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New York Community Bank Customer Review

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Derrico's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Derrico

Feb 12th 2012

It Takes A Month For Check Deposits To Clear For New Accounts

It took about an hour and a half to fill out paperwork for first account because service was so slow. As it is, it was my second visit because service was so slow the first time, i waited half an hour to open a new account. After the new account was opened, i deposit $1300 check. It did not clear in three days. I went to the bank to ask if there was a problem. They said that for new accounts it can take up to a month for a first check to clear. Wtf? Something about the routing number. This is totally unacceptable bs. I am intending to move to another bank asap as soon as this money clears and i can withdraw it.

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Petersen9977's Profile Image

Reviewed by Petersen9977

Mar 20th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Change of Password due to change of Log-On procedure

Had to change my password because MynyCB changed their Log-On System.

Went to my branch on Northern Blvd. in Jackson Heights, NY, 5 times. Called their tel# 877-786-6560 at least 3 times, and wrote one Contact-Us letter. Was still not able to get into my account. Found out myself, that it only worked on SAFARI, and NOT on FIREFOX. However, I still can not get in with my I-Pad, which only has SAFARI. Called again today and they suggested I sign up for Internet Explorer.

Now, I new that there was something very wrong with the log-in to Mynycb.

Internet Explorer is supposed to be phased out, so why should I now make it my primary browser? Why is their system not set up that I can get in on Firefox with my Apple computer? Why can't I get in on the I-Pad via SAFARI. Why does it take 5 to 10 minutes to reach a person on 877-786-6560? Why is your new system built on failing or obsolete or runner-up browsers? I have been with your bank at least 20 years and was very satisfied with the service. Lately, however, with all the renovations and "improvements" going on, with an ever-changing team of new employees, I am losing trust in this bank. I would be very grateful if MYNYCB could answer my questions, and/or advise me.

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hffleury's Profile Image

Reviewed by hffleury

Mar 11th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

NYCB Very poor online banking and customer follow up

I just have one loan and only one loan with them . In one month they have not been able to setup my online banking correctly , have billed me twice on my mortgage within 3 days and at my last attempt to get help waited 29mns and 32 seconds resulting in not resolving my problem . My experience has really been horrible. I had to hang up but asked that they sent me a password reset, or call me with a new login but nothing has been done .

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