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M&T Bank Latest Customer Reviews

PFontanelli's Profile Image

Reviewed by PFontanelli

Jul 29th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

The worst in Customer Service

I have opened an account with Wilmington Trust but unfortunately M & T Bank took it over.

I have also opened a safe deposit Box at the Greenville Center Branch.

M & T Bank kept on charging me year to year even though I have sent them several notifications that I no longer have the use for the Box as I have moved away from DE (20 plus years ago).

I have than returned the keys (2) by certified letter which they have received on July 18, but looking at my account I was charged again on July 21. Tried several E-mail to no avail. Finally called the main line where my complaint was received less than cordially and eventually my call was transferred to the Greenville Branch. Spoke to a young lady named Gina she seemed to understand my scenario and took my telephone number and E-mail promising that Jennifer will be in touch with me later on the day, that was on the 21st and today is the 29th. And the charge is still exist.

While the charge is minimal only $30 but it is the principal and furthermore have been paying it for 20 plus years, since I have moved away from DE to MD, RI, NY and eventually FL. So it was finally time to cease these charges.

But it seems that the only way I won't be charged anymore if I close my account down and transfer all the funds to another Institution. ALAS!

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Bfield's Profile Image

Reviewed by Bfield

Jul 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Incompetent/Runaround/Comedy of Errors

I requested a Mortgage payoff letter via fax, as directed by M&T customer service 07/17. I included all information requested of me. Name, Acct number, Pay thru day for payoff, and Address. Contacted M&T 07/18 to confirm receipt of fax request and request was confirmed. I was looking at 5 business days from that date to receive payoff letter per M&T. Contacted M&T, 07/21 to make sure we we were on track. I was told that the letter would be mailed out 07/23. I asked that the letter be faxed to me instead of mailed, and provided a fax number. Contacted M&T 7/24 as I had not received the fax. Customer Service Agent explained that I needed to fax to them my fax number. Really? Per their request, I faxed my fax number 3X's to ensure they had it. Contacted M&T 7/25 and asked where my faxed letter was. Customer Service Agent told me that I did not request a pay thru date for the pay off in my original request. Funny. It's on the original request, yet they continued to deny it. I gave the pay off date again. Contacted M&T 7/28. Customer Service Supervisor said that it had not been 5 business days. He was looking at the wrong fax request, the one from 7/24 with my fax number and not 7/17. He said he would email the department to expedite request. It's 7/29 and still no fax. Supervisor told me to email them if still no fax. I asked for an email address and they explained they cannot accept inbound emails. Hilarious. They would not transfer me to anyone in the "payoff department". Why is this so hard? $750,000 M&T. Don't you want it? Filed BBB complaint and just getting started.

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lbelle's Profile Image

Reviewed by lbelle

Jun 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

The absolute worst -- untrustworthy.

Several years back this bank allowed checks to be cashed by a con artist that was assuming my Power of Attorney (which nobody had). This bank, without proper documentation, allowed this thief to cash these monthly checks for three years. These were dividend check from an account in which the dividends were supposed to go back into the account to accrue. When I found out about this theft and illegal cashing of the checks I sent M and T Bank all the information and asked for my money back. After ignoring me and trying to brush me off, they gave me a fraction back and hoped I would be satisfied and go away.

They have never taken responsibility for their negligence, never went after the thief to prosecute, and continue to ignore my requests for a total refund. And I will not even go into how they take advantage of the disable and elderly.

Hey M&T Bank, I am still waiting for you to step up and make this right.

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urdrwho's Profile Image

Reviewed by urdrwho

May 20th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

After 25 years, I am moving -- actually more when you add my time as a kid with York Bank

In the 60's and 70's I used York Bank, moved away until 1986 and when I returned to York, I went back with York Bank. I've been a customer since, followed all their mergers.

My branch, the York Mall branch, has recently had a major employee change. I have multiple accounts and average $15,000 balance in my checking account. Recently I've been having issues that I didn't have when there was a stable employee base. I deposit my commission checks as cash, the tellers all know me and because I always have the checking balance to cover the checks, they would deposit them as cash. Lately I've been having problems with the tellers depositing them as cash.

