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M&T Bank Latest Customer Reviews

Lyorkgmail's Profile Image

Reviewed by Lyorkgmail

May 11th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Thank you

For being customer service orientated. You have never given me reason to leave. Today - many places don't seem to care about your business . Your staff is great. Kind and helpful!

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genung5's Profile Image

Reviewed by genung5

Apr 14th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Great Bank!

I have only good to say about M&T Bank. Our branch in Norwich, NY, has been very helpful to us. When they first changed their name from Partners Trust, I was concerned. My concerns were groundless. Thank you M&T Bank for making banking a pleasure!

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Elwood's Profile Image

Reviewed by Elwood

Jan 27th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

M&T Bank in Rhinebeck is the best ever!

I have been with M&T Bank in Rhinebeck for decades and the people who work there have been nothing but gracious, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. When my wife died last March, the principals at my local M&T were there for me as I navigated the difficulties in transferring accounts, etc.

5 Stars!

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tiphanny32's Profile Image

Reviewed by tiphanny32

Mar 8th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

Professional & Quick

My name is Tiphanny and I signed up with M & T Bank in late 2011. My banking experience has been great. Whatever issues I have had, I was assisted with great customer care and professionalism. I'm extremely happy with services provided by Axel Mezquita in customer service. Any problems, start to finish, Axel has always been there.

I'm very much appreciative of the services rendered.

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schaeff's Profile Image

Reviewed by schaeff

Aug 10th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

fabulous, without exception

very responsive, always helpful; go above and beyond

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kbones092's Profile Image

Reviewed by kbones092

Aug 12th 2011

5 out of 5 marks


Keep in mind that most reviews are given by unsatisfied customers because the satisfied ones don't feel the need to review a company. I have had no issues with M & T. The one time I overdrew my account I called and was instantly refunded all fees charged since I had never done it before. They also do not charge fees for over drafting if the over draft is under $10. As for those who had to pay to cash checks, if it isn't your bank MOST banks will charge $5-10 dollars to cash their checks (in my experience). The website does need a bit of improvement but it does the job. Compared to my experiences with other banks M & T bank are saints.

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JMurphy's Profile Image

Reviewed by JMurphy

Feb 21st 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Very positive experience both on a business banking relationship and personal banking use.

Staff was friendly and responsive at all times, many knowing me by name. Business transactions were prompt and professional.

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itasara's Profile Image

Reviewed by itasara

Jan 22nd 2013

4 out of 5 marks

I Like M&t Online Banking Except....

I am happy with m&t web banking unlike other reviews i reas here except for years i have been asking for them to add a memo line to the online checks and they keep saying it will happen but it doesn't. They say use the account line, but that does not work and isn't enough space for acct. Nos. & memo. I also would like check deposit online service also which is relatively new for businesses w m&t, but other banks are already doing that for all customers, and maybe that will come but hasn't yet but i don't trust them after waiting so long for previous request which other banks already do. I'd give them a 5 if they would do these requests.

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Jim H's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jim H

Jan 10th 2011

4 out of 5 marks

Excellent customer service online. Flexible options, free bill pay.

Biggest negative are fees for overdraft, but they offer two types of overdraft protection if you apply.

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David M's Profile Image

Reviewed by David M

Jul 30th 2010

4 out of 5 marks

Ryan P's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ryan P

Sep 18th 2012

4 out of 5 marks

Good, But Getting Annoying...

My husband has had a checking account here since he was a kid. This is our hometown, home area bank, (go buffalo! ) so we were very happy when we moved to learn we could stay with m&t. Even my parents have recently moved all their accounts here, right before hsbc (their old bank) sold everything off!

Overall this bank has been fine to deal with. The only things we have had was that they mess up reprinting new batches of checks a lot, address always seems wrong. Also it seems that as of late every time you go into a branch to make a transaction they're trying to sell you on something, either a credit card or loan. It gets annoying to be hounded like this when you just want to access your money and leave. Makes us tempted to switch to another bank.

