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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By skotova Jul 28, 2015

Customer Service

Just a quick note about your employee Joan ... She was just fantastic in helping w/our account access and is very knowledgeable.. friendly .. and helpful.. One of your better employees..

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By swboyink Jan 8, 2014

Skank Of America Sold My Mortgage To M T Bank. Terrible Customer Service!

First off i have a $20 fee added to my account which my bank says is from a bad check fee, to which i always had auto draft with bofa. No explanation for this, was actually told to call bank of america to sort it out. Originally setup auto draft with mtbank, then they took two payments for one month, over drafting my account of which other bills began even more over drafting and the $25 fee for each transaction. Customers service said they would refund the payment but in form of paper check and i would have to send in my bank account statement for them to review whether i get reimbursement for the overdraft fees. They can take money out instantly but can't put it right back. Some bank! I hate that i had no choice to inheret such a handicapped mortgage provider. Ever notice that the name sounds like "empty bank"?

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Latest M&T Bank Reviews

  • J
    Reviewed By jsmithhdi May 4, 2016

    Best Bank ever!

    I love this bank! I opened an account in 2011 and they have been nothing but helpful. They have even called me every so often to make sure that I am in the best type of accounts for me.

    Whenever I go into the bank, they are pleasant, cooperative, and always willing to help and solve whatever crazy request I throw at them. I have had accounts at lots of other banks and none of them has ever matched the good customer service I get with M&T. And, it doesn't matter which branch I go into. It is always a great experience.

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  • S
    Reviewed By Steiny47 May 3, 2016

    Worst Customer Service!

    I tried to log in to my loan account today (which I have not done in a long while). To make a long story short, I got locked out of my account so called customer service because I was wishing to get a payment made and a payoff amount. I gave my name, social security number, year, make, model and previous payment amount of the loan. The "gentleman" from customer service said he couldn't help me unless I gave him the VIN number and loan number of the vehicle which of course is in storage. The entire episode leaves a bad taste in my mouth as far as this bank is concerned. I will avoid doing future business with them.

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  • I
    Reviewed By IDZ Apr 30, 2016

    One of the Worst Decisions of My Life

    I have had a checking account with M&T for about 15 years. Over this time, the bank has deteriorated to the point of its being a parody of itself. They are unbelievably bad. My first indication was when I noticed that other banks were offering remote deposits by photographing a check on your smartphone. M&T didn't offer it, and to my knowledge, still doesn't. Last Wednesday (3 days ago) I used their ATM to deposit a check, using my check card to gain access to my account. When I got home I made an online purchase from Amazon, which was promptly declined. Why? My account number had been hacked and there were $1500 in fraudulent charges. All transactions using the card the day and night before went smoothly through. I'm not a banking expert, but the series of events indicates there was a scanner on their ATM. When I called, M&T insisted it could not be their ATM because they check it three times per day. Maybe, maybe not, but that's one heck of a coincidence. To call their customer service number is an exercise in frustration. One prompt after another just to get through, and then on hold for up to 30 minutes. Every person I spoke to, save one, was rude, impolite, and condescending. They intimated that the problem was my fault. Huh? But all of these charges were from the same merchant, and were listed as pending when I notified them. About 24 hours later, the charges were processed. WTF? Why didn't they stop the charges before they posted? They then told me it could take up to 30 days to issue provisional credits. Sorry guys, but I have extremely serious medical conditions that require several expensive medications which I would die without, so 30 days won't work. Still they wouldn't help until I persisted and asked for a supervisor, who did immediately grant the provisional credits. Of course, the next day I was charged exorbitant overdraft fees, although I'm pretty sure I have overdraft protection. Again, a major ordeal ensued before that was finally provisionally credited. Every single step of this situation has been an intense battle with them. It almost seems (ok, it does seem) like they don't want to do one darned thing to support their customer, almost as if we're an irritant to them who are prohibiting them from making money. Yes, money is ALL they care about. Please, do not make my mistake. I have read countless reviews confirming my complaints. I desperately want to change banks, but I can't until their investigation is completed, up to 90 days. Do not, do not, DO NOT use this bank.