Ok, they are all new, this will change once they get to recognize me. It hasn't changed and I just deposited a very small $13 check as cash and she wouldn't deposit it as cash. Therefore when I come in with one of my $1500 commission checks I guess they will float my checks. The checks are not from individuals but are checks from large insurance companies, companies that aren't in the business to write checks that don't have the money to cover the checks.

So I see the writing on the wall, M&T is no longer relationship oriented. I called to talk to the manager and at 10:15 am, I'm told he isn't in the office. I'm going to have to establish a new relationship but that is a good thing because my wife has been wanting to move to the bank that is 1/2 mile from our house. The M&T York Mall branch is several miles away plus a hassle to drive to it.

Bye bye M&T.

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Ellie's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ellie

Apr 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Mortgage Company Ever

M&T bought my mortgage. In January, a pipe burst in my 2nd floor bathroom. $30,000 worth of damage resulted. My insurance company paid up pretty quickly, but they had to make the check out to both me and M&T. That's when I found out that M&T wouldn't release my insurance funds to me until after I'd repaired my home. I had to lay out $30,000 to repair my home, then have M&T's inspector verify that the repairs had been made. Then they released the money my insurance company paid me. Us. Most of it, anyway. When the inspector saw my home he said 10% of the repairs hadn't been completed. Four months later, M&T is still holding $3,000 of my money.Now everytime I call M&T to request a second inspection they give me the runaround, ask for new forms, ask me to fill out forms and submit paperwork I've faxed, mailed and emailed them time after time. And every time I call M&T, I get a different person and start the whole process all over again.

At first I thought they were just disorganized. Then I suspected they might be incredibly stupid. Now I know they are just awful. Awful. I have never had a worse experience with a bank, with a mortgage company, etc. They make the Federal government look like a well-oiled machine.

I can honestly say that the destruction of my home really sucked, but dealing with M&T Bank's Loss Draft Processing Department sucked a hundred times more, if for no other reason than the fact that it's the sucky that keeps on sucking.

I had no choice -- my mortgage was sold to M&T. If you have the choice, though, choose anyone other than M&T as your mortgage company.

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Rochey6957's Profile Image

Reviewed by Rochey6957

Apr 23rd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Bank Broke. Obnoxious Overdraft Charges.

Let me begin by saying, I am a broke college student. My first year I signed up for an M&T student account thinking that it would be the best thing for me and allow me to access what little funds I have at times with minimal issue. Boy, was I wrong.

The biggest issue with this bank is their absurd overdraft charges on a "student" account. Possible due to late postings of purchases to the account, I over drafted my account for two transactions. One purchase of $37 and the other $6. I was waiting for a transfer from another bank which, on the morning of the purchases, said was available. These purchases were on a sunday. On tuesday, the transfer of $100 was "officially" posted to the account, followed by two overdraft charges of $38.50. The two charges put my account into the negative, which means I could have been charged an additional overdraft charge if I i didn't deposit $2 to put my account back in the positive.

I spoke with the bank manager who informed me that upon opening my account, I had opted in to the overdraft charges by allowing overdraft purchases. A $40 charge seems absurd and the manager agreed that it was a little high. However, since I "allowed" the bank to charge me an overdraft fee, they did, twice. I questioned him more about if there was anything that could be done and all his response were "You authorized us to charge you, I can't do anything." He would not remove either charge and told me I should make a deposit so I wouldn't be charged a third overdraft fee.

Overall I am very dissatisfied with the whole experience at this bank. The banks online system seems to be consistently a day behind on updating purchases, their fees are obnoxious, and the manager I spoke to was not helpful.

I will be canceling my account with them at the end of this pay period and am moving to a different bank with a more friendly "student" account.

The online banking and ATM deposits were nice and I never had much issue with those aspects.

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MonChoix1008's Profile Image

Reviewed by MonChoix1008

Apr 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Sneaky. Underhanded.