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Raymond D's Profile Image

Reviewed by Raymond D

Oct 7th 2011

4 out of 5 marks

Ideal For Simple Banking Services

I have used m&t since 2004 without any problems except mistakes made by their check printer (deluxe) on two orders. M&t had the checks reprinted without charge (i now avoid such problems by ordering from checks in the mail). Their two local branches in south baltimore are very helpful (unlike provident bank, which m&t took over). Although they pay very little interest on deposits, and their fees have recently become somewhat higher than average, that seems to have eliminated having to wait in line for in-branch transactions (except at lunch time on fridays).

I also enjoy using their online and text banking, and they currently have more atms in the baltimore metropolitan area than any other bank. I have used ally bank and ing direct without any problems, but i got tired of the waits involved in transferring money to and from them; so now i'm happily using three linked m&t accounts as a do-it-myself pnc bank virtual wallet. If you're looking for a place to bank and m&t has a branch in your neighborhood, check it out!

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Dawn L's Profile Image

Reviewed by Dawn L

Jul 26th 2010

4 out of 5 marks

I love it!

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Facebook User's Profile Image

Reviewed by Facebook User

Oct 7th 2009

4 out of 5 marks

College Checking Account

M&T was the only bank that has branches both at home and where I go to school, so it was a default choice, but I am very satisfied with its college checking account. It has no fees or minimums, which helps a lot when you have irregular cash flow like most college students. I love that it reimburses ATM fees from other banks, and I have never had trouble using my debit card that is linked to the account. The one experience I had with customer service was quick and painless, and the website has recently been updated and is now more useful than before.

I don't know if I'd stay with it after college due to the low/nonexistant interest rates, but it is a fantastic college checking account with no hassle.

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Walzer's Profile Image

Reviewed by Walzer

Jun 8th 2012

4 out of 5 marks

I Love This Bank. I Have Found Them To Be Helpful, Understanding And Concerned About My Needs.

I have found the people at the chili branch very helpful. I am alway in need of some kind of help when i go in there and i always leave with my accounts just the way they should be. Its nice to be greated with a smile at all times.

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Sara M's Profile Image

Reviewed by Sara M

Jun 2nd 2012

4 out of 5 marks

Not Perfect But So Much Better Than the Competition

I opened an account with M&T about 6 months ago when they offered 100 cash back for balance transfers. I previously banked with First National Bank of Wyoming,DE and was quite tired of not being able to check my bank balance after 10 pm as they often spent all night doing maintenance.

The helpful person at M&T explained each of the bank fees, as well as how to avoid them, such as direct deposit negating the monthly checking fee, and not to withdrawal more than 5x from the savings unless you want to pay a withdrawal fee. Then he ordered checks. I came back the next day and asked them not to order checks. I don't use them or need them, and the starter check they gave me worked for direct deposit.

They cancelled the order but the checks still arrived and I took them in. Immediately they reversed the charges that still appeared.

I know this is just one branch, but my local M&T branch is filled with helpful and knowledgeable people.

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Terrelyn G's Profile Image

Reviewed by Terrelyn G

Jan 5th 2012

4 out of 5 marks

Good Custormer service

People and friendly and knowledgeable about daily banking needs. Interest rates are low. Fees are about average.

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Anjor101's Profile Image

Reviewed by Anjor101

Feb 22nd 2012

3 out of 5 marks

Happy With The Bank

I have been with M7T since 2005, and haven't had much problems with them. A couple of times they gave me a hard time about something or other, but the whole beginning of the issue was my fault. They just could have talked to me better. I am looking for a new bank, but only because I need a bank with branches in Florida, and they dont have one. All in all I am happy with them.

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MightyRontor's Profile Image

Reviewed by MightyRontor

Apr 10th 2015

3 out of 5 marks

ID just to get change?

Don't get me wrong, I think their service is great, but now I need to be inconvenienced just to exchange a $10 bill for a roll of quarters to feed the parking meters at work. Why? Because of this:

"In June 2014, a U.S. District Judge ordered M&T Bank to forfeit $560,000 in drug proceeds that was laundered through its Perry Hall, Maryland, branch. At least eight times from 2011 to 2013, Deanna Bailey went to the branch and had head teller Sabrina Fitts convert cash — amounts from $20,000 to $100,000 — into larger bills. Fitts accepted a 1 percent transaction fee in exchange for not filing a Currency Transaction Report. This violated the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970 which requires all transactions of more than $10,000 to be reported to the Internal Revenue Service.

