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KeyBank Latest Customer Reviews

djdan1's Profile Image

Reviewed by djdan1

Apr 6th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

love this bank

Great bank customer service 2nd to none and great services. Also easy to open an account thanks key bank. O open more Indianapolis locations please !!!!

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mocaby79gmailcom's Profile Image

Reviewed by mocaby79gmailcom

Sep 17th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

They Always Greet You When You Come Into The Branch By Your ...

The overall spend the bank is all new look outside please upgrade

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shop7467's Profile Image

Reviewed by shop7467

Dec 19th 2011

5 out of 5 marks


The service is always exceptional and friendly! KeyBank employees treat you as a customer should be treated, rather than just treating you like a number. KeyBank offers several products to enhance your financial future. If you are not a customer, I would highly recommend switching to KeyBank for all your banking needs.

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Jay L's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jay L

Jan 9th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

no complaints whatsoever

1st----fantanstic manager, 'George'.....can't say enough about this gentleman. HE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU----PERIOD

2nd----the actual bank tellers, although limited w/only 3 windows, do there best on a daily and continuous basis. give credit to the 9-5ers!!

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kae1366's Profile Image

Reviewed by kae1366

Jul 21st 2012

5 out of 5 marks

Can't Understand The Bad Reviews; I Love Key!

I absolutely owe key bank everything. And i mean that in all intended gratitude. No one else would open a bank for me after my bankruptcy and lay-off; but key did. In fact they opened a normal checking account and a savings account for me after literally every other major bank denied me. They even called me a couple days later to reassure my fears of it being closed after i opened it and welcomed be to their bank. They're so amazing i literally don't mind having to drive 2 hours to the nearest branch every now and then to make a quick deposit. Every time i go in the tellers are super, the service is fast and i couldn't be happier. Yes, this bank charges fees. But it's a bank; a business. Life isn't free, we shouldn't expect banking to be either, especially in this economy. I only pay $12 a month to have any overage charges i may incur (up to 3, but never had more than one) refunded and i even got $100 just for being a good customer! Come on; this place is awesome. Be smart when you read the rest of the reviews and recognize true consumer error, and angry customers who have truly made a mistake on their own part. I haven't had a problem one with key and i've been with them for a full year now. I had bank of america previously and they literally shut down my accounts about a week after they received notification that i was filing bankruptcy on the credit card i had with them. Nothing else; not the home loan, student loans, etc. Just the credit card and they closed every checking, and savings account my husband and i had. But they sure kept the home loan and student loans just fine. That's a bad bank. Not key.

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knkrause09's Profile Image

Reviewed by knkrause09

Oct 28th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Never Had A Problem, Read Your Statements Thats Why They Mail Them

Hello, i have been with keybank for just about 5 years. I have never had a single issue because i watch over my account because its my responsibility. Every statement i receive i read it. I have been promptly notified ab every change in the company & if i ever had a question ab it, i called customer service! I see all people complain ab fees & such, but if you actually were responsible and kept track of your own account you would avoid the fees. Sorry, but i've had a checking and savings account with this bank for almost 10 years. Never once had a fee! You need to be responsible with your money! Keep a daily ledger, whether you write it in a book/spreadsheet or download the ledger app like i got. I input every purchase i make at the checkout and it deducts it for me, can't get any easier than that! In order to have a basic checking account you must make at least 5 transactions a month or at least have a total of $500 deposited in your account once a month. I was actually notified of this change on my february statement & the change went into effect in july. They gave me a 4 month notice! If you use your checking account less than 5 times a month why would you not have a savings account?! I pay 5 bills a month! So that right there qualifies me to have this account for free (i. E. Phone/cable/electric bill/car pymt/car ins). That's not even including food shopping, buying clothes, renting movies, or any luxury purchases such as dinner. Sorry, but i have had extra accounts opened at other banks like boa, chase, hsbc, citizen's bank and i would never bank with anyone other than key! Good service, free checking (interest rates aren't the best on savings and loan rates are a little steep). Whenever u deposit a check $100 will be available the rest will go on hold for 2 days unless you have the funds in your acct to cover it. You expect them to make your full check available right away in today's time? You expect the bank to assume the check will clear

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Patrick J's Profile Image

Reviewed by Patrick J

Oct 10th 2010

4 out of 5 marks

Overall Positive

I've had a checking account for about 6 years, a savings account, multiple credit cards, and 2 different CDs with KeyBank and have never had a negative experience dealing with them. Customer Service has always been easy to contact and I'd give them positive reviews in resolving issues. The rates could be better and would be the only area that I'd like to see improvement. Having brick and mortar banks in my area is also a positive but with the amount of "in-person banking" I've done in the past 6 years decreasing so significantly, I've begun comparing rates of online banks.

