profile Image

Reviewed by EASPEN

May 16th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible phone system - Horrible fees - Horrible customer service

Horrible phone system - Horrible fees - Horrible customer service

Even ready with SS# - Passwords, you can't get through phone system to a human for 10 plus minutes.

Statement says $30 late fee if payment after the 12th. The payment arrived on the 12th yet they charged $58 for a late fee. It took another 1/2 hour to get it reversed as we were guilty until we proved innocent. We were ready with check posting dates.

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audryclark's Profile Image

Reviewed by audryclark

May 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

They manipulate your charges so you get more overdraft fees!

Do not open an account with them. I opted for no overdraft protection. I had a $8 netflix payment that I completely forgot to update my card to my primary checking through a credit union but thought I would be fine as it would fail instead of go through as I specifically opted out of overdraft. Rather, they put it through and charged me $37 overdraft fee! They should have declined my charge when my account was $0 but instead they covered them and charged me excessive fee amounts.

Then I email the guy that initiated my account and he completely diverts my questions of " Why did you allow charges when I don't have overdraft" and says that all i need to do is file a complaint with Netflix and completely ignores my questions. Then directly after this they manipulated two other debit card charges so that they "posted" after the account was negative when I specifically saw them go through the day prior to the account being negative due to the overdraft fee and then charged me two additional overdraft fees! If I could rate zero stars I would have. Livid!

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Mathewdudenake's Profile Image

Reviewed by Mathewdudenake

May 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

KeyBank minupulates you into fees and is unethical as a bank.

They lied to me and gave me the worst customer service ever. This is the first time I have ever filed a complaint. The Downtown Denver location has a office manager that refuses to give you the service you would expect from a bank. He flat out refused to send me the paper work I asked for. They even acused me falsely of making a scene in there store when I only said 11 word. I said,"I need what's left in my account and please close it." I have know idea how that is so threatening that they sent me a letter not to come into the branch again any ways I closed my account. The manager filed this false statement to cover himself because I was talking to corporate head quarters and his lack of desire to do his job.

Avoid KeyBank in Colorado at all costs. Why support a bank that doesn't post deposits in your account first like most banks do. You will find out there a second class bank that needs to lie and minipulate your account so they can can collect fees that you wouldn't have at other banks. Wen your in there just ask yourself why there is so little customers in there all the time. And at 5pm when you get off work they only have 1 teller in the store and you have to wait 15-20 minutes to do a 2 minute task. They should have a F rating or a D- rating and they should be investigated by the attorney generals office for fraud. I have no idea how a 1 star rating on this site equals a c plus rating.

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doctorgary's Profile Image

Reviewed by doctorgary

Apr 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

10+ Year Commercial and Residential Customer - Very Bad Bank, Avoid At All Costs

I have experience over 10+ years with virtually every aspect of KeyBank, including personal accounts, loans, business accounts, small business line of credit, and home loan line of credit, and they are consistently substandard in every department. Avoid this bank at all costs! We only used them because the larger business I was originally part of as one of 20 partners used them, so we virtually were forced to use them as well. When I formed my own business, I banked with another bank who was then bought out by them.

Fortunately we were able to use yet another bank for half of our business activity, and the difference with KeyBank was 100%. KeyBank has the worst funds availability policy of any bank I have ever seen, is amazingly beaurocratic and slow, is unwilling to help with any issue, consistently makes horrible mistakes which it never acknowledges, and never gives any good advise. They have caused my businesses at least half a dozen major problems. It is amazing this bank has any customers based on my long term experience, but I think much of their business is because they acquired other banks. I am not surprised that every review on this site is very negative. Theses reviews jive with my extensive and repeated experience with KeyBank. Do yourself and your business a favor and do not bank with KeyBank.

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Suntanner's Profile Image

Reviewed by Suntanner

Apr 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Keystone bankers

I opened a checking account online with $50 initial deposit from another bank. A week later, they closed my account without any notification. I called and Carol, who is in charge of my online account told me there was a problem with the initial deposit. She can't tell me if I had entered the wrong account information, so I have no idea if it was my fault, my bank's fault, or Key. She told me to just go ahead and open another account. I did and funded it with my credit card instead. A week later, they closed my account again without any notification. I called and was told that I had a negative relationship due to the earlier initial deposit problem so they closed my account. Why didn't they give me a chance to remedy the first problem before they close my account, or let me know about the negative relationship issue so I can remedy it before applying the second time? Very frustrating.

