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crazyperson01's Profile Image

4 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by crazyperson01

Feb 16th 2012

True Story About The Benefits Of A Local Bank.

An older gentleman that i work with was telling me a story (after the fact) about this email he received from his grandson. It stated that he was in prague and he had his wallet and all identification stolen. (we all know this email scam)... Anyway, he had not heard of this, so he heads to this bank and withdraws 5k from his savings to help his grandson. After giving him his money the teller politely inquired what he needed all this money for.

He starts explaining his grandson's "situation". Good thing the teller was wise to this scam and familiar with his customer as he saved him 5 thousand dollars informing him of the scam. I would like to think all tellers would have acted this way, but i think some of the bigger banks tellers would be busier and not thought to ask what he needed that amount of money for. Kudos to northbrook bank!

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