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David M's Profile Image

Reviewed by David M

Jul 30th 2010

4 out of 5 marks

Tortive's Profile Image

Reviewed by Tortive

Sep 24th 2011

3 out of 5 marks

No Issues

I've been using Keybank for over 5 years now and have never had a single issue. I only use their checking account and billpay services. I have had communication issues when I've had questions about other products they offer. For that reason I've never used them for anything other than checking and billpay. I found the person on the phone to be easily confused and very difficult to understand. It sounded like the person was chewing on a candybar when she was trying to answer my question.

Overall, I would recommend them for a good no fee checking account based on my past and current experience. Their website is not fancy but very functional.

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bjmsynapse's Profile Image

Reviewed by bjmsynapse

May 23rd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Brand Promise from Key Bank is a joke! - sr mngt -no comment

We have been customers at Key Bank for more than 25 years.

When we needed a line of credit we went to Key Bank because of their Brand Promise "A Response Within 48 Hours" .

This is a promise to either accept or reject an application for a line of credit with 48 hours.

It turns out they have no commitment to deliver on this at all !

Bryan Flaherty, AVP Key Bank says the Brand Promise is only to "let you know we are working on it" In other words a complete bastardization of the brand promise.

Bear in mind that we had ALL the required documents to them within 3 business hours of the application being filed and they said "yes we have everything we need"

When I asked to speak to someone above the branch level rep., I was give a non-functioning phone number.

When I called their 800# customer service they had no idea what a brand promise was. When I asked "Jay" for the contact info for the Market President in Maine he would have to get permission from his supervisor. When I asked to speak to the supervisor directly "jay" told that I could only do so if I promised not to record the conversation. At that point I gave up !

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ddave's Profile Image

Reviewed by ddave

Mar 10th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

To many fees

They seem to have fees for everything.

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mykey's Profile Image

Reviewed by mykey

May 3rd 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Don't bank with key

Just wanted to share my recent statement.

05/02/2013 Serv Chg TIER 2 OVERDRAFT ITEM CHARGE 39.00 -227.60

05/02/2013 Serv Chg TIER 2 OVERDRAFT ITEM CHARGE 39.00 -188.60

05/02/2013 Serv Chg TIER 2 OVERDRAFT ITEM CHARGE 39.00 -149.60

05/02/2013 Serv Chg TIER 2 OVERDRAFT ITEM CHARGE 39.00 -110.60

05/01/2013 Serv Chg TIER 2 OVERDRAFT ITEM CHARGE 39.00 -125.68

05/01/2013 Serv Chg TIER 2 OVERDRAFT ITEM CHARGE 39.00 -86.68

04/30/2013 Serv Chg TIER 2 OVERDRAFT ITEM CHARGE 39.00 -27.39

04/30/2013 Serv Chg TIER 2 OVERDRAFT ITEM CHARGE 39.00 11.61

04/30/2013 Serv Chg TIER 2 OVERDRAFT ITEM CHARGE 39.00 50.61

04/30/2013 Serv Chg TIER 2 OVERDRAFT ITEM CHARGE 39.00 89.61

If you want your money to be your money. Don't go with key. Over $500 this year and over $200 in the last few days. All without me knowing when it happened. So me being the tax paying citizen I am. I paid all that money in left. They said there is nothing they can do.

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tvtthunderbird's Profile Image

Reviewed by tvtthunderbird

Mar 20th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Very Poor - Disappointing to say the least!

