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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By WfitzJfitz Jan 21, 2016

Personal Banker Experience

I would like to recognize an exemplary Personal Banker Laura Pataki. at the Concord Township Ohio Branch
On Dec 18th 2015 both my checking / Debit and my Savings Accounts were compromised
I received a phone call from Key bank Friday evening at 7:30 pm advising me about the transactions and I went into the Branch the next morning Dec. 19 Saturday and Laura had the information and was waiting for me stating that she was just getting ready to call me.
Laura was professional, knowledgeable, service orientated to resolve the situation. Over the next two months Laura continued to help walk me through the steps monitoring the investigation by Key Bank, providing me with temporary checks, walking me through the steps of closing my old accounts and opening a new Checking account and saving account along with a Key Credit Card.
Laura was efficient in transferring the funds from the old to the new and monitoring the funds that were put on hold and eventually seeing that they properly got transferred. “In addition she monitored direct deposits that were sent to the old account and transfer those funds.
I have been in the business world for over 40 years and Laura certainly ranks as one of the best Personal Banker encountered. Efficient, great follow through, patient to explain what was going on and very helpful in recommending new more stringent security measure that I could take to strengthen the Security of my Account.
Laura was always cheerful and happy to see me when I came into the Branch and was professional and energized when she had to contact me by phone.
I remain a Key Bank customer because of Laura and her service.
Please recognize Laura for her extraordinary service rendered during a time that was exceptional stressful and concerning for myself and my Wife.
I extend a sincere THANK YOU!
William and May Jean Fitzgerald

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Mcjr Feb 27, 2016

Thieves in bank's clothing

Something is wrong when you put money in a bank for safe keeping only to have the bank turn around and steal money from you under the guise of fees. Although I've been a good customer for many years, Key bank stole money out of my account through multiple ridiculous fees that I could never make up in interest and slapped me in the face with terrible customer service when I complained about it. I couldn't get my money out fast enough out of fear they would steal more?

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Latest KeyBank Reviews

  • A
    Reviewed By ambram2595 Jun 26, 2016

    terrible cellphone app service and online banking

    Don't get me wrong keybank is not a bad bank to go with but their mobile app and their online banking is terrible! My fiance and I have been with keybank for two years and anytime we get paid and we spend money on bills etc, it seems like their processing time is extremely slow, and things will say that they are pending when they really are not, and vice versa. They have good customer service however and the people at my local branch are friendly, but when I contact the main customer service its hard to get a representative that speaks English clearly.

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  • D
    Reviewed By dslcoolidge Jun 8, 2016

    Closing account

    I am beyond frustrated due to the difficulty I've had in my several attempts to close out my checking account due to a move out of state. First, on a trip back to my home state of Ohio, I went in my branch in north Columbus and asked that a check for my remaining balance be made out to my new bank. The officer said in a very flippant, dismissive way, "Oh, we don't do it that way anymore!". "You'll have to go online and do it yourself." As I have never become completely comfortable with online banking, I asked her if there was any other way I could do it. She said, "No." I told her that I had left my passwords at my new house in the other state where I had recently moved. She said, "Well, I guess you'll just have to take care of it when you get back home." Two weeks later when I arrived home in my new state of residence, I went online to make the transfer. Then is when I found out that the money would not be able to be transferred to my new account for 8 days. I called the Key Bank 800 customer service number to ask if there was any other way to transfer the money that would be faster than 8 days. The customer service rep said, "Yes, you can go into a branch and do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" At that point, in utter frustration, I called the Columbus, Ohio branch that I had visited during my trip home. I asked to speak to the manager and was told that he was away from the branch until the next day. So I asked to speak to the assistant manager and was told that their branch doesn't have an assistant manager. Then I asked who was in charge of the branch at that moment, and the young woman said that she guessed that she was. She said that she was the head teller. I said , "Do you mean that there are no officers on duty right now?" She said yes, there was one who was busy with a customer. That one officer was the woman that had previously told me that the only way I could close out my account and transfer my rather large balance was for me to do it online!! The head teller that I was speaking to refused to give the the name of the bank manager or the officer on duty that had started all my problems in the first place.

    I had no option but to wait for the 8 days to lapse. Today I received a notice from Key that the money could now be transferred out of my Key account over to my new bank's account. I thought, "Great! Finally!" BUT when I tried to make the transfer of the entire balance, I received a notice that, that was impossible because I am limited to transferring only $2,000 per day!!!!!! Now what?! Tomorrow I will try to gain contact with the Columbus, Ohio branch manager and ask him what I can do. After all I've been through gaining access to MY money, I'm not expecting much in the way of service. Fortunately, my new bank has been giving me outstanding service, and I'm looking forward to eventually extricating myself from all association with Key Bank and continuing with a bank that is well known for stability and fine customer service.

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  • B
    Reviewed By BOROTOWN Jun 4, 2016

    Key Bank Charges Excessive Fees.

    If you enjoy excessive fees, Key bank is for you! Not $5, or $15...But how's $25 sound? Justification? Just a shoddy response.

    If you live in SW Ohio, or anywhere in the Buckeye State, take your business elsewhere.

