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M&T Bank Customer Review

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mrenee613's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by mrenee613

Jun 4th 2012

After so many years - I can not believe their customer service would turn so bad

They took a check from another banking institution that I deposited and put a 7 day hold on it, even though the check was funded by the next day. This practice is unacceptable. $1,500.00 floating for their benefit - That is very wrong. All my accounts are closing this week, since they care less about their customers. This was the final set back! Besides the continuous poor customer service, then charging me a monthly fee every month and having to call to get them to take it off because they signed me up for one of their specials! This is it! I have had enough!

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MonChoix1008's Profile Image

Reviewed by MonChoix1008

Apr 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Sneaky. Underhanded...

Not qualities you want in a bank.

Case in point: pulled up to the local branch where my husband and I opened an account. Before withdrawing money, wanted to check the recent transaction history (as I have done with other banks with no issues). The option given was "mini statement". After proceeding with the mini statement, was given a receipt sized sheet with a handful of transactions. Since I wanted to see more, chose the next page (another receipt sized slip) and one more page. When I checked the bank account online, I saw I was charged $3 total for these 3 tiny sheets. What?! At my own branch? Without warning? At least with other banks when you go to withdraw money, there is a courtesy warning that you will be charged some fee. So I inquired about this to a service rep. This is what came in reply:

"Although, a balance inquiry is free at an M&T ATM, a $1.00 fee is assessed for a printed mini statement."

"I wish to note this fee is noted in the Electronic Banking Card and Telephone Transaction Disclosure and Agreement you received with your M&T VISA Check card."

Yes folks, you should have known because it was given to you in the enclosure when you received your card in the mail. Therefore, M&T has full license to charge you for trying to find out about your recent transactions at one of their branches. Ridiculous. Who knows what other sneaky tactics they use to take your money.

Yes, $3 is certainly a small amount of money, but this underhanded practice gives me no reason to trust this bank. Suffice it to say, my husband and I will be taking our business elsewhere.

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nightowldoingit's Profile Image

Reviewed by nightowldoingit

Jan 2nd 2012

1 out of 5 marks

Perfect Example Of Robbing The Poor To Put In Their Greedy Little Rich Hands...Better Check Your Account!!!!

Made a special trip to the bank to speak with one of their customer service reps regarding my auto loan and asked about any penalties that i might encounter if my payment was two months late. The rep explained that i would sustain a penalty on my credit report if i was 45 days past due. She then informed me that at that point, i was only 22 days past due so i left the bank thinking i had a few more days to make the payment. After reaching out to family members to borrow money to help me make this payment, i went online to check my account only to find that m&t had already withdrawn the loan payment from my account without notifying me. Thank god (spelled w/capital g...this site auto-changed it :-) i had received the extra money from relatives or else i might have been out of luck with my rent payment and possibly hit with an overdraft fee as well! In all the 20 years i banked with wilmington trust, nothing like this ever happened. This is the penny that broke my piggy bank trust in m&t.... I think i'm ready to move on to another bank!!!

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