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KeyBank Customer Review

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babygurl2090's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by babygurl2090

Jan 18th 2013

Horrible!! Fees For Everything! Rude People!

I never over drafted my account until this one time about a week ago and they would not waive the fee then charged me a second fee. I called in about the problem they then charged me a fee to use the customer service (yes i get charged to call in about my own account) i then realized i had a fee on my savings so i called in to ask about it because i should not be getting fees if i have a transfer set up from my checking to savings every week they then charged me another fee for calling in and would not waive the fee!! The managers do not help you they are rude when you question them. Cannot wait to get away from this bank! Hidden fees every where!!

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Other KeyBank Reviews

MardiGras's Profile Image

Reviewed by MardiGras

Mar 2nd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Worst bank in Indianapolis

They steal and "hold" your money for no reason every chance they get. They keep putting my account in the negative because of their 24 hour "holds". If the money is put in the bank it is supposed to be a available immediately not held hostage. Money also goes missing from my account every few weeks and their customer support is rude and unhelpful. This bank just wants to steal your money!

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the172flyr's Profile Image

Reviewed by the172flyr

Feb 18th 2015

1 out of 5 marks


Opened an account 3 weeks ago, they were supposed to order my checks, never happened. Called 800 # to get help with bill payer, some other country, hardly any english, tried this twice. Supposed to reserve me a safe deposit box and call me in 3 days, never happened. So i go in to cancel the account, and the old guy behind the counter says he is going to charge me an early cancellation fee, ya right, i left $1 there, now the bastards can send me a monthly statement, glad it will cost them. Bite me key bank

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