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KeyBank Customer Review

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kae1366's Profile Image

5 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by kae1366

Jul 21st 2012

Can't Understand The Bad Reviews; I Love Key!

I absolutely owe key bank everything. And i mean that in all intended gratitude. No one else would open a bank for me after my bankruptcy and lay-off; but key did. In fact they opened a normal checking account and a savings account for me after literally every other major bank denied me. They even called me a couple days later to reassure my fears of it being closed after i opened it and welcomed be to their bank. They're so amazing i literally don't mind having to drive 2 hours to the nearest branch every now and then to make a quick deposit. Every time i go in the tellers are super, the service is fast and i couldn't be happier. Yes, this bank charges fees. But it's a bank; a business. Life isn't free, we shouldn't expect banking to be either, especially in this economy. I only pay $12 a month to have any overage charges i may incur (up to 3, but never had more than one) refunded and i even got $100 just for being a good customer! Come on; this place is awesome. Be smart when you read the rest of the reviews and recognize true consumer error, and angry customers who have truly made a mistake on their own part. I haven't had a problem one with key and i've been with them for a full year now. I had bank of america previously and they literally shut down my accounts about a week after they received notification that i was filing bankruptcy on the credit card i had with them. Nothing else; not the home loan, student loans, etc. Just the credit card and they closed every checking, and savings account my husband and i had. But they sure kept the home loan and student loans just fine. That's a bad bank. Not key.

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Other KeyBank Reviews

IHateKey's Profile Image

Reviewed by IHateKey

Apr 12th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Key Bank does not deliver on the e-payment promise date

Besides a lot of other issues with Key Bank predatory practices, I have recently found that the "promised delivery" date of e-bill payments are not being met. When the issue is raised with a branch on or after the promised date the check mysteriously shows up the next day. Of course, the account is debited the supposed date of issue, not the day actually cashed. Key Bank response to my bringing this problem to their attention?? - "well, it must be a postal service problem". It does not take 7 days for the postal service to deliver a letter.

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nicolemcdougal's Profile Image

Reviewed by nicolemcdougal

Apr 12th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Customer Service

I wish I could give zero stars. My husband has been a Key Bank customer for decades, and today was the last straw. We will be switching banks.

We were treated as an annoyance when we had questions about our accounts (because it seems there was an error with the timing of credits and debits). Not only did it seem like we were annoying the tellers and managers with our questions, we were told several times that we should have known certain things. Our questions were not answered, we were not helped, and we were asked to move out of line to help other customers. We were told we could wait 20 minutes to be helped or make an appointment for Monday.

They were rude, unhelpful, and uncaring. So yes, this was the last straw.

The other straws were little things that all added up to one sad fact: Key Bank is no longer the local, friendly, caring choice. They are a big bank that chooses to focus on their profits over their customers. We will be moving our business to a local credit union who still cares about their customers like they are people.

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