Not qualities you want in a bank.

Case in point: pulled up to the local branch where my husband and I opened an account. Before withdrawing money, wanted to check the recent transaction history (as I have done with other banks with no issues). The option given was "mini statement". After proceeding with the mini statement, was given a receipt sized sheet with a handful of transactions. Since I wanted to see more, chose the next page (another receipt sized slip) and one more page. When I checked the bank account online, I saw I was charged $3 total for these 3 tiny sheets. What? At my own branch? Without warning? At least with other banks when you go to withdraw money, there is a courtesy warning that you will be charged some fee. So I inquired about this to a service rep. This is what came in reply:

"Although, a balance inquiry is free at an M&T ATM, a $1.00 fee is assessed for a printed mini statement."

"I wish to note this fee is noted in the Electronic Banking Card and Telephone Transaction Disclosure and Agreement you received with your M&T VISA Check card."

Yes folks, you should have known because it was given to you in the enclosure when you received your card in the mail. Therefore, M&T has full license to charge you for trying to find out about your recent transactions at one of their branches. Ridiculous. Who knows what other sneaky tactics they use to take your money.

Yes, $3 is certainly a small amount of money, but this underhanded practice gives me no reason to trust this bank. Suffice it to say, my husband and I will be taking our business elsewhere.

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TeresaMG's Profile Image

Reviewed by TeresaMG

Mar 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


They offered $100 promo if you get a direct deposit for checking. They didn't handle my paperwork correctly, never gave me the packet to get started with checks to get direct deposit told me that it will come in the mail (never did) or followed up, had the wrong phone number in the system to contact me(an old number from years ago when i had an account that i closed with them), and only sent me a check card. A couple months later i get a m & t statement saying i have a negative balance in an account, that i have never been able to set-up the way it was advertised or have been able to use. Seriously!!!!!??? No 100$ deposit because they in error didn't meet the promo time, because they didn't obtain all the correct information. Per the bank when i went to check the status a month or so ago, they said they didn't have my signature. Weird because you opened up an account for me and sent me a check card, just no direct deposit account supplies (a check to give for direct deposit, my account number, nothing). When there i gave them the phone number i had already given and all the information again on a tear off they have you fill-out. Once again i receive the check card but nothing to set-up my direct deposit.... To this day i've been trying to handle since dec, 2013 with no resolve. I just called to speak with a branch manager, she listens to the story and tells me she has another client, she will have to call me back... Bank is not professional, i wish i never gave them this second chance. I banked with m&t before years ago and it still seems they can't get there banks together and on the same page.

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JohnRipon's Profile Image

Reviewed by JohnRipon

Mar 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


Services that are in print a providing, they do not. If you question something, they just hang up or threaten to call the police. Staff has no problem solving skills as to what they can do for the customer. They do not go above or beyond for the customer AT ALL!

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cpata's Profile Image

Reviewed by cpata

Mar 12th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Left a deposit in the tube of the bank 4 checks mind you ,was called on the telephone and scolded as if i was a child

This bank bought my car loan. I would never ever even consider banking here if i was,nt made to.Calling the disrtict manager to figure out why they were even allowed to dial my number,dont they have work to do.

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KarlVanderstouw's Profile Image

Reviewed by KarlVanderstouw

Mar 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Mortgage Issues/Problems

My mortgage was sold to M&T Bank by Bank of America and since this occurred have had nothing but problems.

Refinanced to lower interest rate; actual closing had to occur 4 times due to bank not getting papers correct.

After closing on refinance discovered the still messed up escrow account and did not pay property taxes that year. In 2014 escrow went into shortage; after they issued me back a check of over 6K for having too much ~ and trying to get it all settled correctly has involved numerous calls and still not resolved.

Have issued formal complaint at consumerfinance.gov as I feel some sort of fraud and/or kickbacks are occurring internally within the bank.

Have theory that bank has major financial issues also. While mortgage has a 10 day grace period in which to make the payment ~ if payment is not received on the very 1st day of the 10 day period bank starts aggressive series of calls until payment is made ~ for some reason they are in critical need of getting whatever funds they can on any given day.