M&T Bank's pending acquisition of Hudson City Bancorp has been held up for more than two years by the Federal Reserve Board, which is unconvinced that the bank's anti-laundering controls are strong enough."

Source: wikipedia et al."

It's a one-for-one exchange; no fees, no deposits just converting a $10 bill for $10 in quarters. But because the Fed has them under a microscope, I have to prove their legitimacy? Not only is it insulting to me, but it's foolhardy because this "measure" is doing nothing to convince the Fed that you have better anti-laundering enforcement.

Oh, and your greeters and tellers have twice told me that it's about anti-terrorism and anti-laundering against terrorism.

M&T used to be 5 Stars.

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Someguy's Profile Image

Reviewed by Someguy

Apr 10th 2013

3 out of 5 marks

Great.....except the hours of operation.

What bank these days only stays open until 4pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday? Less than a quarter of a mile away from this branch are two other banks (Metro and Integrity) that stay open until 730 pm EVERY DAY!!! As much as this branch is terrific, and the people are great, if they do not adjust to the times, they will lose business.

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ilinialum5's Profile Image

Reviewed by ilinialum5

May 8th 2013

3 out of 5 marks

Personnel in Cabin John branch are very pleasant. Generally positive.

I started with M&T (nee 1st National Bank of MD) because of proximity and they were the only back to give me a free business checking account. The personnel are very pleasant at my branch. I use them only as a convenient place to use an ATM or to make small deposits.

Rates are poor, but on a par with most banks. Ridiculous fee was imposed, but when I objected they made a deal in which they continue to charge a fee, but immediately credit my account for the amount of the fee so that checking remains free.

The best service is at a good credit union where I do most of my banking.

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urdrwho's Profile Image

Reviewed by urdrwho

May 20th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

After 25 years, I am moving -- actually more when you add my time as a kid with York Bank

In the 60's and 70's I used York Bank, moved away until 1986 and when I returned to York, I went back with York Bank. I've been a customer since, followed all their mergers.

My branch, the York Mall branch, has recently had a major employee change. I have multiple accounts and average $15,000 balance in my checking account. Recently I've been having issues that I didn't have when there was a stable employee base. I deposit my commission checks as cash, the tellers all know me and because I always have the checking balance to cover the checks, they would deposit them as cash. Lately I've been having problems with the tellers depositing them as cash.

Ok, they are all new, this will change once they get to recognize me. It hasn't changed and I just deposited a very small $13 check as cash and she wouldn't deposit it as cash. Therefore when I come in with one of my $1500 commission checks I guess they will float my checks. The checks are not from individuals but are checks from large insurance companies, companies that aren't in the business to write checks that don't have the money to cover the checks.

So I see the writing on the wall, M&T is no longer relationship oriented. I called to talk to the manager and at 10:15 am, I'm told he isn't in the office. I'm going to have to establish a new relationship but that is a good thing because my wife has been wanting to move to the bank that is 1/2 mile from our house. The M&T York Mall branch is several miles away plus a hassle to drive to it.

Bye bye M&T.

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Ryan S's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ryan S

Nov 27th 2010

2 out of 5 marks

The most ignorant and worst bank , save yourself trouble and go elsewhere

I don't recommend M&T at all. I called in for a stop loan payment on my checking account that is automatically withdrawn 2 weeks in advance and to have some kind of payment book or mail delivered to me so i can get them the money. This is all due to the fact that im vacationing in California for awhile and M&T doesn't exist out here. so the customer service gentleman told me everything was cool after i gave him the information he asked for to complete the task. Down the road i hadn't received any mail and went on-line to check. Sure enough there's a overdraft of $81.92 and the loan payment normally of $45.71. So i called their very rude customer service and explained things very rationally and calmly tho no lie i was extremely pissed when they were telling me there was no record of anything and there was nothing they could do. I spoke to the woman very nicely even tho she was a very rude customer service rep about the situation and i just wanted to reverse the charge that was made and have the paperwork that i needed to make the payments sent to me to California from Pennsylvania so they could get their money. i just didn't want the overdraft charge due to MAYBE SOMEONE POSSIBLY HADN'T DONE THEIR JOB???? I eventually spoke to a supervisor and explained it to her. She was even more nasty. I talked to her about the gentleman who possible hadn't done his job but she would not have any of my side of the story.Throwing bank regulations and policies at me raising her voice every-time i would try to get a word in. As there was no proof except the time i called it in which should be proof enough that i DID speak to this gentleman. There are many things they could have done for me and we couldve worked it out but M&T throws a fit over a small $37 overdraft fee that they lost my business once i pay them the $81 i "owe" them. Most customer service centers and bank personnel respect those customers who try to understand the banks side and not scream at employees when something goes wrong

