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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By WfitzJfitz Jan 21, 2016

Personal Banker Experience

I would like to recognize an exemplary Personal Banker Laura Pataki. at the Concord Township Ohio Branch
On Dec 18th 2015 both my checking / Debit and my Savings Accounts were compromised
I received a phone call from Key bank Friday evening at 7:30 pm advising me about the transactions and I went into the Branch the next morning Dec. 19 Saturday and Laura had the information and was waiting for me stating that she was just getting ready to call me.
Laura was professional, knowledgeable, service orientated to resolve the situation. Over the next two months Laura continued to help walk me through the steps monitoring the investigation by Key Bank, providing me with temporary checks, walking me through the steps of closing my old accounts and opening a new Checking account and saving account along with a Key Credit Card.
Laura was efficient in transferring the funds from the old to the new and monitoring the funds that were put on hold and eventually seeing that they properly got transferred. “In addition she monitored direct deposits that were sent to the old account and transfer those funds.
I have been in the business world for over 40 years and Laura certainly ranks as one of the best Personal Banker encountered. Efficient, great follow through, patient to explain what was going on and very helpful in recommending new more stringent security measure that I could take to strengthen the Security of my Account.
Laura was always cheerful and happy to see me when I came into the Branch and was professional and energized when she had to contact me by phone.
I remain a Key Bank customer because of Laura and her service.
Please recognize Laura for her extraordinary service rendered during a time that was exceptional stressful and concerning for myself and my Wife.
I extend a sincere THANK YOU!
William and May Jean Fitzgerald

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Mcjr Feb 27, 2016

Thieves in bank's clothing

Something is wrong when you put money in a bank for safe keeping only to have the bank turn around and steal money from you under the guise of fees. Although I've been a good customer for many years, Key bank stole money out of my account through multiple ridiculous fees that I could never make up in interest and slapped me in the face with terrible customer service when I complained about it. I couldn't get my money out fast enough out of fear they would steal more?

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Latest KeyBank Reviews

  • M
    Reviewed By mistylynn33 Apr 28, 2016

    worse bank ever!!!!

    I want to give them zero stars. They are horrible people! Scam artists really! They definitely don't care about their customers!! Do Not bank with them#!!!!

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    Reviewed By Renae Apr 24, 2016

    Poor customer services, hidden fees

    I have had my account over 2.5 years with Key Bank. I have never had overdraft fees my account was set up so that if funds were unavailable I wouldn't be charged. I have checking, and 4 savings including children's accounts. I made transfers over the phone from my savings to my checking often. I never had fees, but I made like 10 transfers over the last month, happened to look at my balance I was charged 150 dollars for each transaction. I had money in all savings had I know about the fees, I would have transferred from multiple accounts. Customer service rep waived one fee, and was going to help resolve never called back. I called today so I can close my accounts, they said I cant close it because of a negative balance. I feel that is fraud. I feel that a good bank, would contact me and say are you aware of your charges. Instead of letting me be charged ridiculously amounts of money just for transferring funds. The customer care team sucks. They seem to careless about you as a customer. I will be going to CHASE my mother always gets calls from them when, they seem more supportive.

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  • B
    Reviewed By BackUpSlowly Apr 19, 2016

    I worked for Keybank

    I worked there for two months and decided to put in my two weeks notice for the following reasons:
    - I did not receive proper training to do my job.
    - The branch I worked at was extremely understaffed and I ended up having to do other people's jobs.
    - After working for a week, the manager took away the teller's seats because we are "too busy to be sitting and there is always something to be done".
    - I recently lost two family members in an accident. My family tried to reach me at work and I was out on lunch. When I returned my manager did not tell me anything about my family calling and i did not find out until 5 hours after the original phone call.
    -Even after giving a two weeks notice, I got a call from my manager's boss asking why I called in. I told her the truth and was then called immature. She also felt the need to tell me I was horrible at my job, slow, and make too many mistakes. (Keep in mind, this is a woman who runs several branches and has never seen me work at all).
    Overall, deciding to work at keybank was a mistake. I was doing very well at this job for being new and i loved it very much even with everything that was going on behind the scenes with the manager and what little staff we had. Please DO NOT waste your time working for Key. Save yourself the heartache and dissapointment.