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JMurphy's Profile Image

Reviewed by JMurphy

Feb 21st 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Very positive experience both on a business banking relationship and personal banking use.

Staff was friendly and responsive at all times, many knowing me by name. Business transactions were prompt and professional.

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Jlparker's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jlparker

Feb 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible lying thieves

I heard about a promotion online that M&T bank was providing, $100 cash incentive to open a checking account with $300 worth of direct deposits. Just to make sure the promotion was still correct I called and asked the man in sales if it was valid. He asked me numerous questions to make sure I was eligible, and he finally came back with the answer of yes. I opened an account soon after and called when my direct deposit came through the next month (it took a while to get the direct deposit set up in M&T) to make sure I was still getting it... The woman on the other end "checked on a few things" and said my direct deposit would be arriving in the next couple of days. The next day I checked again just to be sure. This woman checked again and told me I was not eligible for the cash incentive as it was not offered in my area! I went up the chain to a male supervisor who said there was nothing he could do. I asked for my account to be closed and he said there would be a penalty for closing the account prior to 6 months. I then asked for his supervisor because I have been lied to and tricked into opening and keeping a bad account. The female supervisor said she could start a complaint for me or close the account without the charge but it would have to be at a zero balance. I asked for a complaint to be launched, which she did. I called back to check on the complaint and got a woman who asked me to hold for a total of close to 7 minutes as she checked the notes and (I would say immediately but it took another 2 minutes) got a supervisor to tell me the complaint was denied due to the fact I had opened the account after the allotted time for the incentive! This company is unbelievable! The will lie to get your business, steal, and cheat to keep your money! DO NOT "BANK" WITH M&T BANK!

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sanchuck's Profile Image

Reviewed by sanchuck

Jan 31st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

will be switching banks

had three different problems

( 1 ) applied to be pre-improved for a small loan to buy a piece of real estate from a bank forclosure - big hassle to get an approval ( eventhough I had was willing to put up a CD for the loan amount as collateral ) - only to be told that they didn't preaprove me - just pre-qualified me - lost out on purchasing this property $40,000 under market value

( 2 ) I was supposed to have a bundle acoount but was later told one business account didn't qualify and I had to pay a monthly charge - I closed that account and moved it to another bank with no fees

( 3 ) daughter's money market was part of bundle - only to find out a year later that when it set up -- they put her in a minium balance account so fees would still apply - this account was closed

now going to close out my main business accounts checking & money market , my personal money market and my wife checking account

Manager has a laid back attitude and thinks by saying nothing can be done without addressing the problem should make me feel good - possible he should be the manager and I could go on

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James0078's Profile Image

Reviewed by James0078

Jan 28th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Try to cash a check

I was just try to get information on a company named Assoc for financial Professionals and a check #14304

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Elwood's Profile Image

Reviewed by Elwood

Jan 27th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

M&T Bank in Rhinebeck is the best ever!

I have been with M&T Bank in Rhinebeck for decades and the people who work there have been nothing but gracious, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. When my wife died last March, the principals at my local M&T were there for me as I navigated the difficulties in transferring accounts, etc.

5 Stars!

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crafty1's Profile Image

Reviewed by crafty1

Jan 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

PMI ripoff

We paid down our balance to get out from under PMI. They gave me every reason under the sun not to give back the overages paid. Took 4 mouths, and they still refused to give back overages. When our mortgage was first transfered to them, they sent a check for escrow overage, next month they demanded it back plus more. Their bookkeeping stinks.

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SillyWilly's Profile Image

Reviewed by SillyWilly

Jan 23rd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

No true Customer Service at this Bank

This is not our main bank so I hadn't needed assistance for awhile. Went inside and had to wait for their "visiting" Customer Service Rep to come out to her office to wait on us. Asked her a question and she had to call someone to get answer. Her reasoning was she wasn't from this branch. I thought they all worked on same values. We were making a payment and she wanted to see it, then said we don't take them here. They go across the bridge somewhere. But she insisted she would retape and send it. 12 days later and they are calling us about the payment. I went there and a teller said the CS had left for the day (1:30pm). She then wanted to know the person's name who waited on us before. I told her the date and they should be able to look it up but the woman insisted they couldn't tell who was on that day. What type of security do they have there that they don't know who is in their building on a certain date? So this is why it is not our main bank. And after reading other comments believe they will not be around long either.