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  • J
    Reviewed By jwy Jun 4, 2016

    A Thief in a Bank - A Bank of Thieves

    Wow, I should have read those reviews before doing business with key Bank! I used Key Bank Guilderland Branch for a very long time. About two years ago, I went to the KeyBank Guilderland (Albany, NY) branch to close my account, but the manager there, Karen, talked me into setting up a money-market checking account without a monthly fee. A year ago, I realized there was a monthly fee taken out of my checking account, accumulating to $375 ($25/month). When I found out the large amount of fees, I called the Key Bank general number; they took off the fee for one month and referred me to a “relationship manager” at the University branch to address the other fees. I went to talk with the manager at the University Branch, since she was my “relationships manager” (these strange titles) and she agreed that the fees should not be taken out of the account and said she’d do something about it. Nothing happened in almost six monthly. In this time, I called her and even went to her office to see her again. She agreed that she “dropped the ball” and would definitely do something. Without hearing anything for two or three week, Last week I went to the Guilderland branch, where I opened my accounts, and talked to the manager there, Guy Prisciandaro. This person has the pure quality of a thug. He literally told me that he would not do anything to pay them back because I should have noticed the fees early. Mr. Prisciandaro has a very simple logic: “I am a thief but you need to catch me early; otherwise I take your money.” I closed my account at KeyBank this afternoon. I felt sad, when I saw people going to the counter and put their hard-earned money in the hands of tellers behind the counter – how many of them will be ripped off? This IS a bank of thieves and thugs, and Mr. Guy Prisciandaro is the best representative of the worst kind of low beings that feed on people’s naivety, kindness, and humanity. This bank does not deserve even one star. If you have read all these reviews about this bank of thieves and still want to do business there, you only have yourself to blame when you get hurt. Stay as far away as you can!

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  • P
    Reviewed By pdhquizman Jun 3, 2016

    Bunch of crooks

    Key Bank has lost its good name. They just instituted a service fees for all the customers that don't maintain $2,500 average balance on their checking account and they do not pay any interest on any money deposited there. What a stupid management decision. They don't care about losing their loyal customers for decades and do not care that bank without customers will eventually go out of business. They promise you to open checking account with no fees and as soon as you establish direct deposit and payments, they start charging you monthly fees, making it so inconvenient to switch to a new bank. What a bunch of incompetent managers that will run this once good bank into the ground! Do not get fooled and bank with Key Bank!

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  • J
    Reviewed By jimmyjames35 May 18, 2016

    debit card is used as a chipcard lol hate keybank lol on them

    debit card is used as a chipcard lol hate keybank lol on them
    debit card is used as a chipcard lol hate keybank lol on them

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  • K
    Reviewed By klm1108 May 9, 2016

    Stay Away!

    I would run as far away from this bank as possible! We moved from NC to Ohio and needed to change banks.. Our first mistake was not doing more research on Key Bank! We've only been banking with them for about 4 months and it's been one headache after another. It's almost impossible to have control over YOUR money. We called the Eastgate branch trying to get an issue worked out and the manager laughed at us. They have terrible customer service and treat you like crap! We will be closing this account as soon as possible and go to a much better banking establiahment!

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  • M
    Reviewed By mistylynn33 Apr 28, 2016

    worse bank ever!!!!

    I want to give them zero stars. They are horrible people! Scam artists really! They definitely don't care about their customers!! Do Not bank with them#!!!!

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  • R
    Reviewed By Renae Apr 24, 2016

    Poor customer services, hidden fees

    I have had my account over 2.5 years with Key Bank. I have never had overdraft fees my account was set up so that if funds were unavailable I wouldn't be charged. I have checking, and 4 savings including children's accounts. I made transfers over the phone from my savings to my checking often. I never had fees, but I made like 10 transfers over the last month, happened to look at my balance I was charged 150 dollars for each transaction. I had money in all savings had I know about the fees, I would have transferred from multiple accounts. Customer service rep waived one fee, and was going to help resolve never called back. I called today so I can close my accounts, they said I cant close it because of a negative balance. I feel that is fraud. I feel that a good bank, would contact me and say are you aware of your charges. Instead of letting me be charged ridiculously amounts of money just for transferring funds. The customer care team sucks. They seem to careless about you as a customer. I will be going to CHASE my mother always gets calls from them when, they seem more supportive.

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  • B
    Reviewed By BackUpSlowly Apr 19, 2016

    I worked for Keybank

    I worked there for two months and decided to put in my two weeks notice for the following reasons:
    - I did not receive proper training to do my job.
    - The branch I worked at was extremely understaffed and I ended up having to do other people's jobs.
    - After working for a week, the manager took away the teller's seats because we are "too busy to be sitting and there is always something to be done".
    - I recently lost two family members in an accident. My family tried to reach me at work and I was out on lunch. When I returned my manager did not tell me anything about my family calling and i did not find out until 5 hours after the original phone call.
    -Even after giving a two weeks notice, I got a call from my manager's boss asking why I called in. I told her the truth and was then called immature. She also felt the need to tell me I was horrible at my job, slow, and make too many mistakes. (Keep in mind, this is a woman who runs several branches and has never seen me work at all).
    Overall, deciding to work at keybank was a mistake. I was doing very well at this job for being new and i loved it very much even with everything that was going on behind the scenes with the manager and what little staff we had. Please DO NOT waste your time working for Key. Save yourself the heartache and dissapointment.

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