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M&T Bank Customer Review

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johnp4800's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by johnp4800

Feb 14th 2012

Extremely Poor

This among most other banks rip off their customers on a daily basis, it makes you wonder if they are owned by the government. It is about time we the American people band together and put a stop to the thieving of the our money. We sit and complain about it but do nothing. Is there anyone who has the ability to start such a thing. We need to stop these banks before they break us all and we are all put out on the streets. I am fifty years old and over the years they have stolen thousands of dollars from me, not only from checking and saving accounts but from mortgages as well. If anyone can get this started please do.

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PFontanelli's Profile Image

Reviewed by PFontanelli

Jul 29th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

The worst in Customer Service

I have opened an account with Wilmington Trust but unfortunately M & T Bank took it over.

I have also opened a safe deposit Box at the Greenville Center Branch.

M & T Bank kept on charging me year to year even though I have sent them several notifications that I no longer have the use for the Box as I have moved away from DE (20 plus years ago).

I have than returned the keys (2) by certified letter which they have received on July 18, but looking at my account I was charged again on July 21. Tried several E-mail to no avail. Finally called the main line where my complaint was received less than cordially and eventually my call was transferred to the Greenville Branch. Spoke to a young lady named Gina she seemed to understand my scenario and took my telephone number and E-mail promising that Jennifer will be in touch with me later on the day, that was on the 21st and today is the 29th. And the charge is still exist.

While the charge is minimal only $30 but it is the principal and furthermore have been paying it for 20 plus years, since I have moved away from DE to MD, RI, NY and eventually FL. So it was finally time to cease these charges.

But it seems that the only way I won't be charged anymore if I close my account down and transfer all the funds to another Institution. ALAS!

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Bfield's Profile Image

Reviewed by Bfield

Jul 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Incompetent/Runaround/Comedy of Errors

I requested a Mortgage payoff letter via fax, as directed by M&T customer service 07/17. I included all information requested of me. Name, Acct number, Pay thru day for payoff, and Address. Contacted M&T 07/18 to confirm receipt of fax request and request was confirmed. I was looking at 5 business days from that date to receive payoff letter per M&T. Contacted M&T, 07/21 to make sure we we were on track. I was told that the letter would be mailed out 07/23. I asked that the letter be faxed to me instead of mailed, and provided a fax number. Contacted M&T 7/24 as I had not received the fax. Customer Service Agent explained that I needed to fax to them my fax number. Really? Per their request, I faxed my fax number 3X's to ensure they had it. Contacted M&T 7/25 and asked where my faxed letter was. Customer Service Agent told me that I did not request a pay thru date for the pay off in my original request. Funny. It's on the original request, yet they continued to deny it. I gave the pay off date again. Contacted M&T 7/28. Customer Service Supervisor said that it had not been 5 business days. He was looking at the wrong fax request, the one from 7/24 with my fax number and not 7/17. He said he would email the department to expedite request. It's 7/29 and still no fax. Supervisor told me to email them if still no fax. I asked for an email address and they explained they cannot accept inbound emails. Hilarious. They would not transfer me to anyone in the "payoff department". Why is this so hard? $750,000 M&T. Don't you want it? Filed BBB complaint and just getting started.

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