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nightbirdx's Profile Image

Reviewed by nightbirdx

Apr 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

KeyBank gets my vote for the worst bank ever!

I opened an account and made an online deposit of $50 from a savings account. The transaction was not completed-perhaps because I typed in the wrong account number, or some other error. I have no idea why it did not go through as I have had a few hundred in the savings account for 15 years.

I received no notification that the $50 deposit did not go through .Within days of the $50 deposit I then had hundreds of dollars deposited directly from my paycheck. I stopped in at the branch to get an ATM card and order a debit card. Nothing was said about my account on that day.

Five days later my debit card arrived and when I attempted to activate it I was connected to customer service agent who told me that my account had been closed because the $50 initial deposit had been drawn on a non-existent account! I asked how I was to access the money deposited and was told that they would send me a check, but they were not sure when it would arrive. Additionally, until the cancellation of he direct deposit can be processed a good part of my paycheck will be sent to KeyBank.

Their customer service is lousy and they don't know what they are doing.

Do not open an account with Key Bank! I am also filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

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Linksvu's Profile Image

Reviewed by Linksvu

Apr 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

A bank with much needed improvement in the customer service and service offerings departments

I was a long-term (over 10 years) customer of KeyBank, and even defended them on a few occasions with family members, but finally reached the point where their weak, and weakening, quality of customer service was not worth keeping all of our business with them. Here are the main reasons:

I do not have much experience with other mid-to large banks but Key impresses me as very greedy and stingy: overdraft "rules" heavily skewed in their favor; fees or penalties for just about anything they could find; and their credit offerings were a fraction of other institutions.

Clear sub-par service: a very unfriendly and unhelpful corporate call center (most answers were go to a local branch); difference types of accounts managed completely separately (loans, credit cards, checking accounts, line of credits, etc) with no communication between departments; and turn-around times were downright terrible (one car loan took over 3 months to close!).

With all of the other banks and offerings out there, as a long-term customer I simply could not put up with such a low service bank, with below or just average offerings (online was acceptable, bank staff was usually acceptable) any longer.

I will never go back to such a lowly bank as KeyBank having experienced USAA now -- a real bank that cares about their customers and offers services that lead the industry.

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emq's Profile Image

Reviewed by emq

Apr 7th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible and too many fees.

They charge college students $5 a month if they don't use their ATM card enough, and when I went to close the account it too months and numerous phone calls, emails, and chats. Meanwhile, they kept charging my account!

Their customer service is horrible!

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Biggzz1's Profile Image

Reviewed by Biggzz1

Mar 25th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Very poor

After being with them for 3 years found hidden fees the online banking don't work keeps making me change my password so I closed that one got a new one that one I ended up receiving 3 ATM cards before one would work set up online went to sign on the very next day an the same crap password don't match I give. I'm done. I'm closing this account I'm paying $10.00 per month for a headache on a daily bases. I'm tired of the toucher.

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Paigelidd's Profile Image

Reviewed by Paigelidd

Mar 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


Awful from the start. Nothing but problems and terrible customer service. Should have been a warning when it took 3 months for them to get it right and send me my debit card...

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ddave's Profile Image

Reviewed by ddave

Mar 10th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

To many fees

They seem to have fees for everything.

