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New York Community Bank Customer Review

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Healthcareguru M's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Healthcareguru M

Nov 3rd 2010

Am Trust AKA New York Community Bank provides Misleading Loan Approvals!

No one should believe anything this bank states even if you have it in writing. I was advised to move forward on a new home build with a well deserved Pre-Approval. I had a written promise from an underwriter that this loan is assured even with being 2 months short of a 2 year job history (my only obstacle). I went forward with the new home build and now 10 months later the home is complete and upon receiving the letter of occupancy from the builder, I have likewise received news that the loan has now mysteriously been declined. They had no problem charging the 475$ to do the appraisal at my expense, but yet declined my loan. I have great credit, no debt, a great income, assets and 20% down. Nothing has changed and even the appraisal came well above the purchase price. No explanation no apology just a a simple "sucks to be you". Now days away from closing and no loan I am forced to find a solution and fast. The bottom line is that this bank and it's underwriter set me up to fail. The irony of this is that my uncle is a well known politician that's defends banks and their effort to regain control over risk. I was able to get his unbiased view and to put it as he stated it "they screwed you over"

DO NOT USE THIS BANK FOR ANY PURPOSE!! They are misleading and do not keep their word!

Mrs. G

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Other New York Community Bank Reviews

Petersen9977's Profile Image

Reviewed by Petersen9977

Mar 20th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Change of Password due to change of Log-On procedure

Had to change my password because MynyCB changed their Log-On System.

Went to my branch on Northern Blvd. in Jackson Heights, NY, 5 times. Called their tel# 877-786-6560 at least 3 times, and wrote one Contact-Us letter. Was still not able to get into my account. Found out myself, that it only worked on SAFARI, and NOT on FIREFOX. However, I still can not get in with my I-Pad, which only has SAFARI. Called again today and they suggested I sign up for Internet Explorer.

Now, I new that there was something very wrong with the log-in to Mynycb.

Internet Explorer is supposed to be phased out, so why should I now make it my primary browser? Why is their system not set up that I can get in on Firefox with my Apple computer? Why can't I get in on the I-Pad via SAFARI. Why does it take 5 to 10 minutes to reach a person on 877-786-6560? Why is your new system built on failing or obsolete or runner-up browsers? I have been with your bank at least 20 years and was very satisfied with the service. Lately, however, with all the renovations and "improvements" going on, with an ever-changing team of new employees, I am losing trust in this bank. I would be very grateful if MYNYCB could answer my questions, and/or advise me.

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hffleury's Profile Image

Reviewed by hffleury

Mar 11th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

NYCB Very poor online banking and customer follow up

I just have one loan and only one loan with them . In one month they have not been able to setup my online banking correctly , have billed me twice on my mortgage within 3 days and at my last attempt to get help waited 29mns and 32 seconds resulting in not resolving my problem . My experience has really been horrible. I had to hang up but asked that they sent me a password reset, or call me with a new login but nothing has been done .

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