Fees! Fees! Fees! I am not happy with KeyBank's constant maintenance fees. KeyBank acquired HSBC's branches in Rochester, New York following their financial woes. KeyBank has been a real disappointment with their fees!!! I am tired of complaining and will start looking for a new bank or local credit union when I have the time. By the way, these fees were not charged by HSBC. I miss HSBC and would be happy if another bank were to earn my banking services. Before HSBC, I originally opened the account in the 1990's when it was Chase Lincoln First.

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BobbyJohn's Profile Image

Reviewed by BobbyJohn

Feb 23rd 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Fee To Pay Mortgage Online

Now they charge me to pay my mortgage online. Would have never gone to this bank they nickel and dime you to death

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Shiyala B's Profile Image

Reviewed by Shiyala B

Apr 12th 2012

2 out of 5 marks

Bad Bad Bad!

Im actually going to switch banks today! They charge for everything! They took money from my savings account to cover something that was going through in my checking accout and they procceded to charge me a $10. 00 fee and with that fee it over drew my account and they wouldn't reverse the fee! And now this morning i went to go check my account balance and they charged me a $30. 00 annual key bank rewards fee. I dont know what kind of rewards that is but it;s the last thing that pushed me to change banks! Key bank you suck!

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Kei D's Profile Image

Reviewed by Kei D

Apr 9th 2012

2 out of 5 marks

Miserable experience; constantly screwed over!

When I signed up for my account, first they only let me have a savings with a $300 minimum, that I couldn't afford. I didn't have a job at the time and they didn't warn me about the minimum balance or the "maintenance charge" until I went in, freaking out because over the course of a few months where I'd been below the $300 by a couple dollars, the chargers they were removing put me at a balance of $0.18!

In my frazzled state, I got them to change me to a checking account.

Everything was fine for a while, and then some crazy overdraft fee had me $200 in the negative!

After a long period of having adequate service (ie no complaints that had me throwing a fit in the building) and getting a stable job, I opened a joint savings account with no minimum.

Two more overdraft charges hit me, putting me another several hundred dollars in the negative. Keep in mind these were for charges of maybe $10. And I tried it both with and without the "overdraft protection" which protected NOTHING.

Now, a year later, I'm sitting in a motel in a state far from home, without the last $30 I had for gas because they charged me an "annual rewards fee". I NEVER signed up for anything thought this is apparently an optional account feature. The man I spoke to on the 800 number, spoke to me like I was an idiot. He was completely patronizing and rude. Even after I explained the situation, he didn't want me to drop it.

I cannot wait to get back to my home state and close my account. I have never had this many financial problems CAUSED BY THE BANK in my life.


The ease of navigating their online banking page is refreshing.

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Mick713's Profile Image

Reviewed by Mick713

Jan 4th 2012

2 out of 5 marks

Business practices don't always help Key Customers

My grandmother has a checking account with Key Bank, before she entered the hospital, she had one of my cousins deposit cash into her bank account to pay for her stay. Key Bank was closed so he did it through the ATM for her and she thought she was all set the recepit showed it was in her account. Little did she know that if you deposit cash into their ATM there is a two day hold on your cash. They make $100 aviable to their customers but nothing else for two days. To be fair I can see why they would hold most of a cash deposit done through an ATM deposit until the next day when they could account for the cash but a TWO DAY hold for a cash deposit, COME ON! To make matters worse she tried to use her debit card to check in to the hospital the hospital administrator said that it wouldn't go through because Key Bank has a limit on how much of your own money you can take out in a day. She was so upset and it was the last thing she or any 87 year old needs before they go in for surgery or even in every day life. The customer service guy from the Key Bank 800 line was very kind and acknowledged that in this case the bank's practices were working against my grandmother but he couldn't do anything and neither could the local branch who we also went to see. To give a fair assessment I think Key Bank is either greedy or cheap and I am thankful I do not have an account with them. It should not be SO difficult to do your banking and there are crazy rules Key Bank has that we found out during this process like, the money will go in at Midnight, it wont post until 7:00AM and you can't withdrawl from your account until 8:00AM. It was such a hassel - no thanks.