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JohnDaniels's Profile Image

Reviewed by JohnDaniels

Feb 5th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Key bank is the worst and should be shut down

I opened up a account at key bank starting with 50 bucks.. My boss direct deposited 6000 dollars after doing so key bank puts a hold on my account.. I called them asking why there was a hold on my money.. Not one person wld tell me why they just feed me w crap not answering my question.. This went on for 2 weeks.. I call them back after I got my ATM card they told me that there was no hold on account and that I could access my founds in 24hours ok so I order checks they charged me for them thinking it's all good . Next day I go to withdraw and it tells me card not active so I call and they once again say there is a hold on account and that they never lifted the hold so now I'm pissed they charged me for checks and. Now I cnt have my money.. Not even a day later my boss called asking why check got sent back to him and key bank closed my account with out telling me calling email nothing now I have checks I wrote thinking I had money in my account and they all bounced what's the deal...???? How can they charge me for checks and fees and the. Send my money back and close my account without telling me or giving me any reason now they expect me to pay for them checks lol lol yea don't think so key bank needs to closed or sued for stealing people's money

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DISAAPOINTED's Profile Image


Jan 15th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Lack of Knowledge and extremely poor customer service.

I too have had many accounts at several different banks Bank of America, Chase, Citibank Bank and Key Bank is by far the worst in knowledge and customer service. I visited the branch in which I had my checking account for many years. The young representative was informed by me as to what type of account I wanted to open. Not only did she open the wrong type of acct. she cancelled my ATM card to my checking account (that I had for many years) that had nothing to do with the acct I was attempting to open. This all happened during the Christmas season. I had no access to my money/checking acct.

The same representative opened an account for $0.94 under my name which I never authorized. The beneficiaries I asked to be placed on account was never done. She was not knowledgeable about the products or services the bank had to offer, She directed me to go online to find out the services. I decided to go to a different branch to fix the mess and that nightmare was just as bad as the first.

They two screwed up. The account opened in error was suppose to be closed out they not only left the acct open they linked the debit/ATM to the acct that should have been closed out. I called corporate to file a complaint and to get the account(s) corrected. The whole ordeal to over 2 months to fix. I was told I would get a letter of apology. To date, I am still waiting for a letter or apology. Both ladies who screwed uo are still working at the branches. I have to add this part in as well. The second time I called in to speak to someone in corporate the rep. who I informed of all the problems, I experienced, and expressed that I am not happy with KeyBank tried to sell more Keybank products to me. I had to let her know, never try to sell a Key Bank product to an extremely dissatisfied customer that just finished telling you what they experienced. She mad me more angry.

Key Bank does not care about their customers/investors who keep their business in business. They are the worst bank that I have ever dealt with.

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ScottGiddings's Profile Image

Reviewed by ScottGiddings

Dec 19th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Worst customer service ever

I've had accounts at several banks large & small over the years, ranging from 1st Midwest to Bank of America, and Key ranks as the worst for customer service. My mother banked at Key for many years, though that is no testament to its merits. There were two branches she learned to avoid because of consistently rude, careless service. As her health failed I took over her affairs, with power of atty & as a cosigner on her account. Since then it has been my turn to experience the misery of dealing with Key. Reps & execs in phone conversations have been cold, uncooperative, and even insulting. Online service is poor, slow, and user-unfriendly. Automated phone services are often unproductive and frustrating. Beware of their multi-layered "account security"--unprecedented in comparison to every other bank I've worked with. It only serves to delay and thwart attempts to avoid unnecessary fees and access your funds in a timely manner. Though I can't say I'm a big fan of any bank, Key Bank is definitely the worst I've ever encountered in over thirty years of banking.

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terriblekeybank's Profile Image

Reviewed by terriblekeybank

Dec 6th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

the worst bank

First, the agent wrote my name wrong when I opened the account, I stay there for many hours just to open account. Second, the agent told me wrong things about $200 promotion. Later, I didn't get $200. They just say sorry about that, and do nothing for that. Also, if i cancel that account, they still need to charge $25. The agents are unprofessional. The bank system are trash. And when you open, you must wait 6 months. And there's maintenance fee for each month. Terrible experience. So be very careful. The promotions most are trap.

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angelbih's Profile Image

Reviewed by angelbih

Nov 30th 2013

1 out of 5 marks


After I deposited $5000 check my troubles started. It's been held for past 10 days. First I was informed of possible "fraud" rather than " hold is a standard procedure for big checks". Nobody bothered to explain anything to me, but they did freeze all of my accounts, closed one with out my consent and blocked my card. At this point nobody can tell me why is my card blocked even though I have funds on my account aside from 5k that is coming out on Wednesday. Fraud department people are conveniently always unavailable. I have been left with no food and transportation over the Thanksgiving and I am completely denied access to MY money. This treatment is full on profiling of poor people who rarely have big deposits. I am the most bothered my the lack of understanding, complete abandonment an the fact that nobody is willing to tell me what is going on. Shame on you Key bank, even a poor person manages not to be poor anymore, I guess that is too suspicious for you. Shame on you!