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  • E
    Reviewed By ekitjac Apr 22, 2016

    Requesting a Pay Off on Auto Loan

    I called in today to make a payment. I am sure I am like everyone else and does not remember there account number. So i gave them my SSN# to access my account. I made my auto payment, and then i requested a payoff amount on my auto loan. She informed me she has a couple of questions. She asked me the Year, Make, and Model. Which i gave her. Then she asked me the VIN Number i could not give her. I informed her that im not in that truck right now. She told me that i either have to provide the VIN Number or Account number to hear my payoff amount. This is not right. If i can provide my Full Legal name, address, SSN, Year, Make, and Model. They should be able to read a payoff amount.

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  • M
    Reviewed By M_T_bank_sucks Apr 15, 2016

    Stay away from this bank

    Worst possible customer service, very long hold times, fail to disclose all fees, stay away, stay away, stay away. There are much better banks out there without having to deal with a substandard bank such as M&T.

    Would you believe they want $50 to close a checking and/or savings account? I guess they are trying to keep people from leaving in droves. Trust me, it's $50 well spent to be rid of this bank.

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  • B
    Reviewed By BAUGUSTYNIAK Apr 5, 2016

    Customer Service at its best.

    On 4-4-16 I was in the York Mall location to deposit and transfer money between my accounts. As the teller was struggling to do the transfer another bank employee came up to the teller and began asking for some keys. To my surprise the two started to argue as to where the keys were and where some "bags" are being kept. The entire time I'm standing there listening to these two grown women arguing. The teller at one point stopped processing my transactions to argue with this other bank employee. I've never seen or witnessed such poor service and actions between two supposedly professional in my life. After the argument the teller began to transfer moneies between my accounts. She told me me the transfers could not be done as did the lady she was arguing with. How can money NOT be transferred between two accounts. Mind you, there was plenty of money in the accounts to make such transfers. After being there for over 15 minutes and witnessing such horrible customer service I walked out of the bank. The more I stewed about this the angrier I became. I immediately went to another branch to close my accounts. I will never ever recommend this bank nor will I ever step foot into another M and T bank again. If this is normal behavior inside the branches I want no parts of it.

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  • N
    Reviewed By Nat26 Apr 4, 2016

    escrow B.S.!

    M and T bank bought my mortgage from Hudson City, which was a great bank. Never did I have a problem with Hudson. M and T claims we don't have insurance on our house and that we don't have enough escrow. They are charging us hunndreds of dollars extra in escrow / insurance every month. I called many times and no one helps us. We get statements every day, sometimes two a day and they all give different amounts of money we owe on our mortgage. This is a horrifying experience. I'm contacting the FTC and calling attorneys. If anyone else wants to do a joint complaint, there is power in numbers. Please respond to my review and maybe we can join together.

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  • C
    Reviewed By ConsumerPtrotect Apr 2, 2016

    The worst mortgage institution in the east coast

    This is the worse bank I have dealt with after 25 yrs of owning several properties. I was a Hudson City Savings Customer very happy with them, but once M&T took over they started hiking up my escrow every 6 months even with "too much" escrow on my account. The craziest thing was that my scrow gets hiked while at the same time a check is issued because of too much money in my escrow account. I am fighting these thief legally so do yourself a favor and stay away from this unethical, anti customer bank. They have the worse customer service and think they can tell you how to run your life

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  • S
    Reviewed By sept1977 Mar 18, 2016

    Excellent Customer Service

    I noticed my account went into overdraft and once I noticed what happened I called M&T right away to see what I could do to fix this I let them know right away what happened and M&T told me what to do and to make sure I get a reference number, I did everything they told me to do and when I called them back with the reference number they filed a dispute and refunded the money without a problem I was stressing so much about the over draft and I have to give M&T Bank a awesome shout out for excellent Customer Service.

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  • S
    Reviewed By Ssikora1973 Mar 15, 2016

    So Horrible They Should Be Out Of Business

    I've been with this terrible excuse for a financial institution for five years. I had some disputed charges on my account which I started the process on and told to wait for an affidavit which I NEVER RECIEVED. So what do they do? Reverse the damn charges putting me at a negative balance. So I call customer service and was on hold for THIRTY MINUTES! Just to be told that there is nothing they can do because they never got back the form I NEVER RECIEVED! ( They claim it was mailed. Yeah right, I check my mail every day and I always get my mail. They had the audacity to blame the US mail service.) Always nothing they can do and they refuse to work with customers. I'm switching banks as soon as this business is done with. Atrocious customer service that treats long standing customers like garbage. Way to treat a Navy Yard shooting survivor! I'm changing banks as soon as this BS is over with.

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