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sullyc's Profile Image

Reviewed by sullyc

Sep 26th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Short on Customer Service

Today, Friday,

September 26 @ apprioximately 2:00p, I went for the first time to the Potomac Branch and realized I could use the walk up window. I hurriedly wrote my account number on the form and stood in front of the window. You could hardly see as it was almost blackened from my angle. The drawer opened--no "Hi can I help you, nothing." I put my transaction in the drawer.

Well in my haste I put an incorrect account number on the form. The teller came back to the window. Even though the window was somewhat dark, I focused hard and saw her lips moving and assumed she was saying something to me. I told her I cannot hear you. She then put the speaker on and said my account no was incorrect. I told her I wrote it hurriedly and gave her the correct account no. No" thank you," nothing. I said your welcome just to alert her that I was a human being at the window. When she completed the transaction, she put it in the drawer and pushed it through for me to take it,.

Again, no "thank you," nothing. I finally said You're welcome, again. What is going on with people. I have been banking with MandT for years, this behavior was blatantly rude. I gave it two stars because I like MandT, it appears to be a stable bank. Most of the time I get good service, but not today. MandT

perhaps you can counsel the teller with the long dark har and a dark jacket on to use some people skills when servicing people.

Perhaps emphazing the importance of making a customer feel apreciated in light of the massive competition with other more cordial banking institutions. Our money in their bank keeps the bank going and employs the staff. Just a little smile and thank you would be appreciated.

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Rochey6957's Profile Image

Reviewed by Rochey6957

Apr 23rd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Bank Broke. Obnoxious Overdraft Charges.

Let me begin by saying, I am a broke college student. My first year I signed up for an M&T student account thinking that it would be the best thing for me and allow me to access what little funds I have at times with minimal issue. Boy, was I wrong.

The biggest issue with this bank is their absurd overdraft charges on a "student" account. Possible due to late postings of purchases to the account, I over drafted my account for two transactions. One purchase of $37 and the other $6. I was waiting for a transfer from another bank which, on the morning of the purchases, said was available. These purchases were on a sunday. On tuesday, the transfer of $100 was "officially" posted to the account, followed by two overdraft charges of $38.50. The two charges put my account into the negative, which means I could have been charged an additional overdraft charge if I i didn't deposit $2 to put my account back in the positive.

I spoke with the bank manager who informed me that upon opening my account, I had opted in to the overdraft charges by allowing overdraft purchases. A $40 charge seems absurd and the manager agreed that it was a little high. However, since I "allowed" the bank to charge me an overdraft fee, they did, twice. I questioned him more about if there was anything that could be done and all his response were "You authorized us to charge you, I can't do anything." He would not remove either charge and told me I should make a deposit so I wouldn't be charged a third overdraft fee.

Overall I am very dissatisfied with the whole experience at this bank. The banks online system seems to be consistently a day behind on updating purchases, their fees are obnoxious, and the manager I spoke to was not helpful.

I will be canceling my account with them at the end of this pay period and am moving to a different bank with a more friendly "student" account.

The online banking and ATM deposits were nice and I never had much issue with those aspects.

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anon89's Profile Image

Reviewed by anon89

Nov 4th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Poor Customer Service from Manager (Eileen) @ the Monticello, NY branch!

