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Midfirst Bank Latest Customer Reviews

Charlotte S's Profile Image

Reviewed by Charlotte S

Aug 5th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Small town bank feel with big town access.

I love MidFirst!! I have a free account and each time I walk in I'm greeted by name and with a smile. Everyone is so helpful and knowledgeable. There's no "it's not my job" attitude there. I love the FREE coin machine and my kids like the water on hand.

They also have a great kids saving account and now my 16 year old is saving money rather than spending it all on dumb stuff. My son is excited about opening an account now too.

Everything about MidFirst is awesome. OH YA I almost forgot, FREE ATM use, everywhere and you don't have to submit any forms.

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Shari H's Profile Image

Reviewed by Shari H

May 28th 2010

5 out of 5 marks

Personal and professional!

I love "my" bank! With every employee that I have had business dealings with, personal customer service has been a priority. I have received personal assistance with selecting the most beneficial checking account for my personal and business needs. Great online assistance. Plus, I feel like the online security is superior to other banks that I use online. Their CD rates are very competitive also.

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blue73pw's Profile Image

Reviewed by blue73pw

Feb 7th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

wonderful customer service no matter which branch you go to

Finally a bank you can feel comfortable being at. All the employees from tellers to mgr. are great here in the Surprise AZ area. Awesome hours, days, everything is about serving the customer wether you have a lot or just your paycheck - you are treated the same. Don't know why you'd ever go anywhere else. Great manager at the Waddel Rd. branch. Love this place & the branch on Bell @ Cotton Ln.

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briane3's Profile Image

Reviewed by briane3

Feb 7th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Ethical Personal Bank

Have completed both commercial and personal loans and accounts with this bank. Highly ethical management, civic minded, professional. Disregard any review that dodges specificity of their experience. Those of us who actually deal with MidFirst recognize a class act.

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MickeyC55's Profile Image

Reviewed by MickeyC55

Mar 6th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Find a Better Bank, Not Customer Oriented

I have been with MidFirst for 25 years. In the beginning they was a great bank. They came to our office and promised us all types of perks to encourage us join. I have to say they kept their promises back then and I felt I made a good decision. But, in the past 10 years I feel that the customer service and banking features have gone downhill.

Without notice MidFirst started charging my accounts for monthly statements unless you go to internet banking only. They raised my safe deposit box from $30 to $45 per year without a notice. I called and asked why they raised my safe deposit box price and the assistant stated it was due to lack of boxes. It had nothing to do with cost. She said they figured the biggest depositors would pay it and they were not worried about the lower valued depositors. They have withdrawn money from my account on several occasions on someone else's check. This did get this straightened out each time it happened but several times shows lack of attention. Several other things that have also frustrated over the past 10 years have driven me to look for another bank.

Originally MidFirst made me feel like I was important to them and they valued my business. Now, the clerks to the bankers make me feel like they could care less about my business and if I don't like it I can take my business elsewhere.

I carry an average balance of $200,000 plus. I hope I can find a bank that will treat me like they should.

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MELODIEJ's Profile Image

Reviewed by MELODIEJ

Aug 6th 2011

1 out of 5 marks

When The Going Got Tough - Midfirst Quit Rather Than Work Solutions

We had a commercial loan with midfirst. When we couldn't make our payment, we presented a solution to the phoenix president - a lease to purchase with a very viable buyer. Instead of working to get their investment and ours back, they chose to foreclose. Now they have our commercial buildings and now they are going after everything else including my young daughter's little business. Really - midfirst is not your banking friend.

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DE405's Profile Image

Reviewed by DE405

Dec 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Those women are rude

Those women Bank Tellers at this particular location are always RUDE. They are always trying to rush to get you away from them.

I wanted to replace my debit card for a new one all she said was "Okay, anything else" Without giving me any information as to when it will arrive, what I will have to do to activate it, what it cost to me. After I completed my deposit I asked "So what about my card?" She just looked at me with a rude face expression and says "It will be in 7-10 days" and continued looking at her computer. All this occured after I stalled 14 consecutive months from making a deposit to this Bank all because of THAT TYPE OF RUDENESS

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DWacker's Profile Image

Reviewed by DWacker

Jul 29th 2013

1 out of 5 marks


MidFirst disabled my account without warning. Employee said they sent a letter of explaination to my old address (the new one had been provided to them a year earlier) and won't say what's in the letter. Fraud attempt? I live in another state and use this account to deposit coins from laundry machines. I can't just walk into the branch. Since I don't recieve statements or info from this bank by mail, you'd think they'd contact me via modern technology - email, text, phone. They have all that. Sheesh! I have to send them a notarized letter to get my funds out.

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sean l's Profile Image

Reviewed by sean l

Feb 23rd 2011

1 out of 5 marks


These people are a JOKE!

First of all they CALL themselves "bankers".They ARE NOT.What they should say is what they REALLY are, "WANKERS".

They seem to have is a HABITUAL tendencey to mix up the letter "B" with the letter"w".They ARE "wankers",NOT "bankers"

They are the most diluted arrogant A-holes i have ever had the DISpleasure to deal with.

They screw me around and give me the run around and FORCE me to deal with their shitty customer servie and then TRY to make ME the "bad guy" in all this when its THEM that got me that point of frustration in the first place!

I finally get IRATE and CUSS and they tell me that "they dont have to listen to that verbal abuse" and they close my account AFTER it was THEM that got me so frustrated and irate in the FIRST place!

They BLAME their CUSTOMERS for THEIR shortcomings.

And when you FINALLY get to the point where your NOT going to JUST TAKE IT IN THE ASS they ACCUSE you THE CUSTOMER of being "unprofessional" and BLAME their customers for geting upset and frustrated when NORMAL talk DOES NOT get anything done with these low grade morons.

They TREAT their customers LIKE THEY are doing YOU a FAVOR by giving YOU the "PRIVELEDGE" of being "their customer"!

Most of the people there dont even look like they belong in a bank,they look like they should be serving fast food or working in menial labor. at Midfirst is like a "casual friday".

Alot of the people are VERY uneducated and it SHOWS when you TRY to deal with these idiots on a professional level.

What i have learned being their customer for THREE YEARS is that Midfirst is a PODUNK HICK BANK RUN BY A BUNCH OF UNEDUCATED PODUNK HICKS.

For those people that THINK their such a "great bank" ,JUST wait until you have a REAL problem and its interferes with their INFLATED EGOS,you will be treated like YOUR the moron because they are "bankers" when its their SUPREME stupidity that caus

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