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katmgck's Profile Image

Reviewed by katmgck

Jan 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

3 days down for maintenance

This is unacceptable. I tried to get current transactions by phone and all transactions were old. The recorded voice said that phone banking would be down for MLK holiday on Monday but that we could always go online to check current status and make transactions. Uh, no we can't. It's down for maintenance.

Very unhappy customer.

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mklipich's Profile Image

Reviewed by mklipich

Jan 19th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

3 days down for maintenance

I have about had it with M&T with your constant poor website performance. Really? down for 3 days. That is totally unacceptable in the IT world and as a customer.

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elfies6's Profile Image

Reviewed by elfies6

Jan 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Good Benefits when working for them, but Retirement means you're cut off.

40 + years working for them, then Retirement. ONLY benefit is a catalogue for buying things "cheaper" which many businesses have. They even cut off the retiree's Verizon cell discount. You get absolutely NOTHING else when you retire.

Shame On Them.

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Thinkingisallowed's Profile Image

Reviewed by Thinkingisallowed

Jan 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Really bad experience

M and T business strategy is to increase stock value by stealing money from its customer through fees and very inflated escrow accounts.

They have no respect for their customers, particularly if you have a mortgage with them. They will also do anything they can to hurt your credit, so it will become hard for you to find another bank to buy your mortgage, so you are stuck with them. And they will make you suffer. Guarantee.

I've never had problems with a bank in 20 years. Never. Until I was forced to do business with this bank when my mortgage was transferred. I did not know banks could be so unethical, borderline fraudulent and rude to customers as M and T bank.

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swboyink's Profile Image

Reviewed by swboyink

Jan 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Skank Of America Sold My Mortgage To M T Bank. Terrible Customer Service!

First off i have a $20 fee added to my account which my bank says is from a bad check fee, to which i always had auto draft with bofa. No explanation for this, was actually told to call bank of america to sort it out. Originally setup auto draft with mtbank, then they took two payments for one month, over drafting my account of which other bills began even more over drafting and the $25 fee for each transaction. Customers service said they would refund the payment but in form of paper check and i would have to send in my bank account statement for them to review whether i get reimbursement for the overdraft fees. They can take money out instantly but can't put it right back. Some bank! I hate that i had no choice to inheret such a handicapped mortgage provider. Ever notice that the name sounds like "empty bank"?

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mariacastellon's Profile Image

Reviewed by mariacastellon

Dec 14th 2013

1 out of 5 marks


This bank has been holding $2,500.00 of my money since July. They claim the final inspection wasn't done properly and did not notify my until after a few phone calls & emails asking about my funds. The second "final" inspection was done in November and I've yet to receive a call, email or much less my check. My mortgage guy [Redacted] (Cottonwood Heights, UT) didn't lock my interest rate and cost me a half a point. [Redacted], closing supervisor (Holloday, UT) has been uninterested in helping me resolve this issue.

Do not do business with these people.

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Kwasi's Profile Image

Reviewed by Kwasi

Dec 9th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Don't even waste time with this bank

It is obvious to me at this point that M and T bank has no interest of its clients and asking for legitimate support is a nightmare.

They have MY OWN $$$ which I paid to them as escrow and they are disbursing the money wrongly. I pointed it out them and is taking over three months with series of calls and emails but this simple issue cannot be resolved with them. I am finally advising myself and seek assistance elsewhere

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ladyphilliips's Profile Image

Reviewed by ladyphilliips

Nov 7th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

hate it

I deposited a check into the ATM machine and it got stuck into the reader at 4:35 pm. Two employees were exiting the building (end of work day) I asked them questions about getting my check or credit for deposit. they look at me as if I'm panhandling and tell me to call the 1800# poor customer service. I waited until next bushiness day called the branch explained situation and again was treated like I was wrong or providing misleading information. I'm certain that someone pulled the jammed check from the machine, saw my account number and signature, however no one called and the funds still (day 3) have not been credited to my account. Nevertheless poor experience. Bank with credit unions where members are just that appreciated members. This branch sucks to the core.