I deposited cash at the atm in Monticello, NY. I received an ATM slip stating that there was a problem with the deposit. A deposit&withdrawal showed up on my online statement (I didn't withdrawal any money) I called the 800# because the branch was closed. The lady (don't know her name) stated that the money is in my account. The following day, my online statement didn't reflect this. I called the Monticello branch and spoke to the manager, Eileen. She said she is going to file a dispute with the atm company and that she is going to call me back after she spoke to them. Due to unavailability due to work she said she'd also call me the following day. She never called either day. The next day I called her. Eileen has poor customer service skills. After me asking a few questions because her answers were not acceptable, in my opinion, she explained the process, including a provision credit within 24 hours followed by an investigation, making it seem more complicated that it actually was. She said that she didn't understand what I was saying (I was basically saying things that she didn't want to hear.) Afterwords, she said "What's your problem now"? I then handed the phone to a household member who was involved in the situation. He asked many of the same questions I did and was given different answers. For example, it can take up to 2 weeks to be credited the money that was withdrawn from my account. When asked to speak to someone else, she said she is the only person we can speak to. After she hung up on him, I called the 800 #. The woman who answered the phone was very helpful, kind and professional. She identified with me, apologized, and explained the process which is actually very simple. She re-submitted a dispute with the ATM company and said that the money should be available within 24 hours. She also said to call the 800 number instead of the branch because they are there to help.

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Triciaw's Profile Image

Reviewed by Triciaw

Apr 29th 2013

2 out of 5 marks


This bank was excellent when I joined them 4 years ago. Now all of a sudden it costs me $25 a month to have the same account that I have had there for years and their only explanation is that they are new fees and they no longer offer free checking. I will be switching as soon as I get a new account open elsewhere!

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Jazzywon's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jazzywon

May 18th 2011

2 out of 5 marks

Not worth it anymore

I have dealt with this back for a long time, even before they were M&T (they were MidState at the time). I am at my wits end with this bank, and am currently reviewing other banks in the area.

Their website sucks, I feel every transaction should be clickable. You can't actually see every transaction. Check identification can be tough at times, cause their site truncates the information at times. you know what I'm talking about if you are a current customer, and use their site. Their 'ipod' app, is terrible. This is one of the main reasons I DO NOT want to go PAPERLESS with this bank.

I still get junk mail from them (insurance deals etc), even after filling out all forms to opt-out. They call (again despite opting out), and try to market their products (annoying when you are at work). Sorry, I only want to be called in an emergency.

YES, they do charge $10 to cash a check if you are not one of their customers. My brother was charge $10 for a $65.00 check. Using your MTB debit card at an atm outside the network will get you a $2.00 charge on your statement, plus what the atm charges. Using an ATM card at an MTB bank, but not issued by MTB, will get you a $5.00 service fee at the ATM (plus what you own bank will charge). Cheaper to go to a grocery store and get charged $1.75 . Though, it should be said, they have transaction free atms at some gas stations *sigh* .

I wish they had a walkup ATM for people not in vehicals. Hate standing there trying to do a transaction when the machine is a foot below you, and cars are in line behind you..

Bank staff is annoying, avoid them at all costs. Most seem to be out of high school, or very early college. Having an employee roll their eyes at you, is a real downer. I'd seriously prefer an automated attendant anyday.

I admit I have been trying to find all these fees on their site but without much luck. I even asked google for a little assistance finding '$10.00' and the word 'fee' and really not much luck.

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PFontanelli's Profile Image

Reviewed by PFontanelli

Jul 29th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

The worst in Customer Service

I have opened an account with Wilmington Trust but unfortunately M & T Bank took it over.

I have also opened a safe deposit Box at the Greenville Center Branch.

M & T Bank kept on charging me year to year even though I have sent them several notifications that I no longer have the use for the Box as I have moved away from DE (20 plus years ago).

I have than returned the keys (2) by certified letter which they have received on July 18, but looking at my account I was charged again on July 21. Tried several E-mail to no avail. Finally called the main line where my complaint was received less than cordially and eventually my call was transferred to the Greenville Branch. Spoke to a young lady named Gina she seemed to understand my scenario and took my telephone number and E-mail promising that Jennifer will be in touch with me later on the day, that was on the 21st and today is the 29th. And the charge is still exist.

While the charge is minimal only $30 but it is the principal and furthermore have been paying it for 20 plus years, since I have moved away from DE to MD, RI, NY and eventually FL. So it was finally time to cease these charges.

But it seems that the only way I won't be charged anymore if I close my account down and transfer all the funds to another Institution. ALAS!

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