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sugarbear's Profile Image

Reviewed by sugarbear

Nov 13th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Very Bad

We were getting a house and after they told us we were approve for everything and then one day before closing they denied me. The loan officer name Steve lied all the time about saying, get your thing's packed because we can get the house. You need to be very careful when you deal with key bank because they will lie to you right to your face. They will lose a lot of business and i can't see how they stay in business. They charge me even after they denied me, $415.00 for paper work. They should be closed down.

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melanie784234's Profile Image

Reviewed by melanie784234

Nov 1st 2013

1 out of 5 marks


The branch manager in Parma, Jen, does not take inquiries seriously. She does not hold accountability for when their bank makes mistakes. She does not try to help the customer in the best way that she can. Key Bank overall takes your money without your permission, and when asked about the situation, they avoid your questions, and will not show you proof of anything.

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afifhossain's Profile Image

Reviewed by afifhossain

Oct 25th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Be careful if you are a minority member

Key bank conducted an inefficient, unfair human resources investigation and didnâ??t carefully review all the facts. It falsely cited Company policy violations as the reason for my termination and it included those "false violationsâ?? on my U5 termination reason.

Key bank made defamatory comments on my U-5 termination notice because

1. I escalated my wrongful termination to senior level executives.

2. I complained about discrimination on the job and told I wanted to report the violations.

I wanted to gather just the general information after my termination (Time stamp, termination notice, etc). After 5 failed tries to HR, ER and Manager I send an email to Key bank President, HR Head. I wanted to tell them it was a wrongful termination and it wasnâ??t due to company policy violation and it was for Discrimination. I followed their open door policy to dispute my wrongful discharge. After careful consideration I told them I will seek legal advice to resolve this dispute for my safety and protection.

I was on the process disputing my termination due to discrimination. I wanted a fair and unbiased person to go over the details of my wrongful termination and I was following Key bank's "Open door dispute process".

04/16/13 Met life (Future Employer) called me and told me I have serious violations in my U5. And now my career is over because Key bank Retaliate and made defamatory comments in my U5 .

During My exit interview 3/26/13 ER specialist said â??Key bank positions will be neutral for employment termination reasonâ??

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agoza01's Profile Image

Reviewed by agoza01

Oct 15th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank to Bank WIth.

I refer 2 people they received $200 each and I supposed to receive $50 per referral and no luck it has been 90 days and no luck call Customer Service and was charge $3.00 for the call and no luck they referred me to the local branch. Go to local branch they told me I have to wait 90 days after each person received the $200.00

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bobbi's Profile Image

Reviewed by bobbi

Sep 27th 2013

1 out of 5 marks


everytime I turn around they are charging me for over draft fees. the teller actually told me that they process the debits prior to the credits. money just disappears then will reappears 3-5 days later, the branch manager actually looked me in the eye and said they do the same with his account. This is a bank? under what laws to they operate? if you open an account at key, be prepared for anything, Now they are charging me a fee because my direct deposit is not enough. I did not sign up for any balance restriction, i signed up with direct deposit. Not enough for them to want to bother with I guess.

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bbhfam's Profile Image

Reviewed by bbhfam

Sep 19th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Very Poor Customer Service!

I had been with key bank at the same branch in logan, utah for 2 years. I went to open a savings account and they froze the new savings account after i transferred money into it and the transfer was no where to be seen. I called the branch only to be "helped" by the branch manager that told me that they were not only closing my savings account but also the checking account that i have held for 2+ years. They were kind enough to allow me to come in to the branch the next day and allow me to pick up whatever money i had in my account. This is assuming the direct deposit that i had processed on Monday was not rejected. The bank manager was extremely rude and could not explain why they were closing the account other than to say that they had just decided. I will never use key bank again!

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