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    Reviewed By nomorebanks Mar 7, 2016

    Absolutely Horrible

    You should definitely know that they will not give you back any late fees that they charge to your account for whatever reason illegally because I'm decently sure that's illegal now. Even if it's not, it's freaking sick and literally is a way for them to just steal your money. Instead of helping you though, they'll just stare at you, while you cry at the front counter due to the embarrassment and frustration you feel, because the late fee THEY CHARGED YOU caused your account to be in the red and you're trying super hard in life to make ends meet. Instead, they'll blame you or just stare at you. I couldn't pay my credit cards because of things out of my control including the fact that I went through severe mental abuse and a drug addiction due to the mental abuse (which I got myself out of with no rehab or counseling yet still face issues from it) at a job and really just needed a little help. I called them for advice, even told them my heartfelt story and that I was screwed out of a job and some money and the lady on the other line said "well how much do you have to give us?"...seriously?! Someone tells you that and THAT is your response? No I'm sorry that's wrong on SOOOOOO many levels. On top of that, I was told to call back when someone there could help me and the lady didn't know when that person would be in...wow gee, thanks for the help! and even went to speak with someone when someone was finally there and was turned away for a loan when my plan was to simply refinance the two credit cards with a loan and work with them on a low monthly payment but noo....they have to keep calling me and calling and calling and calling and harassing me when I TOLD THEM I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY TO GIVE THEM they KEEP calling me and calling. I even called them back to tell them I literally just had nothing. This is harassment, and it's wrong. Key bank can seriously SCREW OFF! There was a time when I needed money in my account, desperately needed it, because I was a delivery driver and needed gas for work so I could make money to pay THEM. They just stared at me when I went in and said oh sorry, the money you deposited 2 days ago isn't yet in there and turned me away. 2 days!!! Please! Simple deposits instantly. This is the 21st century and there is NO reason ANY deposit shouldn't be instant. It can and is being done by other companies. So here's my advice: don't bank with ANY bank. Because they're all scumbags, they will not help you in your time of need despite being a billion dollar company and especially stay away from KEY. I'm planning on closing my account ASAP. I had to call a debt relief service to consolidate my debt because no one would help me at the bank that claims they're so freakin' fantastic and wonderful. Then if my bank is so amazing why do they keep literally robbing me? Charging me late fee after late fee doesn't make it any more possible for me to pay off my debt...stupids.

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    Reviewed By Learjet608 Mar 2, 2016

    Suprise fees and now way to get your money back

    KeyBank like one of many, has a lot of unwanted distasteful fees they hit your hard earn dollar with. Its go without saying that yes, you need to read the fine print, but just when you thought you did, accountholders beware. I enrolled in the KeyBank Hassle Free account. The "Hassle Free" description is a bit of an understatement if you thought you could avoid fees. I thought signing up for this account would be a convenient checking account to store money when I needed it. I didn't realize until it was too late that I was enrolled in a key rewards program, I didn't want and gouged a $40 annual fee. I only had this account for about a month. I immediately contacted KeyBank and they said the $40 was nonrefundable, but they did dis-enroll me from the key rewards program at my request. The 200 reward points you earn really aren't worth anything!I thought about closing my account, but I was told a minimum of 180 days was required to avoid another $25 fee. Needless to say, I transferred all of my remaining dollars out of this bank in the interest to preserve and protect my wealth as much as possible. I currently have a zero balance in the hope another unknown fee isn't incurred. If I can survive not incurring any fees, I might be lucky to close the account unscathed in six months. My advice to others who want to use this bank, really be careful about the fees they charge and don't hesitate to stand your ground. Your hard earned dollar is rightfully yours and banks should layoff the nickel and diming. Really make sure to press hard about transparency for what the distasteful fees are all about!!

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    Reviewed By Mcjr Feb 27, 2016

    Thieves in bank's clothing

    Something is wrong when you put money in a bank for safe keeping only to have the bank turn around and steal money from you under the guise of fees. Although I've been a good customer for many years, Key bank stole money out of my account through multiple ridiculous fees that I could never make up in interest and slapped me in the face with terrible customer service when I complained about it. I couldn't get my money out fast enough out of fear they would steal more?

