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M&T Bank Latest Customer Reviews

TeresaMG's Profile Image

Reviewed by TeresaMG

Mar 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


They offered $100 promo if you get a direct deposit for checking. They didn't handle my paperwork correctly, never gave me the packet to get started with checks to get direct deposit told me that it will come in the mail (never did) or followed up, had the wrong phone number in the system to contact me(an old number from years ago when i had an account that i closed with them), and only sent me a check card. A couple months later i get a m & t statement saying i have a negative balance in an account, that i have never been able to set-up the way it was advertised or have been able to use. Seriously!!!!!??? No 100$ deposit because they in error didn't meet the promo time, because they didn't obtain all the correct information. Per the bank when i went to check the status a month or so ago, they said they didn't have my signature. Weird because you opened up an account for me and sent me a check card, just no direct deposit account supplies (a check to give for direct deposit, my account number, nothing). When there i gave them the phone number i had already given and all the information again on a tear off they have you fill-out. Once again i receive the check card but nothing to set-up my direct deposit.... To this day i've been trying to handle since dec, 2013 with no resolve. I just called to speak with a branch manager, she listens to the story and tells me she has another client, she will have to call me back... Bank is not professional, i wish i never gave them this second chance. I banked with m&t before years ago and it still seems they can't get there banks together and on the same page.

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JohnRipon's Profile Image

Reviewed by JohnRipon

Mar 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


Services that are in print a providing, they do not. If you question something, they just hang up or threaten to call the police. Staff has no problem solving skills as to what they can do for the customer. They do not go above or beyond for the customer AT ALL!

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cpata's Profile Image

Reviewed by cpata

Mar 12th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Left a deposit in the tube of the bank 4 checks mind you ,was called on the telephone and scolded as if i was a child

This bank bought my car loan. I would never ever even consider banking here if i was,nt made to.Calling the disrtict manager to figure out why they were even allowed to dial my number,dont they have work to do.

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KarlVanderstouw's Profile Image

Reviewed by KarlVanderstouw

Mar 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Mortgage Issues/Problems

My mortgage was sold to M&T Bank by Bank of America and since this occurred have had nothing but problems.

Refinanced to lower interest rate; actual closing had to occur 4 times due to bank not getting papers correct.

After closing on refinance discovered the still messed up escrow account and did not pay property taxes that year. In 2014 escrow went into shortage; after they issued me back a check of over 6K for having too much ~ and trying to get it all settled correctly has involved numerous calls and still not resolved.

Have issued formal complaint at consumerfinance.gov as I feel some sort of fraud and/or kickbacks are occurring internally within the bank.

Have theory that bank has major financial issues also. While mortgage has a 10 day grace period in which to make the payment ~ if payment is not received on the very 1st day of the 10 day period bank starts aggressive series of calls until payment is made ~ for some reason they are in critical need of getting whatever funds they can on any given day.

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JMurphy's Profile Image

Reviewed by JMurphy

Feb 21st 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Very positive experience both on a business banking relationship and personal banking use.

Staff was friendly and responsive at all times, many knowing me by name. Business transactions were prompt and professional.

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