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Biggzz1's Profile Image

Reviewed by Biggzz1

Mar 25th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Very poor

After being with them for 3 years found hidden fees the online banking don't work keeps making me change my password so I closed that one got a new one that one I ended up receiving 3 ATM cards before one would work set up online went to sign on the very next day an the same crap password don't match I give. I'm done. I'm closing this account I'm paying $10.00 per month for a headache on a daily bases. I'm tired of the toucher.

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ScottGiddings's Profile Image

Reviewed by ScottGiddings

Dec 19th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Worst customer service ever

I've had accounts at several banks large & small over the years, ranging from 1st Midwest to Bank of America, and Key ranks as the worst for customer service. My mother banked at Key for many years, though that is no testament to its merits. There were two branches she learned to avoid because of consistently rude, careless service. As her health failed I took over her affairs, with power of atty & as a cosigner on her account. Since then it has been my turn to experience the misery of dealing with Key. Reps & execs in phone conversations have been cold, uncooperative, and even insulting. Online service is poor, slow, and user-unfriendly. Automated phone services are often unproductive and frustrating. Beware of their multi-layered "account security"--unprecedented in comparison to every other bank I've worked with. It only serves to delay and thwart attempts to avoid unnecessary fees and access your funds in a timely manner. Though I can't say I'm a big fan of any bank, Key Bank is definitely the worst I've ever encountered in over thirty years of banking.

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CountCorhan's Profile Image

Reviewed by CountCorhan

Aug 14th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

For years it was great, until!

I've had the same numbers for a very , very long time.

Now there computers and whoever say I have to change my numbers! Bull! Why change something that's working?

Ever since they stated messing with me and my code numbers, all I've had is sorry you can't look at your account, ever. Because we changed your numbers again! Mother F

It's my money, let me have the code I want! and let me keep it!

Leave me alone! Dam I'm Disabled Thank you. So please contact me, and let's fix this problem OK? Oh did I tell you? My first book gets published in 3 weeks! My publisher knows I'm ging to do real well. They are Simon & Schuster if you know anything about publishers. And my 2 book is about a month until it's ready. Which means to you? If I'm told many time I'm going to do real well on these books. So will my bank!

So also ask my branch Manager if she could help me when she get time 321 15th Ave E Thank you!

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Rob5723's Profile Image

Reviewed by Rob5723

Dec 21st 2012

2 out of 5 marks


I have been a customer of Key Bank since 1978. Now they want me removed as their customer. Key Bank has absolutely no respect or commitment to any of their customers. Their customer service personnel are deplorable and severely untrained and do not know how to handle delicate customer accounts. There is carelessness on a continuous basis. At one time, at their website, I had clicked on "save settings," unbeknownst to me as the customer, I found myself no longer getting any paper statements which I was receiving ever since I started with Key Bank. Now, because of my complaint, Key Bank has changed the website. I want to start a class action lawsuit against Key Bank if anyone wants to join me send me an email at rlh2722206@aol.com

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bapter's Profile Image

Reviewed by bapter

Jul 6th 2011

2 out of 5 marks

Very poor customer service

In June 2011, Key Bank began charging a $5 service fee for accounts that do not make at least 5 transactions per month. I was not aware of this change as it was posted in small print on their statement and I do not read that. I maintained two accts at their bank for many years- one main checking acct for all my business where I kept an average balance of $3,000 and a second POA acct for my daughter. The one for my daughter was hardly used. In June, I saw that I was charged a $5 fee on that acct. I called the bank to inquire and I asked that they waive the fee as I was unaware of the change and I was a good customer for so many years. I spoke to a number of customer service people, including a manager and they refused to waive the fee.

I have never experienced such poor customer service at any other bank or institution. I do not recommend doing business with them.

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jamesralph2's Profile Image

Reviewed by jamesralph2

Apr 13th 2011

2 out of 5 marks

Expensive Banking and little convenience/technology.

Be very careful when dealing with this bank. They often fail to credit your deposits prior to withdrawals resulting in overdraft fees. Another common error is to fail to post your deposit on the right date. $100 is readily available so make sure you stay on top of that as they will attempt to charge an overdraft fee of $37 per transaction. However, they do refund the fees if you catch them and demand they correct it.