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    Reviewed By TammyT Feb 26, 2016

    Archaic ways of doing business

    I applied for a home equity loan online with Key Bank on Monday, Feb. 1st. I also applied online with a different bank an hour later. The second bank had contacted me by phone that evening, and had me preapproved the very next day. Throughout the rest of that week I never heard from Key Bank, and my online app simply said "pending". Therefore, I continued my business with bank #2. NINE days later, I received a LETTER VIA POSTAL MAIL from Key Bank requesting information such as tax returns, paystubs, etc. I ignored it since I had already preceded with a different bank, and the week after I finally get a phone call from Key Bank, saying they haven't heard from me and I have 2 weeks to provide them with the requested information. So I called them back, and told them since no one ever contacted me I took my business elsewhere. The lady said she had record of someone trying to call me a few days after I submitted my app but it rang into a fax machine! I said, "well how is that since you just reached me on the phone number I provided!?" Come on Key Bank, join the 21st century! You had my phone number and email address! No one these days is going to go through the loan process via postal mail!!

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    Reviewed By BrianSena Feb 13, 2016

    Help while in trouble...

    My wife and I were having an unpleasant hotel experience while vacationing out of town, and the hotel held a large amount of our funds on our card. We wanted to leave and the hotel refused to release the funds while going as far as denying they were holding any funds at all.

    My wife spoke to an amazing Keybank rep over the phone, who managed to persuade the hotel manager to release the funds. During a 3-way call, my wife heard this rep use authoritative language and not accept the hotel manager's antics. Thank you Keybank!

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    Reviewed By Madatthekey Feb 11, 2016

    This location the worst I've been to.

    First off I've been with keybank for over 10 years. I am far from rich but not hurting for money. I have sent people to keybank and grown a relationship with then myself. I can say this location is changing that. My father passed away less then a month ago and I sent my 60 year old mother in to open a new account with the idea that if we both bank with keybank it would probably be easier to get money into her account when see needs it. So with that my poor mom that just lost her husband looking to do something for herself get treated like a 2nd class citizen and brushed off. Now I'm a dick I know this but my mom is a kind and pleasant person and For her to call me and tell me that the a$$ that she was going to open an account with and grow hers and my relationship with keybank tells her that when he is done with his current customer he's going to lunch and she is just going to have to wait or come back latter I get down rite pissed. !@ck that guy and same to the bank. When I called and spoke with a pleasant young woman the next day she did apologize and then gave me the excuse that the guy that was to help my mom was probably a floter from another branch. Guess what I don't care. This @$$ is who you have to make a first impression? Not only would I fire him but probably his boss. But I'm going to do one better I'm going to fire keybank and post this on every review site online I can find. You know the old saying treat I customer rite you get 2 or 3 more. Well this is going to fall in the treat 1 wrong losses 10 posable customers. But that's not enough I'm going to not only stop 10 from coming to you I'm going to take 1 (myself) and as my more as I can from you. This organization better rethink how it's employees treat people. First off its one thing to use floters for tellers and it's a stupid thing to use them as account reps. I've been in customer service related fields for over 20 years as will as management in this field. Maybe key should stop buying Comercial mortgages from bank of America and invest in their staff and the training they should be getting. Anyway you guys think people are only coming in to get that $150 or whatever it's up to now well your wrong. So now my mom is a US bank account holder and I'm not sure where I'm going yet but it's sure not going to be staying with keybank.

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  • M
    Reviewed By mceltix2000 Jan 25, 2016

    $300 to Checking account w/Direct Deposit - Scam

    I received KeyBank's scam flier in November. Although I was laid off shortly after opening the checking account, I did make sure the unemployment benefits were direct deposited promptly.

    After the 60 day time period had elapsed, I checked back in to see why I hadn't received the $300 (Being unemployed, you can imagine why I was interested)

    Turns out, the fine print (that does NOT appear on the flier -- only on a small part of the website) says there must be a deposit of $500 or more (at once). So regardless that they received around $1200 in direct deposits -- they disqualified me, because I didn't have (1) of $500 or more.

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