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teddymines's Profile Image

Reviewed by teddymines

Nov 6th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Quite possibly the worst bank ever

It is beyond comprehension how a bank with such horrible service and borderline felonious fees can still be in business. I just received a savings account statement and they deducted so many of these "fees" that I now carry a negative balance. First of all, those fees more than wipe out any interest I've earned, but more importantly why would they keep taking away more money when there is none there? I plan on closing it today and refusing to pay their ransom.

Please do yourself a favor, and never open an account at M&T. You are far better off using a credit union or buying a safe.

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pam21213's Profile Image

Reviewed by pam21213

Nov 4th 2013

1 out of 5 marks


I lost my M and T bank card and someone deposited a check for 2,500 dollars and the bank was supposed to investigate this fraudulent activity on my account and I went to the bank on Friday Nov 1st and they emailed some pictures non were me so there trying to say these guys put me up to it I'm a hard worker I would never do this to myself they are going to hold me accountable for this and put on my credit report sorry bank ain't worth dealing with stay away from M and T Bank.

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anon89's Profile Image

Reviewed by anon89

Nov 4th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Poor Customer Service from Manager (Eileen) @ the Monticello, NY branch!

I deposited cash at the atm in Monticello, NY. I received an ATM slip stating that there was a problem with the deposit. A deposit&withdrawal showed up on my online statement (I didn't withdrawal any money) I called the 800# because the branch was closed. The lady (don't know her name) stated that the money is in my account. The following day, my online statement didn't reflect this. I called the Monticello branch and spoke to the manager, Eileen. She said she is going to file a dispute with the atm company and that she is going to call me back after she spoke to them. Due to unavailability due to work she said she'd also call me the following day. She never called either day. The next day I called her. Eileen has poor customer service skills. After me asking a few questions because her answers were not acceptable, in my opinion, she explained the process, including a provision credit within 24 hours followed by an investigation, making it seem more complicated that it actually was. She said that she didn't understand what I was saying (I was basically saying things that she didn't want to hear.) Afterwords, she said "What's your problem now"? I then handed the phone to a household member who was involved in the situation. He asked many of the same questions I did and was given different answers. For example, it can take up to 2 weeks to be credited the money that was withdrawn from my account. When asked to speak to someone else, she said she is the only person we can speak to. After she hung up on him, I called the 800 #. The woman who answered the phone was very helpful, kind and professional. She identified with me, apologized, and explained the process which is actually very simple. She re-submitted a dispute with the ATM company and said that the money should be available within 24 hours. She also said to call the 800 number instead of the branch because they are there to help.

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marshak's Profile Image

Reviewed by marshak

Nov 1st 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Stay away from this bank

We obtained an RV loan through the dealer with M&T Bank. We then paid the loan in full 5 mos. later. I sent M&T a check and they closed out our acct. on 10/15/13. I looked at my personal online checking account and noticed M&T had withdrawn all the money electronically on 10/16/13. In the meantime our dealer sold the RV and now we are waiting for M&T to send us the title. Now M&T tells us they have to wait 10 business days before mailing the title to make sure our check cleared. I clearly told her they already had our money as it was electronically transferred to them on 10/16. After speaking and pleading with supervisors, etc. they wouldn't make an exception even tho this whole deal hinged on getting the title. Today is 11/1/13 and still no title showed up in our mail. There is not a reason in the world that the couldn't make an exception as they had the money one day after receiving our check. I would never do business with them again. I've given them a rating of one for customer service, bank rates, online experience, fees and charges and overall satisfaction, however I didn't have any experience with fees and charges and it didn't have a section for NA.

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