Another scary process they allow is same day check processing. I deposit checks and hand out payroll checks at that same day 10pm-thus my bank is closed and the soonest it can be processed is the following business day. Key processes the employees checks the date received by the other bank/ATM.I have never had any bank process checks from other banks and post date it back to the day it was deposited to the other bank. If you are waiting for clientele checks to clear and cut payroll on the same day-DON'T. Payroll will have to be done 24 hours after your deposits to ensure your account doesn't go overdraft. (I learned this after Key charged me $400 in overdraft fees) Key charges overdraft fees for available balance going negative even if the ledger is still positive.

They are only open till 5pm M-F and only some branches are open on Saturday till noon. The ATMs are outdated and thus you are only given the first $100 of a deposit vs. some of the newer ATMs like Chase that scan your deposits and thus know if you are depositing cash or not.

Holds are very odd at this bank. Some holds are placed by the branch and others by the ATM department. Neither talk to each other as the ATMs are outsourced to another company. If you need to ensure the deposit isn't held, be sure to walk it in and talk to a teller-a little old school for the 21st century.

They have text alerts for accounts but you can ONLY monitor 1 account via text messaging. So if you have numerous accounts, you will have to pick which you really care about.

Mobile banking via smartphone is nice but it will only allow you to vie

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johnabianchi's Profile Image

Reviewed by johnabianchi

Jul 8th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

An Absolute Con of a Bank

I should have listened. Before my wife and I opened up a Home Equity Line (and corresponding Checking Account), my brother warned me that this bank was not to be trusted.

Odd Quirk Re: Balances

So, you know how, when you receive your statement from your bank, it lists the transaction amount, and your balance? KeyBank won't show you your balance alongside the transaction. This, in itself, is reason enough not to use this bank.

What happened to my brother:

He had closed an account with KeyBank. A few weeks later, an automated deposit had subsequently been sent to his - now closed - account. KeyBank reopened his account without notifying him, then started charging him monthly $10 account fees, until the small deposit was eaten through. Then they started charging him $10 plus overdraft fees. It wasn't until he received notice on the overdraft fees that he had any idea that he even had an open account with them.

What has happened to us:

In the past several months, KeyBank has done everything they can to extract overdraft fees from us, with no improper action on our part.

We have had a recurring deposit from another bank (BECU) into KeyBank to cover the payments to the HELOC. There has never been a problem with the BECU account transfers, and BECU is a highly respected credit union. Recently, they started "holding" our transfers to BECU. They had never done this before, and had no reason to suspect that there were any problems with the account, but in holding the balances, our loan payments overdrafted the checking accounts (two payments per month, two overdraft fees). We've since had all of the fees rescinded, but I'm sure they were hoping that we wouldn't notice, so they'd be able to get us for more fees.

I have absolutely no faith that this bank has my interests in mind, and if it didn't cost thousands of dollars to apply for a loan elsewhere, we would be out of there in an instant.

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DISAAPOINTED's Profile Image


Jan 15th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Lack of Knowledge and extremely poor customer service.

I too have had many accounts at several different banks Bank of America, Chase, Citibank Bank and Key Bank is by far the worst in knowledge and customer service. I visited the branch in which I had my checking account for many years. The young representative was informed by me as to what type of account I wanted to open. Not only did she open the wrong type of acct. she cancelled my ATM card to my checking account (that I had for many years) that had nothing to do with the acct I was attempting to open. This all happened during the Christmas season. I had no access to my money/checking acct.

The same representative opened an account for $0.94 under my name which I never authorized. The beneficiaries I asked to be placed on account was never done. She was not knowledgeable about the products or services the bank had to offer, She directed me to go online to find out the services. I decided to go to a different branch to fix the mess and that nightmare was just as bad as the first.

They two screwed up. The account opened in error was suppose to be closed out they not only left the acct open they linked the debit/ATM to the acct that should have been closed out. I called corporate to file a complaint and to get the account(s) corrected. The whole ordeal to over 2 months to fix. I was told I would get a letter of apology. To date, I am still waiting for a letter or apology. Both ladies who screwed uo are still working at the branches. I have to add this part in as well. The second time I called in to speak to someone in corporate the rep. who I informed of all the problems, I experienced, and expressed that I am not happy with KeyBank tried to sell more Keybank products to me. I had to let her know, never try to sell a Key Bank product to an extremely dissatisfied customer that just finished telling you what they experienced. She mad me more angry.

