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NewBridge Bank Customer Review

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HappyGirlNC's Profile Image

4 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by HappyGirlNC

Jan 16th 2013

Love NBB and the people who've helped me!

I bank with NBB and have for a while. My experience with them has been wonderful. Every time I visit the bank the people are very friendly and always helpful. I highly recommend NBB!

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Other NewBridge Bank Reviews

Krour's Profile Image

Reviewed by Krour

Oct 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

This Bank Will Unethically Beat You If You Let Them

Had an account with a local snl for over 20 years, in june 2008 i needed my money so i withdrew all except a $100. 00 balance to keep my account open. Got bank statements every quarter and just filed them without looking at them because of such low balance. Then newbridge bank took over and without my knowledge charged my account a $ 5. 00 service charge each month because i didn't now have a $300. 00 balance. When i discovered what had happened they had taken 45% of my money. I closed the account after over 20 years. People make sure you look over your statements no mater what your balance is, because they are finding ways to legally take your money.

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HenryJames's Profile Image

Reviewed by HenryJames

Sep 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

This Bank Will Ruin Your Life!

After banking with this bank for more 20 years this bank decided they did not want my business. They proceeded to take everything even without a reason. They are kicking businesses out of their bank faster than they're signing them up. I can name many businesses that they have done this to. Trust me if you're banking with newbridge bank get away as fast as you can. If you're looking for a good bank pass them by. You will be glad you did. By the way the one star was an accident. I would give them negative 100 stars for the way they treat their customers.

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