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New York Community Bank Customer Review

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HappyCat's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by HappyCat

Dec 9th 2012

Worse Bank Ever?

This bank might just be the worse bank anywhere.

I had an old AmTrust on-line bank account with a very minimal balance ($1.43 of residual interest after I had withdrawn all funds from the account years ago with the intent of it being closed). AmTrust was a decent operation and never charged any kind of account maintenance fees. Apparently, NYCB acquired AmTrust's accounts and then without notice they charged a $10 fee of some kind to the account. The first I knew about it was when they sent a letter telling me I was overdrawn on the account and that they were going to notify credit rating agencies, etc., etc. Had they simply notified my about what they were planning to do, I would have asked them to close the account - no problem. Instead, they claim I'm overdrawn, owe them money ($8.53) and threaten me.

Several calls to their customer service were useless in resolving the issue. Their customer service reps basically acknowledged that the situation was screwed up but they couldn't do anything and suggested that I had to write a letter to the "Retail Operations Department" to beg forgiveness for the fees and ask them to close the account.

I sent a couple of letters certified mail complaining about their handling of the situation and I finally got a letter saying they closed my account and saying they credited the account to bring it back to zero (in other words, they kept the $1.43 balance). There is no acknowledgement that they ever received my letters or that their letter is in response to my letters - so who knows what if anything they did with the credit agencies. Their letter goes on to say what wonderful products they have and invite me to call their Customer Contact Center "so we can provide you with the exceptional service you deserve". Seriously, that's what it said! What a bunch of fools. It's amazing to think that organizations this dysfunctional and out of touch with their customers actually manage to stay in business.

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ypwalter's Profile Image

Reviewed by ypwalter

Mar 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Mortage Company

They don't have any flexibility and rude. Worst bank to deal with. They don't know how to do good to customers. I didn't intend to do mortgage with them, but they bought off my mortgage. However, they are surely one of the worst bank in the world. Oh, btw, their online system sucks in foreign access and the website is like from technology of 80s.

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nomynycb's Profile Image

Reviewed by nomynycb

Mar 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Short this company, very poor.

Below standards and very poor, short sell youll be fine.

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