Key Bank does not care about their customers/investors who keep their business in business. They are the worst bank that I have ever dealt with.

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smidani359's Profile Image

Reviewed by smidani359

Sep 18th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

What a mess

I opened a check account with Key 3 weeks ago. Because I am in the process of moving they agreed to have my ATM card and account information sent to the branch. I was told it would take 5-7 days to arrive. 8 days I went to the branch. They had nothing. I had some bills to pay so I went to teller to get some counter checks & cash so I could do my business. She printed 3 check & started to give my cash then said, oh, there is a hold on your account. She called the manager over & he said "no problem, I trust him" & did an override so I could be on my way. I was told there some problem with my ss# & could bring in a copy of my card the next day. I did that & assumed the issue fixed. I still had no ATM card or checks. I went back to branch to make withdrawals. Guess what. The account is still on hold. I talked to another manager & she apologized & ordered my checks & told me she would call me when the ATM came & did another authorization so I could get some cash. She did call me 2 days later & picked the card & activated it. The 1st time I went to use. Declined! The next day was Saturday & I went to another branch & the supervisor could not fix the glitch. He did another over ride so I could have have cash to pay bills. Tues. I went back to the 1st branch for help. I was told the acct. would be cleared within an hour & he would call me to confirm that. No phone call & 24 hrs later. The acct. is still on hold. Enough is enough. The people have all been very nice, but can't seem to do anything right.

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anurads27's Profile Image

Reviewed by anurads27

Apr 16th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Archaic banking practices with NO idea about customer courtesy

Believing it was convenient to open an account where my employer banked, I setup an automatic deposit with KeyBank. In spite of the inability to transfer funds to other banks online and having to wait till the bank manually approves the transaction like the good old days, I remained as a customer for a few months. Later when I changed my job, I received a letter from a collection agency demanding to pay $32 for Key Bank. So I returned to the bank to inquire what was going on and realized that as my automatic deposit had not been arriving to the bank since I had changed jobs, they had started charging me $18 as service charge and when my bank balance had gone negative, they had decided to transfer for collection. So I asked them why didnt thry even have some courtesy to call and inform or inquire, I was told that was the Banks policy. So I immediately closed my account as there were so many other banks and credit unions who understood their customers much better and had courtesy not to push customers under the bus without even making an inquiry. Therefore, I feel its a sad excuse for a Bank in today's day and age where much personalized services can be received from so many Banks.

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JoSchuster's Profile Image

Reviewed by JoSchuster

Dec 14th 2012

2 out of 5 marks

Not So Good

Well they used to hit me with overdraft fees left an right on the free checking account but now i have they key advantage i hardly get overdraft fees.. They would rearrange the incoming bills highest to lowest to collect more fee's (more overdrafts cause the larger ones they would clear first even though the smaller ones had already cleared) now, i deposited a check for 4150 an they said it would be available next day. My direct deposit also came in making my available balance over 5000. I checked that night an it said available balance 5000 so being christmas an all i made several purchases online with paypal an a couple with debit. The debit did not clear an was notified by email.

I called the bank that morning she said they had a hold cause of the check an she would speak to the person who put the hold. She came back an said they released my direct deposit an she would contact the issuing bank of the check on my behalf to verify that the check is good an cleared, would be available in my account by the end of the business day. So, i checked back later an nothing.. I called again an they acted like nothing they could do so they forward me to my local branch who also said nothing they could do to contact the fruad department.

I contacted them an they said contact you local branch so i drove in an spoke to the lady... She said they did not service the atm the check was deposited in yet moments later she left an came back with the check i had deposited? Anyhow long story short they have hold for 7 days an the fact they showed it as available balance online that lead me to make purchases would make me accrue fees... Not to mention some may be declined making me look like a scammer to paypal. Not good at all they lie they set me up they telling me yes it showed as available yet going to charge me fees... Once check clears next week i am closing account... Looking for new bank

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